How To Dress For A Big Chest

For many modern big-chested ladies, clothes shopping can be a real bust. Straight cuts just don’t have the room or the shape to house our endowments. Never fear though, for there are certain garments and certain ways to wear clothes that can be fresh and flattering. As Krista Anna Lewis outlines in her article at, bigger girls can wear maxi dresses and tight fitting t-shirts without having to worry.

All one needs to know is how to wear the clothes in a certain way. It’s allowed and even a bit fashion-forward to show a fancy bra strap. Off-the shoulder blouses and sweaters with a colorful bra is a bold and chic look.

Also, picking the right cut of t-shirt will make a difference in how it lays on a body. A tighter upper area with a looser cut on the bottom makes for a flattering silhouette on a big-chested lady.

Accessories make a big difference too! You don’t want a necklace that gets stuck in your cleavage, that would just look silly. If you are unsure of what accessories would work, a great option is to check out personal shopping sites, like Justfab on retailmenot. is a website where professional personal shoppers send customers accessories based on their personal profile. You can get jewelry, shoes, handbags, and even athletic wear in JustFab according to your body type and style. It’s great for ladies who want to be more fashion forward, but don’t know where to start or could use some professional advice.

So when dressing for a big chest, all you busty gals need to do is have a bit of strategy. You don’t have to settle for looking frumpy or cheap. So get out there and start shopping for your fabulous curves!

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  1. Bold colors and large patterns are a great choice. Smaller patterns can make a big chest look bigger, like a covered armchair, so watch out. Try not to show too much though, as that can stray into tacky territory. It is a good thing on the part of review that is making waves at the moment.

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