U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Boards Accepts Kyle Bass Petition

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund owner who has also founded the Coalition for Affordable Drugs (CFAD). The Coalition filed a petition with the Patient Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) for an inter partes review (IPR) of a patent owned by the pharmaceutical firm Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB). That means the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) agreed that the Coalition demonstrated there was a reasonable likelihood it could prove the patent was not viable. The final decision will take about a year.

Bass’s Coalition challenged U.S. Patent No. 8,399,514, which is using 480 milligrams of dimethyl fumarate for treating multiple sclerosis. It is scheduled to expire in 2028.

The current petition is the second filed against the same patent by the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Last year, the PTAB denied the Coalition’s petition. It says it found the current petition much more persuasive.

The patent has another challenge that’s still pending. Last year, Forward Pharma A/S (NASDAQ:FWP) filed a challenge on its own behalf. The PTAB declared the patent had interference. The PTAB wants Biogen to prove it came up with the technology first, and not Foward. That case is scheduled to be heard in January 2017.

In the European Union, the same technology was protected by EU Patent No. EP2137537. However, Forward and a few other parties filed a challenge to that patent, and the European Patent Office has revoked it. Biogen is appealing that decision.

CFAD has filed petitions challenging other pharmaceutical drug patents owned by other drug companies, including Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc, Acorda Therapeutics Inc and Celgene Corporation.

The CFAD has filed 33 IPR petitions with the U.S. Patent Office challenging drug patents. So far, the PTAB has issued decisions on 17 of those 33 petitions. Of those 17, the PTAB has denied 10 petitions and allowed 7.

Kyle Bass is the owner of Hayman Capital Management L.P, a hedge fund. He is well-known for profiting enormously from the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. He purchased credit default swaps in many of the securities issued by investment funds, which means he made money when their price went down, similarly to shorting them. When the true weakness of those securitized mortgages was widely publicized, Bass made about half a billion dollars, while the investment banks were bought up or went out of business.

Magic cleansing Conditioner: WEN by Chaz

The basic instinct of any woman is her appearance; women by their very nature aspire to be beautiful, brilliant and confident.  However, this situation is not permanent WEN products are designed to ensure that women say goodbye to bad hair days and ensure that all WEN products users are guaranteed that gorgeous look that they seek to achieve, as is presented by the adverts featuring WEN products.

WEN cleansing conditioners developed by Chaz Dean come in a three in one package that soughts out all hair needs. The cleansing conditioners offer shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one package that is used as prescribed by the manufacturer. This design is meant to cut the cost of buying a shampoo a conditioner and a styling treatment separately; therefore Wen products are not only cost effective but also user friendly. All users new and old marvel at the transformation that the WEN products offer since the very first day of use.

Emily Mcclure attests this in her article; http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened, on her first experience using the WEN cleansing conditioner.

She is surprised by how thick her hair feels as she rubs the conditioner into her scalp her hair feels thicker and contrary to previous experiences her hair does not fall off. In the morning her hair felt greasy at the root which was also a surprise since other products record these changes in the second and third days of use.

Emily tries out the WEN cleansing conditioner for a week. She is not only surprised by the sudden change of her hair, but also feels that she has found the product that caters for all her needs and recommends it to other women

The WEN cleansing conditioners from sephora are tailor made for all sorts of hair types. Customers enjoy a diverse range of WEN conditioners that are designed to solve their hair issues and boost their confidence giving them the desired moisture and shine that they seek.


What Entails Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is part of the bigger normal banking industry. It specializes in assisting and helping companies, individuals and corporations acquire financial capital. In addition to this, investment banking involves mergers and acquisitions, trade and issuing of financial securities, underwriting debts and provision of advisory services on issuance of stock. Investment banking is one of the booming business ventures if one has the correct expertise and knowledge.

Investment bankers are key professionals in any investment bank. This is because, they have the necessary expertise to handle complex financial transactions that involve a lot of finances, they assist banks in coming up with deals that are best suited for their clients. Hedge Funds are major clients of investment banks since they deal with huge amounts of finances. Investment banks are the pass throughs when companies are issuing new stock and bonds into the market. They will help in connecting any investor with the particular company and help both parties come up with a win-win deal.

This can be made possible if an investment bank has good analysts who are able to predict the performance of stocks and shares.

Lustgarten is an investment banking firm based in Miami, Florida and carries out its operations in Florida and the United States. Lustgarten’s CEO and founder is Martin Lustgarten. During his career, he has managed to handle and facilitate some of the best deals in Florida. He has made Lustgarten to be a well-known investment bank with a wide pool of clients. He is very friendly towards his clients and he always seeks to offer the best whenever he is approached. This has led to him described as among the best investment bankers.

Martin enjoys collecting vintage trophies which he occasionally does during his free time. He is also described as a vintage watch trader. He is a philanthropist and he gives his support to charity initiatives through GoFundMe. Martin is active on social media which he seeks to update as many times as he can.

Sam Tabar Joins New Energy Fund

Sam Tabar is a successful attorney and businessman with more than 15 years of professional experience. Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University in 2001 and then immediately went to Columbia Law School, where he was the associate editor for the Columbia Business Law School’s editorial.

Once he finished law school at Columbia, Tabar had a number of different employment options to choose from. In his first role after law school, he accepted a position as an associated at a prominent law firm that focused on providing services to hedge fund and private equity funds. He was heavily involved in the formation and structuring of new funds, creating legal management agreements, and providing consultation to clients.

After getting a few years of experience, Tabar moved on to PMA Investment Advisors where he initially was internal counsel. He later became the head of business development where he helped to establish a $2 billion hedge fund. After spending seven years at PMA Investment Advisors, he took a position working for Bank of American Merrill Lynch. While at Bank of America, he was the head of capital strategy for the company’s Asian region. He provided a number of different legal and consultation services while also providing Bank of America with access to a meaningful amount of contacts in the industry.

Tabar ended up reentering the law world when he jointed a major law firm as a senior associate. While at his new law firm, he provided hedge funds with a variety of consulting and formation legal advise. After a short period of time, he was given another opportunity in the business world when he was hired as the Chief Operating Officer for a new energy fund.

Skout: A Humanitarian and Innocent Dating App

Get ready for yet another social media platform for teens and adults. Skout first made news for its PG approach to meeting people and finding things to do. The app puts a lot of effort into moderation while panning down the seedy elements of online matching. However, nothing is perfect, and it is still risky to allow teens onto dating sites. Parents can do their fair share by information their teens that not all is safe in the land of online dating, and not everyone will pan out to be the online representation of themselves. With Skouts new humanitarian efforts aimed at feeding the world’s hungry, it seemed like a worthwhile endeavor to see what Skout is all about.

The developer’s behind Skout are adamant in implementation of better safety measures in 2012. Skout sets themselves a step above the rest by catering to a specific type of community: posts are rarely lascivious or harsh, but very tame though maybe flirtatious at times. This isn’t your late nineties chat room at all. This seems to be even safer than the type of dates that one would find on myspace. Although, parents beware. Adults cannot see what kids are posting, and do not have the ability to follow their children.

There are over 100 million downloads worldwide, and it is easy to see why. Skout possesses an easy user interface and and a vibrant community. It is one of the most active mobile devices available on Google Play. Chatting and flirting through this app could conceivably be an all day affair. There are millions of people on this service, and all are able to connect with others through shared interests and other “datable” criteria.

Is there anything to improve with this app? It is quite addictive, so if you’re the type of spend four hours on facebook from a 15 minute perusal plan, you might benefit from Skout. Communication tends to be short and sweet, reminiscent of dating twitter for teens and adults. This is not only good news for people who love abbreviated communication, but you’ll save loads of your free time from those sometimes encyclopedic facebook status updates.

However, much like facebook, users will be able to interact with other users via likes, comments, and other virtual gifts. Photos and in earnable app credits are also ways in which users are encouraged to interact. These are great icebreakers for pro-daters and those just venturing into the field.

A Look at Queens of Drama Pop Show and its Stars

Traditionally, the United States soap operas had a realistic storyline, but after few decades, aspects of fantasies like characters resurrecting, myth stories, and vampires have been introduced. The realistic storytelling seemed to propel the soap operas to a greater level. However, incorporation of other aspects may be the cause of the decline in ratings and popularities of soap operas in the US and across the globe. The introduction of new generation Pop series known as “Queens of Drama” is transforming the film industry for the better. The story line of the pop series is that former soap opera stars come together to establish a company that will develop a new series for television.

The first three episodes of the pop show are full of drama and entertainment. The actors play version of themselves to perfection making it easy for the viewers to understand them within a short period. The viewers are left to doubt whether the actors will be able to continue with the act towards the end of the show.

About Lindsay Hartley

Lindsay acted as Theresa Lopez on popular soap opera “passion” that aired on NBC from 1999 to 2008. She proceeded to join NBC’s “Days of our Lives” playing the role of Arianna Hernandez in 2009. In 2010, she appeared on “All My Children” as Cara Castillo. Lindsay has played roles in top series such as “Smallville” and guest starred on “Crime Scene Investigation”.

Donna Mills

Donna Mills played fictional characters in two shows such as The Secrete Storm, and the popular “Love is a Many Splendored thing”, after venturing into the acting career. She has been a guest on popular TV shows.

Chrystee Pharris

She appeared on “Passions” as Simone Russell. She played a major role in the casting of award-winning “scrubs”.

Hunter Tylo

She has played as Dr. Taylor Forester on the Bold and the Beautiful for over 23 years. She has made guest appearances on shows such as The Nanny, Zorro, and Diagnosis Murder.

Details on Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt brings out the true version of herself on the Queens of Drama show. She is vocal in all the episodes. During the show, CrunchBase identified Hunt owns a pet boutique based in Clearwater, Florida. Her business skills, as well as creativity, are portrayed are clearly portrayed on the show.

Crystal Hunt’s acting career brightened at a tender age of 17 years, after playing a fictional character of Lizzie Spaulding a distressed and misguided teen on “Guiding Light” CBS series. She appeared on ABC’s “One Life To Live” series as a stripper called Stacy Morasco. She is a resident of Florida, USA.  Follow Crystal Hunt on her official Facebook page.

Does Wen by Chaz Dean Work?


WEN by Chaz Dean info-commercials are featured on numerous television stations and websites like sephora.com. Generally, a group of women sit around a studio talking about the wonderful results that they received after using the Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner. The fact is that the Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a very popular product. However, one curious woman decided to test the product on her hair over a 7 day period. She was determined to find out if all the hoopla was mere exaggeration. The woman was bothered with fine, limp hair. To her amazement, the product actually improved the texture of her hair over the test period. Find the original piece on Bustle

Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean is the creator of the Wen by Chaz haircare line. The popular line of hair care products are used by women across the world. The new and innovative product line is also receiving rave reviews. This is especially true for the Wen by Chaz Cleaning Conditioning System. Most women have several products that they use to clean, condition, and style their hair. The Wen by Chaz Cleaning Conditioning System eliminates some of the products and streamlines the cleansing process.

The Wen by Chaz Cleaning Conditioning System contains products that moisturize, soothe, smooth, condition, and strengthen the hair. This is an amazing product line that is designed to restore beautiful hair. Another outstanding quality is that the product contains purely natural ingredients like Wild Cherry Bark, Chamomile Extract, and Rosemary Extract. The product line was conceived by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is a very popular hair stylist that is based in Hollywood. His Hollywood Clientèle includes high profile celebrities. His upscale clientèle are very pleased with the results they received using his products.


What Makes Manse On The Marsh A Cut Above

Nursing homes are expensive and not always the right choice. Using assisted living is an option when your loved one can do most of their daily care with minimal to no help required. The Manse on the Marsh bridges the gap that exists between being at home alone and being placed in a nursing home.

In bridging the gap for seniors they can aid with getting laundry done, preparing basic meals, and even housekeeping and medical assistance. They are not able to handle severe memory issues, but do have the staff that can aid with almost everything else. They are set up as a campus type community. Residents have large common areas that they can share and participate in activities. There are also private living quarters where residents can have their privacy and wind down for the day.

Open areas on the grounds also offer extra areas where residents can socialize, visit with family, or simply relax. The outdoor bistro is one such area. There residents can sit and enjoy the beautiful weather, have a snack or cool drink, and just unwind. Patios and yard areas are also a part of the campus and are well manicured and taken care of.

The Manse on the Marsh also encourages residents on Twitter to maintain as much autonomy as possible. Residents are encouraged to take part in classes which include stretching, yoga, and light aerobics. If that is not to their liking they can also take a brisk walk around the surrounding community.

The crime rates in San Luis Obispo are well below average. This means that if a walk is opted for the individual is pretty safe to walk alone. Churches are within a block or two of the campus, and there are many social opportunities in the local community. Depending on the time of year one can find museums, art shows, and fairs to participate in.

Medical care, and the Indeed job listings show staff at the Manse on the Marsh is also top of the line. With two top tier rated hospitals less than one mile from the campus residents are assured of finding the care they need, when they need it. The staff also includes many Registered nurses who work at all hours and can respond to emergencies in under 90 seconds.

To make sure that residents are safe and get the care that they need, each resident is provided with a beeper. If they need help simply press a button and help will be there in no time at all.

The Manse on the Marsh encourages community. They set the entire campus up to encourage social interactions and fend off feeling of loneliness.  This award winning facility is breaking all the records, that’s why The Manse on Marsh remains popular.