Being Comfy Never Looked so Good

Gone are the days where we as women were afraid to show up to an event in our workout clothes in fear of being judged. In today’s fashion sense on, doing so is what is expected. Dressing down for an occasion is the new “dressing up”. With so many different colors and legging styles, it is no wonder that this trend is found everywhere you look. Not only are we fashionable but we are comfortable while doing it. Replacing the restrictive, often too tight jeans with a pair of vibrant print leggings is what most women are doing. Athleisure wear is the new trend that is taking over retail and online suppliers like Fabletics. Whether you work out in them or not, as long as you look fashionable that’s all that really matters, right?

@Fabletics is an online retailer that markets and sells athleisure wear. From leggings to whole wardrobes, Fabletics offers a variety of prints, colors, and materials. Fabletics isn’t just for women as it offers a wide range of clothing to men as well. Fabletics designs their clothes for the person who has an active lifestyle, even outside the gym. Being comfortable and cute doesn’t have to rob the bank either. Fabletics is an affordable monthly subscription box that delivers high-quality athleisure wear for a great price!

Opening up several retail store location and with plans to open more in the upcoming year, Fabletics is soon to be the next big fashion movement. Athleisure clothing is not just a trend, it is a lifestyle. Fashion and leisure have been incorporated into one fashionable style and we love it!



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