Skout: A Humanitarian and Innocent Dating App

Get ready for yet another social media platform for teens and adults. Skout first made news for its PG approach to meeting people and finding things to do. The app puts a lot of effort into moderation while panning down the seedy elements of online matching. However, nothing is perfect, and it is still risky to allow teens onto dating sites. Parents can do their fair share by information their teens that not all is safe in the land of online dating, and not everyone will pan out to be the online representation of themselves. With Skouts new humanitarian efforts aimed at feeding the world’s hungry, it seemed like a worthwhile endeavor to see what Skout is all about.

The developer’s behind Skout are adamant in implementation of better safety measures in 2012. Skout sets themselves a step above the rest by catering to a specific type of community: posts are rarely lascivious or harsh, but very tame though maybe flirtatious at times. This isn’t your late nineties chat room at all. This seems to be even safer than the type of dates that one would find on myspace. Although, parents beware. Adults cannot see what kids are posting, and do not have the ability to follow their children.

There are over 100 million downloads worldwide, and it is easy to see why. Skout possesses an easy user interface and and a vibrant community. It is one of the most active mobile devices available on Google Play. Chatting and flirting through this app could conceivably be an all day affair. There are millions of people on this service, and all are able to connect with others through shared interests and other “datable” criteria.

Is there anything to improve with this app? It is quite addictive, so if you’re the type of spend four hours on facebook from a 15 minute perusal plan, you might benefit from Skout. Communication tends to be short and sweet, reminiscent of dating twitter for teens and adults. This is not only good news for people who love abbreviated communication, but you’ll save loads of your free time from those sometimes encyclopedic facebook status updates.

However, much like facebook, users will be able to interact with other users via likes, comments, and other virtual gifts. Photos and in earnable app credits are also ways in which users are encouraged to interact. These are great icebreakers for pro-daters and those just venturing into the field.

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  1. Overall, this is a great app for teens, but can also serve an adult community that is looking for good clean fun, and less of a sleazy time in the virutal world. I have seen a lot of these things happen like essayuniverse reviews has said early last year.

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