What Makes Manse On The Marsh A Cut Above

Nursing homes are expensive and not always the right choice. Using assisted living is an option when your loved one can do most of their daily care with minimal to no help required. The Manse on the Marsh bridges the gap that exists between being at home alone and being placed in a nursing home.

In bridging the gap for seniors they can aid with getting laundry done, preparing basic meals, and even housekeeping and medical assistance. They are not able to handle severe memory issues, but do have the staff that can aid with almost everything else. They are set up as a campus type community. Residents have large common areas that they can share and participate in activities. There are also private living quarters where residents can have their privacy and wind down for the day.

Open areas on the grounds also offer extra areas where residents can socialize, visit with family, or simply relax. The outdoor bistro is one such area. There residents can sit and enjoy the beautiful weather, have a snack or cool drink, and just unwind. Patios and yard areas are also a part of the campus and are well manicured and taken care of.

The Manse on the Marsh also encourages residents on Twitter to maintain as much autonomy as possible. Residents are encouraged to take part in classes which include stretching, yoga, and light aerobics. If that is not to their liking they can also take a brisk walk around the surrounding community.

The crime rates in San Luis Obispo are well below average. This means that if a walk is opted for the individual is pretty safe to walk alone. Churches are within a block or two of the campus, and there are many social opportunities in the local community. Depending on the time of year one can find museums, art shows, and fairs to participate in.

Medical care, and the Indeed job listings show staff at the Manse on the Marsh is also top of the line. With two top tier rated hospitals less than one mile from the campus residents are assured of finding the care they need, when they need it. The staff also includes many Registered nurses who work at all hours and can respond to emergencies in under 90 seconds.

To make sure that residents are safe and get the care that they need, each resident is provided with a beeper. If they need help simply press a button and help will be there in no time at all.

The Manse on the Marsh encourages community. They set the entire campus up to encourage social interactions and fend off feeling of loneliness.  This award winning facility is breaking all the records, that’s why The Manse on Marsh remains popular.

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