Slyce and Shoe Carnival Announce Their 3D Technology Partnership

Slyce has launched their visual search program with Shoe Carnival, a U.S footwear and accessories retailer. Both companies have stepped up their service to include being able to take a picture of any type of footwear, be it a picture in a magazine or in person, upload the picture to, then Slyce has fully automated 3D visual search technology that enables mobile customers to search the huge selection of products offered and come up with the best match. This technology then allows the consumer to make a purchase immediately.

Slyce makes their home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Shoe Carnival is from Evansville, Indiana, United States. Shoe Carnival retailer is one of the top footwear and accessories store, and has 400 stores in 34 states and Puerto Rico. Partnered together they can offer an unique opportunity to shop.

The eCommerce VP, Kent Zimmerman, at Shoe Carnival has stated that they are excited to launch this mobile visual search program with Slyce. Being mobile is a large part of their shopping strategy. It’s such technology that allows us to provide customers with convenient shopping they love. Slyce continues to look and innovate ways to stay ahead of the game.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO of Slyce had stated that this joint deployment is another remarkable milestone for Slyce. Their company is one of the top companies to offer such a large scale, with full automation visual search programs in the marketplace. With a single picture, is able to base its search for a similar item. Customers will have immediate response and able to make their purchase.

It’s the sophisticated visual search technology at Slyce, that makes them so attractive. It’s convenient, easy and the consumers can use their mobile device to take the picture and upload it to the company. Slyce offers both a white-label visual search program and mobile apps. Some of the retail companies that are using this technology are:

J C Penney
Neiman Marcus
Home Depot
Urban Outfitters

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