Skout Celebrates Superhero Holiday With Users


What Is Your Favorite Super Power?

It is a tough question because it is a lot to think about. What would you like to do if you could do anything in the world? You could fly, you could levitate, you could use mind powers, or you could live forever! It is so much fun to imagine a world where we all have super powers. Skout recently helped their users use their imagination in this way when they had people take part in a survey about superheros. The survey was part of a celebration for National Superhero Day. Skout decided to survey their users on what their favorite aspects were of superheros, and they also set up a charitable program to help benefit people in need in their community through the Make A Wish Foundation. Now, we can all be superheros this year!

Skout’s Survey About Superheros

Skout’s developers keep coming up with new and interesting surveys to give to their community, and these surveys usually relate to a fun holiday that is approaching. People on Skout get to see the results when they come out, and they get to learn about a fun holiday that they might not have already known about otherwise. Skout’s survey results this month were published in an article from PR Newswire. The article has the full results of the survey. If you want to see all that detailed information, then you should visit their website.

One of the questions on the survey was asking what superhero people had picked out as their favorite. According to the results, the majority of men surveyed agreed that Superman was the best superhero. The results also indicated that the majority of women found Batman to be their favorite superhero. This is interesting because there was recently a Batman and Superman movie that was released in theaters.

The Make A Wish foundation also benefited from Skout creating awareness of the National Superhero Day. Skout actually created a specific gift in their application that users could purchase in order to help support the Make A Wish Foundation in The Greater Bay Area. Skout enjoys helping their community. They have supported food drives in the past in a similar manner because giving back to those in need is one of the most noble things we can do with our time. Here’s the article from PR Newswire about Skout.

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