Ted Bauman Is Sounding The Alarm Indicating That A Bear Market May Be On The Way

While the stock market has been in the thralls of a bull market for many years, there are quite a few investment experts who are beginning to see the beginning of a possible bear market. Ted Bauman, a low-risk investment strategist, believes a trade war with China could be the straw that breaks the camels back, so to speak. It is true that the United States is showing that it has a yearly trade deficit of more than $300 billion with China. President Trump believes that the way to even this out is by imposing trade tariffs.

Ted Bauman knows that while this may be a partial solution, there is a lot more to the deficit than this. Many U.S. companies operate in China or profit by being able to dependg very well, according to Bauman. He is concerned that tariffs will raise a red flag in China and will create tension and negativity towards U.S. companies operating in the nation.

Ted Bauman is sure that it won’t take a whole lot to create a bear market. He is sure that a tra on a cheaper workforce. When the profit our companies make from being able to operate in China are considered, the United States is doinde war will fuel it and that this can also have an affect on the global market. The S&P 500 has been down since earlier in 2018, but it will go down even more if a trade war continues. Bauman has revealed that investment firms are beginning to become nervous and that this could get a lot worst before it gets better.

Ted Bauman is a low-risk investment expert who also writes with Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club and reaches thousands of investors on a weekly basis. Before working with Banyan Hill, Ted Bauman served as a fund manager for various nonprofits in South Africa. There, he was able to make a difference in the lives of millions of people from all over the globe. Today, he hopes to improve investors lives by offering them priceless advice, and he has been doing an excellent job in this endeavor.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Journey Leading To JD.Com

Born to a humble family struggling to cut it in the transport industry, Richard Liu knew that he had to make his fate if only to make both ends meet. Lucky for Richard Liu Qiangdong, he learned from an early age the value of entrepreneurship and that kept the passion burning all through his life. It is Richard Liu’s relentless determination to improve customer service that has taken Jingdong to international status. What started as a single magneto-optical store in Beijing would grow to become a billion-dollar industry that Forbes estimates to be worth $57.6 billion.

This has not only made Richard Liu an $11 billion entrepreneur but also placed him on a catbird seat where he is able to influence China’s E-commerce industry in a huge way. Today, JD.com is the largest retailer in China and also the country’s most profitable internet company. The company features equally successful shareholders such as Walmart and Tencent. Walmart holds a 12 per cent stake in Jingdong while Tencent owns 15 per cent of the giant retailer. JD.com is now a force to reckon with in China’s E-commerce sector going head to head with other competitors such as Alibaba. As part of their deal with Tencent, company JD.com is now heavily advertised on Tencent’s WeChat that has billions of daily users.

Before Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong was acquainted with entrepreneuriship at an early age and opened his first business restaurant while he was still a college student. He, however, did not dedicate enough time to see his restaurant successful and he had to close it down before long.

Thanks to his early interest in politics, Richard Liu was pursuing Sociology at Renmin University of China where he graduated in 1996. Richard Liu would, however, realize that the profession was not that lucrative and he switched to programming. Taking up some coding jobs would see Richard Liu through an EMBA program at the China Europe International Business School. After his graduation, Richard Liu would land a job at Japan Life where he worked as the head of computers and head of business. After two years, the future billionaire left Japan Life and ventured on his own to start Jingdong.

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Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Groupon raises $ 110 billion for the Cancer fighting company, Tempus.

Tempus, Cancer-fighting Company, led by MR. Eric Lefkofsky has earned $110 in addition to its existing funds. The news was announced on Wednesday, and it’s existing, as well as new investors played a major role in this. Tempus was started three years ago as a start-up which aims to collect and analyze the data that will be used by the doctors to treat cancer patients. It also plans to utilize its money in the treatment of different diseased in and out of US by investing in technologies.

After the announcement of the Discovery Partners Institute Plan on 19 October 2017, MR Lefkofsky shook his hands with Governor Bruce Rauncer, Tim Kellin, president of University of Illinois and with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Eric is continuously asked if the company would expand its operations into the treatment of diseases to which He replied that initially, this was not the plan, but when the time seemed right, we decided to go for it.

Tempus was built with the aim of collecting, structuring and organizing the unorganized clinical data such as the patient’s information from the electronic systems. Tempus also collects and analyzes the genomic data in its lab along in addition to other vital information of the patients. Doctors and physicians can then make use of this technology to get a better understanding of the treatments to be used for patients.

According to Lefkofsky, the technology is not limited to the use of cancer treatment only, but it is also for cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorder and diabetes, and other diseases. The company stands a good chance of expanding to Asia, Europe, and Australia

Partnering with more than hundreds of hospitals and a lot of National Cancer Institutes, Tempus technology is used for the treatment of every 1 out of 4 cancer patients in the US. The company has $ 1 billion worth and plans to expand more. Up until now, $230 million have been raised. The company is growing fast with already 500 employees and a new office in New York. Some of the current investors include Revolution Growth from the US and Baillie Gifford, from the UK.

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Matthew Fleeger: An American Oil Industry Leader

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO of Gulf Coast Western which is an oil company founded by his father. Before assuming the role of CEO of Gulf Coast Western , Fleeger spent time establishing his own successful business ventures in other industries. After his own success was established as a CEO, he returned to lead Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger’s time in the oil industry began back in the 1970s, when his father founded the company which would take him to locations such as Texas and Louisiana. Under Matthew Fleeger’s leadership, the company became recognized as a leader in the United States oil industry.

Previous business experience offered Matthew Fleeger with insight regarding how Gulf Coast Western could address the economic downturn that occurred in the oil industry. His awareness of business cycles allowed Fleeger to identify ways to capitalize on possibilities that arose when the oil industry was experiencing a recession. Fleeger worked to streamline the processes within the company to maintain the staff during the recession and relied on his employees to assist him. Additionally, Fleeger discussed the recession with his team and communicated his perspective regarding a bright future in the oil industry and encouraged staff to ride out the storm in the oil industry.

The success Gulf Coast Western has experienced recently in the United States oil industry is attributed to the longevity of the company and established relationships throughout decades of industry experience. Armed with an awareness of the strengths of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger had the information that was necessary for the company to earn a leadership position in the oil industry after the recession. Fleeger acknowledged that industry experts predict the oil boom in the United States should last for another 22 years. Recently, investors and the company experienced considerable financial returns.

OSI Food Solutions Improves Industry Standards

There are a lot of ways that OSI Food solutions and industries have improved access to culinary and mass production techniques in the food industry. They have recently been nominated for the prestigious award Globe of Honor from the Safety Council in the UK. They also won the competition in 2016, indicating their commitment to excellence and steadfast development for community initiatives.

OSI Food Solutions are complex and have been unique in the industry since their inception. Their excellent corporate standards as well as continued interest in innovation have led to the substantial changes to their company. Some of the aspects of their development include more acquisitions as well as changes to the capacity of production.

Some of the acquisitions include that of Tyson, Bho and Flagship European companies. Overall the OSI food solutions have been ranked one of the top food companies in the United States. They are ranked among the top one hundred of their kind. Some of the products include menus and catering recipes. They also provide ingredients and can help with large scale food operations. with extensive experience in the industry and a commitment to serving the best in both quality and quantity, OSI group has made significant changes to the development. They are notable because of the large range of products that they offer. Overall there are a lot of ways that OSI Group has expanded their model of practice. They branch out to providing restaurant supplies and ongoing management changes too.

Other advantages of their products include globalized systems of food supply management.Sourcing in addition to processing and general supply chain infrastructure are among the areas in which this organization excels. Distribution of goods in addition to accessing remote parts or locations has also expanded the demographics served by OSI food solutions. They continue to build on existing systems and improve the way that food supply management is designed and carried out.


Disintegrating OSI Group’s Success in The Meat Production Industry

The food industry produces trillions of dollars yearly. Even though it exercises a tremendously high level of political and cultural power, it’s a sensitive sector according to public opinion. Primary food industries have successfully lobbied against onerous nutritional labeling requirements. Also, many of the leading food producing companies and operators have an excellent potential of growing in the market. Therefore, they have launched their natural food brands. For OSI Group, the journey began in 1909 when Mr. Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago and settled in the small city that had a rising demand for meat and animal products.

Becoming the Main Supplier of Meat

The boutique meat shop was famous for selling products of high quality at Oak Park, in Illinois. After two years of settling, Otto Kolschowsky started another small butcher shop in Maywood where he aspired to serve more clients. In 1918, the company was known as Otto & Sons. The following decades of operating in the same town saw to it that the butcher shop transitioned into one of the most reliable companies that offered quality meats.

Leading OSI Group Through Tech-based Innovations

Mr. Kolschowsky was a visionary entrepreneur with unique skills in establishing new businesses. Over the years, he dedicated most of his time and career to overseeing the development of OSI Group by adopting Cryogenic food processing for food preservation. At the same time, Ray Kroc started a small McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois. He hired Otto and the two sons to serve as the leading supplier of meat. Another supplier was finally added to the equation. In 1973, Otto & Sons established the first meat processor with high capacity in West Chicago. The company changed its brand name to OSI Industries after two years.

OSI Group Becomes the Main Food Supplier in Chicago

In 1990, the company entered into a partnership with General Milling Corporation as well as Alaska Milk Corporation in order to form GenOSI, a prominent food processing based in the Philippines. In 2002, the company established its presence in China. After years of serving the broader food industry, the organization has become a trendsetter in the food production industry.

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Serge Belamant: Patents that Protect his Inventions

Serge Belamant is popularly known as the founding creator of blockchain technology. With his being the first implementation of such technologies, he paved the way for the creation of various cryptocurrencies in the business world. He has worked in multiple fields that include biometrics, artificial intelligence, operations research, and transaction processing systems for more than twenty years. To protect his inventing technology, he has filed for various patents. The following are some of them:

Secure Financial Transactions

Serge Belamant filed for his new patent on November 16, 2007, but it was published on April 8, 2010. With it comes the simulation or emulation of a primary account number (PAN) of a conventional debit or credit account within a particular financial institution. In its encrypted form, it incorporates the real account number and sometimes, the amount of money to be debited from a certain account. Therefore, a person who wants to carry out a financial transaction needs a simulated PAN that they will give to their supplier of goods or services that they wish to purchase.

Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions

With this patent, that was published on June 7, 2012; electronic financial transaction systems have identifier designations. They help to determine the means to know the designation for a certain identifier that is given by a transactor; depending on their circumstances. Their designation also identifies the best response to implement a predetermined reaction. Designations can either be “duress” (no transaction is allowed, and accounts are frozen) or “normal” (transactions are allowed as usual).

Verification of a Transactor’s Identity

This was also another invention that Serge Belamant wanted to protect. The patent was published on May 17, 2012. It is a system to facilitate financial transactions between transactees and transactors. It comes with a facility for verifying the transactor’s identity and account. It is run by an independent verifier. It has a storage means for the identifier and the details of one or more accounts that a transactor has at a specific financial institution. With these patents, Serge Belamant has been able to protect his creative work. Some of the patents are still pending. This, however, does not change Belamant’s contribution in the birth of blockchain technology and aiding financial transactions. He laid a foundation for several cryptocurrencies currently in use.

Sources of the article : https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/4LZUBedBEucKm-9K8ajVrWs4Zyg/appointments

Why Hyland’s is the Number One Choice for Moms and Babies Dealing with Teething

Hyland’s has been a trusted homeopathic company for well over a century. In fact, the company’s been around for so long that it has become a generational phenomenon for those looking for highly efficient yet affordable products. One of the company’s new products launched are the Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets. These small tablets dissolve almost instantly on the tongue and can be given to babies as young as one month old. Because they are incredibly efficient at what they do, you can feel confident that the Hyland’s tablets will work on any and all of your baby’s oral pain issues like teething and gum irritation.


Along with offering these oral pain relief tablets, Hyland’s has developed and produced a range of homeopathic products using natural-active ingredients. The ingredients used in every single Hyland’s product have been well-researched to ensure potency and safety. Plus, the products that the company produces are incredibly safe for babies, toddlers and children. You can feel good as a parent giving your child tablets for their teething by Hyland’s that are free of additives and chemical ingredients. Plus, the company is family-owned and operated still after being in business for well over 100 years.


Because teething can be a real problem for parents and their babies, these oral pain relief tablets are a great choice for just about any time of the day or night. They help to calm and soothe baby quickly so that they and you can get right back to sleep throughout the night. While there are many other teething gels and remedies on the market, the Hyland’s product is one of the most well-known and used by parents of all kinds. If you are looking for some type of relief of your baby’s teething, it is time to give this company a try and see why they are so loved by generations. Despite being an incredibly affordable product for teething, Hyland’s has put the research and science into every single product that they are producing. You can feel good using these products either on yourself or for the entire family.

The Visionary Real Estate Guru, Hussain Sajwani.

Before Hussain Sajwani could become the Emirati real estate giant, he was running a catering business and was a renowned hotelier. The catering business, now known as the Global Logistics Services, had clients ranging from the US military and Betchel. The catering business is still in operation and it has expanded its market base to all over Asia, parts of Europe and parts of North Africa. Before the catering venture, he worked for the Abu Dhabi Gas industries from 1981, in the finance department. Hussain Sajwani established the Damac properties in 2002. The company started off with the development of small properties like small hotels before it could become one of the largest and the leading real estate companies in the Middle East.

Currently, the Damac group has developed over 19000 apartments and has over forty thousand units under development. The Damac owner draws his inspiration from the potential that he sees in the Middle East’s future and information technology. While most businesses collapse due to the fast technological advancements, the Damac Owner has built his business to embrace opportunities brought about by an impactful change. Sajwani understands that the diversity of information being shared all over the world through information technology has made it and will continue making it possible for solutions to be found at a fast rate. This will prompt inclusion of all sectors of businesses creating a platform suitable for adaptability.

The Damac Owner is known for his visionary approach in his entrepreneurial ventures. He has received several awards including, The Proper CEO of The Year 2017, Real Estate Legend 2018, he was ranked at number 15 on Hotelier Power 2017 and The Real Estate Business Leader of the year 2018. The awards were issued by CEO Middle East Award 2017, the Arabian Business Real Estate Awards, the CEO Middle East 2017 and Gulf Business Award 2018, respectively. As one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Asia, Hussain Sajwani believes there is no time like the present for the Middle East to take advantage of what it has to promote inclusion and equality for global unity and impacting positive change.

Zeco Auriemo’s Work

Mariana and Zeco Auriemo recently hosted a dinner party in celebration of the Italian shoe brand, Rene Caovilla, opening up a store at the luxury mall, Cidade Jardem, in Sao Paulo. Zeco is the president of JHSF, the company who developed, owns, and runs the mall. It has done much in the retail sector since the early 2000s. As its CEO, Zeco led the company to acquire the hotel chain Fasano. In recent years JHSF has also taken its work beyond its borders. In 2015 Zeco took his family to New York for six months while he supervised a project there.

JHSF would be constructing a 14-story apartment building on New York’s famous 5th Avenue. This project is an approved massive remaking and remodeling of a historic 19th-century mansion. This was was designed by Samuel Warner and was completed in 1871. Like all real estate development projects involving historic buildings, the project had to be submitted for approval. And like 90% of the projects it had to be submitted three times before it was finally approved. However, even after it was finally approved, the project plan, which called for a drastic modification and enlargement of the building met with much skepticism by neighbors of the area. Check this related link, glamurama.uol.com.

The mansion has in the past been inhabited by former U.S. Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, Las Vegas tycoon, Steve Wynn, and actor Richard Gere. Although it is by far the biggest alteration, this will not be the first time the building has a structural change. In the 1920s, it was stripped of nearly all of its original ornamentation, click (Netnoticia.com) for more stories.