Women Only Ride Shares Discriminate?

The news is filled with stories about women that take those share rides alone and end up being assaulted by the male driver. More women than you might imagine are very hesitant to take those share ride, especially at night. A former Uber driver and his wife decided to start a women only share ride company. Their desire to start this type of business directed at women only created a lot of discussion about discrimination against men. The former Uber driver, and his wife believe that their idea is perfectly legal. However, they are delaying plans to start the business, until they work out a few problems with an app.

High Demands
Michael Pelletz, is the name of the former Uber driver with big plans to start a ride share company that is directed at women. The idea is to provide a safe ride and environment for women that want to share rides. He states that the app created to handle the ride share program for his company is not able to handle the high demand. They are currently working with the app, making sure it meets the demands. He believes that he is meeting a need and protecting fundamental rights of the individual. A few other people across the country have also attempted to start women only ride shares like Uber. However, they have delayed plans because of legal complications. Some activists believe that they are discriminating. However, others say that it is a service that is needed and is a way to create peace of mind for women and their families.

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