Sam Tabar Joins New Energy Fund

Sam Tabar is a successful attorney and businessman with more than 15 years of professional experience. Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University in 2001 and then immediately went to Columbia Law School, where he was the associate editor for the Columbia Business Law School’s editorial.

Once he finished law school at Columbia, Tabar had a number of different employment options to choose from. In his first role after law school, he accepted a position as an associated at a prominent law firm that focused on providing services to hedge fund and private equity funds. He was heavily involved in the formation and structuring of new funds, creating legal management agreements, and providing consultation to clients.

After getting a few years of experience, Tabar moved on to PMA Investment Advisors where he initially was internal counsel. He later became the head of business development where he helped to establish a $2 billion hedge fund. After spending seven years at PMA Investment Advisors, he took a position working for Bank of American Merrill Lynch. While at Bank of America, he was the head of capital strategy for the company’s Asian region. He provided a number of different legal and consultation services while also providing Bank of America with access to a meaningful amount of contacts in the industry.

Tabar ended up reentering the law world when he jointed a major law firm as a senior associate. While at his new law firm, he provided hedge funds with a variety of consulting and formation legal advise. After a short period of time, he was given another opportunity in the business world when he was hired as the Chief Operating Officer for a new energy fund.

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  1. Tabar’s primary responsibilities will include overseeing the overall investment strategy for the new fund. This will include business development, asset management, and being involved in raising capital for new ventures. It will actually help to get what they want from them in a right way.

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