Madison Street Capital: The Leading Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized firm in investment banking. Madison Capital provides quite a number of services to its clients. It provides financial services in advisory, valuation services, financial opinions and acquisition expertise to its wide range of clients both in the public and private sectors. Madison Street Capital’s team of professionals has specialized expertise in the middle market firms enabling them to analyze each client’s options while providing optimum results.

Investment banking is concerned with the ultimate aim of assisting individuals and companies in the capital markets. Generally investment bankers are in the business of helping and facilitating agencies, governments and companies through the selling and issuance of securities in the stock market. Investment banking plays a very critical functions that include financial, strategic and advisory roles. Investment banking mainly deals in IPOs, shares and mutual funds to raise their capital.

Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC was founded in the year 2011 and incorporated in Illinois. It is a privately held company. In the year 2015 Madison Street Capital managed to close 42 hedge fund deals. This was a slight increase from what was posted in the year 2014 where they managed to announce the closing of 32 deals in the hedge fund industry. Madison Capital has admitted that in 2015 the market was fair. They have also foreseen a great deal market environment in the year 2016 going by the market trends in the hedge fund industry and generally in investment banking.

Having been in the investment banking for a long period, Madison Street Capital has gained a lot of experience in the industry. It has assisted a lot of clients in a diverse range of investment opportunities. Each of its client’s needs is made through careful analysis of the market and provision of practicable recommendations that spur growth. Madison’s primary concern is their client’s satisfaction.

Madison Street Capital has a group of professionals who have a vast wealth of experience and expertise in the investment banking industry making it one of the premiere and pioneer institutions in the world in middle market investment banking. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois the middle investment banking firm has other satellite offices across three continents namely Africa, Asia and North America.

The investment giant is also involved in quite a number of philanthropic activities. It supports organizations that are focused in bringing the desired change in the society and community at large.

For corporations and companies, investment banking helps them raise capital through facilitating of trading of securities which in the end increase liquidity in the securities that will be traded. For individuals investment banking provides them with investment opportunities. Subsequently for corporations investment banking provides advisory opinions regarding mergers, acquisitions and other business ventures that the corporations wish to undertake.

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Andy Wirth is the CEO Who Defied Death

Andy Wirth is the kind of guy that you definitely want to spend weekends with because you almost never know what you are going to get up to – Read more on Facebook.

Crowdrise reveals that as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski it takes a lot for Andy Wirth to feel like he spent what little free time he has in a great way and perhaps that is what led him to become such an avid skydiver.

Andy Wirth trained with Red Bull athlete Sean McCormick and the two became fast friends, skydiving sometimes up to seven times in a single day. It was this hobby which ultimately would attempt to take Wirth’s life and it was Wirth’s reserve of strength that would save him –

It was a sunny but windy day in October when Wirth and his friends made their way to Lodi for another dive. Their previous spot, in Davis, had been shut down due to high winds but Lodi was still operating. Perhaps they should have known to back off at this point, but the group continued.

Several things went wrong on this jump but the most damning was the pilot running an incorrect route with Andy Wirth not even knowing it. After jumping Wirth immediately realized things were going wrong. He was forced to pull his chute too late in the dive, forced to put down in an unfamiliar area, and forced to try and land in a vineyard — a recipe for disaster.

It was on this day that Andy Wirth nearly lost his life as he collided with a pole, severing his arm, and was hung up and left to bleed out and die.

Andy Wirth didn’t give up, however, and he managed to stay calm under pressure — ultimately staunching his blood flow enough to be saved. Now Wirth is out of the hospital and running Squaw Valley with a renewed sense of purpose.

VTA Publications: The Financial Advocates

The digital revolution has altared every facet of modern life, including the way business is done. Companies must concern themselves as much with the global economy just as they concern themselves with local markets. Fortunately, VTA Publications exists to help aspiring entrepreneurs better understand a changing economy.

What is VTA Publications

This is an online resource for anyone who seeks knowledge about finances and economics. They have several positive reviews from actual customers who have benefited from the service. The information is provided both digitally and physically so clients have their preference. They offer advice on everything from retirement planning to options trading, any financially savvy person would appreciate the literature. VTA also offers recordings from seminars so their clients can always remain current. Their motto is “We can be Your Source of Knowledge” and many people have already taken note. They offer their services as articles on their websites and packages that can be purchased individually. Many investors make the mistake of only putting resources into the markets that operate within their countries. However, VTA gives advice concerning markets from all across the globe. While no investment advice can be taken as law, the services of VTA Publishing give investors a guide to follow.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Offers Better Beauty Surgeries

There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they make their bodies look their best, and they are asking Dr. Jennifer Walden for specific help. Dr. Jennifer is going to be able to help people get the results that they want, and she can show them how a specific surgery is going to make women look great. There are many things that a woman can do to change her body, and she can come to see Dr. Jennifer to find out what her options are.

There are some women who are going to want to see how they can change every part of their bodies, and they are going to be able to ask how a certain surgery is going to work. Dr. Jennifer tells people how they can get the best results, and then they can come in for their scheduled surgery. The scheduled surgery is going to make women look really great, and it is going to be very easy for women to make a change they have always wanted to make. Dr. Jennifer shows her patients how they can change to a look that they think is most flattering for them.

The best part of this is that people are going to ask for something specific, and this is going to make it very easy for women to know that they are getting what they want over what is the most common thing. Women can get common surgeries, or they can come in to get a designer a surgery. This is going to be much easier for women to do because they know that they can ask for the one thing they want, and it also helps when women are trying to take back their bodies from pregnancies or anything else that turned their bodies against them. Age can be changed, and a woman will be able to do something different with her body when she comes in to talk to Dr. Jennifer. Dr. Jennifer is going to explain to women how they are going to get the results they have dreamed of.

Women Only Ride Shares Discriminate?

The news is filled with stories about women that take those share rides alone and end up being assaulted by the male driver. More women than you might imagine are very hesitant to take those share ride, especially at night. A former Uber driver and his wife decided to start a women only share ride company. Their desire to start this type of business directed at women only created a lot of discussion about discrimination against men. The former Uber driver, and his wife believe that their idea is perfectly legal. However, they are delaying plans to start the business, until they work out a few problems with an app.

High Demands
Michael Pelletz, is the name of the former Uber driver with big plans to start a ride share company that is directed at women. The idea is to provide a safe ride and environment for women that want to share rides. He states that the app created to handle the ride share program for his company is not able to handle the high demand. They are currently working with the app, making sure it meets the demands. He believes that he is meeting a need and protecting fundamental rights of the individual. A few other people across the country have also attempted to start women only ride shares like Uber. However, they have delayed plans because of legal complications. Some activists believe that they are discriminating. However, others say that it is a service that is needed and is a way to create peace of mind for women and their families.

Ross Abelow
Ross Abelow is a lawyer that resides in New York City. Ross Abelow is the one that people all over the city contact to handle their cases. They know that he is the legal professional with the experience, skill, and knowledge to win their case. Abelow specializes in several areas. They include matrimonial law, commercial law, family law, and litigation law.

Ross Abelow attended NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Clients are assured that their lawyer has the best of education and training to pursue their cases for them. Ross Abelow is the lawyer to contact to handle any case that involves matrimonial, commercial, family, or litigation law in the city. On another note, Ross Abelow is a person that believes in giving back to the community. He is known for supporting various causes that pursue the social good.

Check out Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe campaign

Giving All To a Particular Course

The best thing you can ever give any start- up individual on any particular field is information, motivation and inspiration. This is what great entrepreneurs offer given the portfolio that Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio has offered them. In a recent interview, Autism Rocks and Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah shares with Radio host Eric Dye on her entrepreneurial success.

He is a philanthropist and a great entrepreneur. He is an addict, addicted to pursuing opportunities in areas of entrepreneurship, accounting and philanthropy. He owns other companies in The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Malta, and the Cayman Islands and in Luxembourg.

However, he did not begin his career in the financial and investment industry. His journey started with studying medicine from where he shifted into accounting; working with numerous investment banks amongst which are Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse, after which he started his own brokerage firm- Solo Capital. He is also a trustee with Autism Research Trust that offers contributions to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre where he is entrusted with the docket of Director.

Humanity matters because it transcends what we choose to do and highlights what we ineluctably are. Shah chooses responsibility and service to humanity and he believes that there is nothing as satisfying as giving all to the service of mankind.

Autism Rocks is a charity organisation from where autism research gets its funding. The funding is also meant to create and develop awareness for the life- changing neurological disorder. Researchers are opening more doors to understanding the disorder. The creation of this organisation was however inspired by the realization that Shah’s child was diagnosed with the neurological condition. Coupled with his belief that everybody deserves access to better healthcare, this great organisation was born.

Solo capital came prior to the founding of Autism Rocks. It is a brokerage company based in London, England and is regulated in the United Kingdom. It is an active organisation with currently three directors. The company specialises in professional sport investments, consulting and in proprietary trading. It is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. It is therefore a financial services company.

The Beneficial Value of Beneful Dog Food Products

Certain companies pay special attention to the needs of your companion by creating delectable food and treats that are beneficial to their wellbeing. Purinastore Beneful, for example, creates dog food fit for a furry king or queen. Below are five of the greatest Beneful products.
1. Originals: These are the products that started it all. Rich, full of anti-oxidants, and 100 percent of your dog’s daily nutrition, this line is equipped with three delicious flavors: beef, chicken, and salmon. Of course, a balance of crunchy and tender bites completes every bag.

2. Healthy Weight: Dogs are susceptible to unhealthy weight gain, too. If your pooch is getting a little pudgy, Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is a calorie conscious meal that will assist in your pet losing weight without sacrificing flavor and nutrition. Chicken, apples, green beans, and carrots are a few of the ingredients that balance this meal.

3. Incredibites: This line of food makes even the smallest dog feel big and mighty. Specifically designed for small breeds, Incredibites is a meal high in protein. These bites are available in chicken, beef, or a combination of those meets with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

4. Wet: Beneful offers an impressive line of wet dog foods that will lead you to believe that your dog eats better than you do. Hearty meat flavors, Tuscan and Mediterranian medleys, and rice and lamb are only a few of the available flavors.

5. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges: These Beneful products aid in freshening breath, and promoting a healthy smile and bones. The meat and fresh parsley blends reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

6. Beneful is available online:

How To Dress For A Big Chest

For many modern big-chested ladies, clothes shopping can be a real bust. Straight cuts just don’t have the room or the shape to house our endowments. Never fear though, for there are certain garments and certain ways to wear clothes that can be fresh and flattering. As Krista Anna Lewis outlines in her article at, bigger girls can wear maxi dresses and tight fitting t-shirts without having to worry.

All one needs to know is how to wear the clothes in a certain way. It’s allowed and even a bit fashion-forward to show a fancy bra strap. Off-the shoulder blouses and sweaters with a colorful bra is a bold and chic look.

Also, picking the right cut of t-shirt will make a difference in how it lays on a body. A tighter upper area with a looser cut on the bottom makes for a flattering silhouette on a big-chested lady.

Accessories make a big difference too! You don’t want a necklace that gets stuck in your cleavage, that would just look silly. If you are unsure of what accessories would work, a great option is to check out personal shopping sites, like Justfab on retailmenot. is a website where professional personal shoppers send customers accessories based on their personal profile. You can get jewelry, shoes, handbags, and even athletic wear in JustFab according to your body type and style. It’s great for ladies who want to be more fashion forward, but don’t know where to start or could use some professional advice.

So when dressing for a big chest, all you busty gals need to do is have a bit of strategy. You don’t have to settle for looking frumpy or cheap. So get out there and start shopping for your fabulous curves!

Slyce and Shoe Carnival Announce Their 3D Technology Partnership

Slyce has launched their visual search program with Shoe Carnival, a U.S footwear and accessories retailer. Both companies have stepped up their service to include being able to take a picture of any type of footwear, be it a picture in a magazine or in person, upload the picture to, then Slyce has fully automated 3D visual search technology that enables mobile customers to search the huge selection of products offered and come up with the best match. This technology then allows the consumer to make a purchase immediately.

Slyce makes their home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Shoe Carnival is from Evansville, Indiana, United States. Shoe Carnival retailer is one of the top footwear and accessories store, and has 400 stores in 34 states and Puerto Rico. Partnered together they can offer an unique opportunity to shop.

The eCommerce VP, Kent Zimmerman, at Shoe Carnival has stated that they are excited to launch this mobile visual search program with Slyce. Being mobile is a large part of their shopping strategy. It’s such technology that allows us to provide customers with convenient shopping they love. Slyce continues to look and innovate ways to stay ahead of the game.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO of Slyce had stated that this joint deployment is another remarkable milestone for Slyce. Their company is one of the top companies to offer such a large scale, with full automation visual search programs in the marketplace. With a single picture, is able to base its search for a similar item. Customers will have immediate response and able to make their purchase.

It’s the sophisticated visual search technology at Slyce, that makes them so attractive. It’s convenient, easy and the consumers can use their mobile device to take the picture and upload it to the company. Slyce offers both a white-label visual search program and mobile apps. Some of the retail companies that are using this technology are:

J C Penney
Neiman Marcus
Home Depot
Urban Outfitters

Reputation Management Company Celebrates Strong Year

Status Labs has turned into one of the more prominent social media and brand management companies operating in the United States today. Led by CEO Darius Fisher, the company has turned the corner on one impressive year of work. Dating back to last year we have seen Fisher and Status Labs grow by leaps and bounds, catapulting themselves into prominence. Now the company is focused on another year to celebrate and they’ll be doing it by doubling down on what makes Status Labs so special.


Status Labs was initially founded with 25 expert workers in the field of online brand management. Now, after a year of hard work, the group has grown to include 35 different professionals. Their skills range from SEO writing to social media specialization and all the way back to public relation strategy and digital marketing. With the internet becoming such an exercise in personal branding, whether desired or not, there has become more room for companies like Status Labs to grow and to succeed.


This past year we have seen the company take up arms for noble causes. Status Labs rallied around embattled Mizzou professor Melissa Click after a single video went viral, thus ruining her career. This was the first truly pro bono work that Darius Fisher and Status Labs took on and it became somewhat of a rallying point for the company.
Along with the Click case we have also seen Status Labs, and Darius Fisher, step up to the plate in regards to charity work around their home state of Texas. The company is now involved with organizations like the Capital Food Bank of Texas, Dress for Success, The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas, and much more. Proudly serving these individuals in the world of charity has given more room for Status Labs to grow on their own platform.