ClassDojo Now Giving Students The Opportunity To Tell Stories Of Their Work To Parents

ClassDojo is a classroom assistance app that is doing wonders for teachers, students, and parents. The app makes for a much more connected network between the three instead of isolating them, and ClassDojo has been commended for helping to bring a more positive environment for learning. According to, ClassDojo has integrated a storyline feature into their platform. Now whenever students are completing a classroom activity, they can take photos of their work and immediately post it to their ClassDojo storyline, similarly to how you might post pictures to a Facebook timeline, and teachers can edit and finalize the story posts for parents to see. This has helped students become proud of the work they’ve done and given parents a live look-in on class activities.

ClassDojo was started several years ago by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, two grad students from the UK who had relocated to San Francisco. Don and Chaudhary were not happy with the direction that both the US and UK’s education system was headed in, so they decided to try something different that could change the course of classrooms. ClassDojo kicked off from there and raised about $1.6 million initially, and after a large $20 million boost in fundraising at the end of last year, ClassDojo has raised over $30 million to date. The app is downloadable free of charge from both Google Play and the Apple App Store, and the service is going to remain free, though Chaudhary and Don plan to add premium features in the future.

ClassDojo has produced some animated short video series that show how students can learn subjects that may not be their strengths. Chaudhary and Don believe that all students can do well when given a push in the right direction, and the videos are designed to stretch their imaginations. Because teachers can send constant updates to parents about students learning abilities and behavioral progress, schools have been able to phase out parent-teacher meetings over time. The app is becoming popular enough now that 2 out of 3 schools in the states now use ClassDojo, and school administrators have easy access to each classroom’s profile.


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Bernardo Chua is an Entrepreneur and a Leader in International Direct Sales

It is difficult to find a more successful, dedicated and loyal entrepreneur then Bernardo Chua who is founder and CEO of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is the second direct sales business that Bernardo, who likes to be called Bernie. has founded. His first company was Gano Excel, which he started in 2001. His second company is Organo Gold, which is now an international gourmet coffee company with the emphasis on the delicious Ganoderma-infused coffee.

Ganoderma is a natural, super-mushroom grown in the Asia Mountains, which dates back to ancient Chinese Medicine where it was known for its incredibly strong healing properties. Bernie, as he’s known on Twitter, grew up in the Philippines, but his mother was from China and brought the Ganoderma. The positive effects of the Ganoderma, which, today, scientists say provides immense support for the immune system is the reason Bernie knew that he wanted to share Ganoderma with the world.

So, with this goal in mind, Bernardo founded Gano Excel as a networking business, He learned and strategize how to best manage the company, and distribute the Ganoderma. During this time, he developed Ganoderma-infused coffee and tea. Since he had outgrown that company, he closed Gano Excel, and in 2007, he opened Organo Gold in the British Columbia Canada.

Organo Gold is the compilation of Bernardo’s best ideas and plans, and it is definitely working because today, Organo Gold is 55th in all the direct sales companies in the world. In less than a decade, Organo Gold has gone into 35 different countries and has over one million distributors worldwide. Bernardo Chua excels in leadership qualities that strengthen the individual employees, and he also has the strategies needed to build a strong company.

Mr. Chua is now reaching his ultimate goal, which was to introduce Ganoderma to the western world and beyond. With its incredible nutrients and powerful antioxidants, Bernie knows that Ganoderma is a solution to stress, high blood pressure and many other diseases in the fast-paced culture that make up the world.

Adding a high-quality Ganoderma to coffee provides an acceptable way to obtain the many benefits. There are not many entrepreneurs who can say that their dream is being fulfilled in less than 10 years.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook for more information, and see his full list of credentials on LinkedIn.

Davos Financial Group Announce New Mobile Application

A new mobile application, “Davos CAP Calculator” has been announced by Davos Real Estate Group, headed by David Osio. With the application clients have the ability to estimate the return on real estate investments they may be considering.

Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company that, in conjunction with other companies makes up Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group is a frontrunner in the Latin American market with its presentation of sound financial advice to clients. Its goal is to assist clients with innovative investment strategies and high quality products. They offer first rate service combined with professionalism and experience.

Gerard Gonzalez, Executive Director of Davos REG, teamed up with Tecknolution on the development of the application. The application takes into account expenses of the property and calculates gains.

The application is available for use on both iPhone and Android devices. The launch of the application signals the first of a series of additional applications that will complement the initial one. Future applications will allow clients to find properties and send relevant historical reports to a Davos agent through the use of interactive chats.

David Osio commented that the new application was in keeping with the company’s objectives to assist clients who seek to invest in United States real estate.

One feature of the new applications will be a “Mortgage Calculator.” Clients will be able to estate their mortgage based on different factors, including the bank’s projections, time of the funding and interest rates.

In addition to developing the “Davos CAP Calculator” the Davos Real Estate Group has been connecting with real estate agents in other countries. They are looking to expand services to Europe and are focusing on Spain to begin with. They have also added to their sales force significantly in 2016.

As CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio has helped the companies he oversees to grow and expand. Through his leadership and dedication he has brought increased income to Davos Financial Group as well as bringing it to the international market. Osio has worked hard to see that his financial firm meets the needs of every client by offering them high quality individualized service.

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Emilio Estefan’s unique sound with singer Norka Luque

Norka Luque, a wonderful musical sensation, gets to pursue her dreams. This beautiful Venezuelan artist who knew she loved music since she was born. She would often fall asleep to music as a young child. Her dream is now a reality, as she climbs the top of the Billboard Charts in her new hit single Tomorrowland. This is not her first time in the music industry. She has proven a path of success along her career as an artist.

As a child, she was supported by her family and friends unconditionally. She received music lessons and training in every area to help her education in the field of music. They didn’t want to leave anything out. They also supported her academic education as well. Having that kind of support can only help someone exceed their goals in everything they do.

About 3 years ago, she met music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. who knew Norka Luque had the talent he was looking to pursue. It was also her dream to have a opportunity to work with someone like this in the music field, and have this amazing door open for her life long dream. They both are a team made from the heavens. She is a unique singer, and with the help of Emilio and his team, they have created a mixture of sounds that is like nothing else. Latin music is just the beginning for this amazing artist. The songs of Mediterranean with reggae and latin pop sounds like a chart topping hit with success written all over it.

Norka is a wonderful person with morals and education combined. Her music and her destiny will transmit a message of life, journey, and change. She has been given a chance to contribute to our musical life lessons. She is talented, beautiful, and unique. Only great things can come from a talent like this.

But parallel to her musical career she has made a major physical change. She lost about 70 pound of weight and continues to work with the same personal trainer of Shakira and Beyonce. She not a petite girl, she is tall. So working at remaining there is always a challenge, just like everything else. Nothing is stopping this musical artist.
She exercises constantly. Zero carbs, and also plays tennis, including tournaments. She participated in semi-professional. As everyone can see, this strong, educated Woman has all the ingredients for success.

Twitter: @norka_music

Buzzle Editor Gives Chaz Wen Products A Test Run

Chaz Dean is the creator of Chaz by WEN hair products. After a 20-plus year career as a hairstylist, Dean decided to create a line of products that would make the user’s hair stronger, shinier and fuller.

Dean’s client’s read like a Hollywood who’s who list. Stars would spend thousands of dollars to let Chaz Wen work wonders on their hair. Chaz decided that he could make an affordable line of products that could help women of all walks of life achieve the hair they’ve always wanted. He sells his products on Sephora.

The Wen hair care line [] is unique because it replaces all of the traditional products that cost a fortune. Just a few squirts of the hair cleanser and the user will have your hair thoroughly clean without stripping it of natural oils and minerals. The latherless formula is great on all types of hair and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Buzzle Hair and Beauty Editor Emily McClure decided to give the Wen hair care products a 7-day whirl to see if Wen products are really all the rage. During her journey, Emily found out that Chaz Wen products made her hair very manageable and gave it shine and body. Emily used the Amazon endorsed Sweet Almond Mint for her stringy and oily hair.

Wen has other kits such as Pomegranate and lavender. The products are all natural and don’t contain harsh additives or chemicals that can dry out the hair. Chaz Wen asks that all women give his products a test run. If you aren’t satisfied, your money will be returned.

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Hugo Chavez Hand Picked His Predecessor According To José Manuel González

Venezuela turned into a superstar on the world stage when Hugo Chavez was running the country. Oil exports were producing a huge influx of cash, and Chavez was spending that cash on programs to help the poor. According to José Manuel González, the former President of Venezuela’s Chamber of Commerce, Chavez was a popular president that helped the country and hurt it at the same time. González is the current Deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Guárico, and a major figure in the country’s agricultural industry. He watched Chavez spend money and realized that he was spending too much on unnecessary upgrades that helped Chavez, and his inner circle of government leaders. The socialist leader put people will little experience in jobs they couldn’t handle.

One of those people was Vice-President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro, a former bus driver, and union leader got into politics and made an impression on Chavez. Chavez died in 2013, and the former bus driver took over as president. Mr. González recently said that day would go down as one of the saddest days in his country’s history. Maduro has turned the oil-rich nation into a food-starved, riot-filled nation with no money. Maduro has cut government worker’s hours, closed shopping malls, confiscated businesses, and farms and put the military in charge of distributing food. González said the farms in his state have not been producing food for months because the government is letting them sit dormant.

Mr. González also said the government is too important to be left to politicians like Maduro that lack experience and play dictator instead of leader. The food shortage is so bad that women are crossing the border into Colombia and getting food to bring back to their families. Kimberly-Clark recently closed their factory in Venezuela because there are no raw materials and no money. Citibank is closing the account of Venezuela’s central bank due to lack of funds. Maduro claims all of those issues are the product of imperialist conspiracy against his country.

There is a petition circulating in cities across the country to remove Maduro. González thinks there will be enough signatures to start the removal process, but nothing is certain in Venezuela these days.

JustFab Gets A Good Writeup

JustFab got a good writeup in the LA Times at, and the company is proving that women can shop better there than they can anywhere else. The clothes that women find at JustFab will fit them better, and there is a larger selection for women who are most in need for help with their clothes. That means that women can shop easily on the site of JustFab, and they will find clothes that always work for them.

There are color choices for every garment that work well for women who love clothes, and then JustFab can get all the matching shoes and accessories that they need. It is important for a woman to be able to find the size she needs, and it is also important for her to feel like she is going to get results that make the most sense for her style. Girlfriends will be able to wear matching outfits, and women who wear odd sizes will still be able to find what they want.

It is important for women to remember that they have a lot of options when they are trying to look their best, and they should start at JustFab. They can probably buy all their clothes in the same place, and then they can make new orders any time they need to. This is a lot easier for women to do because it gives them real options as they shop.

The best part for women is JustFab helps them save money and feel good about their bodies at the same time. They just need to make sure they are shopping on JustFab often. There is a lot to find, and the options will make women feel really good about themselves. The woman who cares about her style is going to find all that she needs when she comes to JustFab.

10 Life Hacks Wengie Video Recap

In a recent video by YouTube beauty blogger Wengie, she gives ten tips to viewers about an array of different topics.

She starts the video by showing how to remove lint and pilling from an old sweater by using a razor on it. Her next hack shows an easy way to remove keys from a key ring without ruining your nails. She uses a staple remover to stretch the ring open so the key can slide off easily or so you can add a new key to the ring. The next tip from Wengie shows us how to not forget things in the morning. She suggest stacking everything you need underneath the one item you would never forget (like keys or your phone) and putting it all near the door so you don’t forget anything when you’re in a rush to leave the house.

Hack number seven shows how to effectively cross out sensitive information you wrote down on paper. Wengie suggests writing random numbers and letters over top of it instead of just crossing it out to make it harder for others to read. The next tip she shows us is a way to ensure your clothes are always folded and put away. She suggest throwing all your clothes on your bed after doing laundry so you can’t sleep until you have put them away. Next Wengie explains that you can cut stiff cardboard, slip it into a Ziploc bag, put any papers you don’t want wrinkled or wet in the bag, then put it all into your backpack or purse. This is great in case your bag is disorderly or you get caught in the rain.

Wengie’s next tip is to put newspaper at the bottom of your garbage can to catch any liquid leakage from the garbage bag. She also suggests sticking an upside-down wall hook to your garbage can to keep bag handles in place. Next she explains that you can use a marker to mark the shower handle position for your ideal water temperature. Then she says you can use a colander to sift out cereal crumbs at the bottom of the bag, which you can then use on ice cream or in cookies. Her last tip is to take photos of your fridge and cupboards to avoid buying things you already have at home when you’re grocery shopping.

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Wikipedia: Fun and Games, or Decisive Tool?

Football is a game of skill, immense athleticism, and raw talent. Who better exemplifies those skills than Robert Brady of Ireland. Scoring a goal in the 85th minute against Italy, Brady put Ireland in the winning circle for the Euro 2016 Football Tournament. As one might expect, Brady’s name was on the tip of every Irishman’s tongue. Ireland celebrated him in the best way they know how. So how did his teammates choose to honor him?

Like most football fans, you want to know more about your favorite players. Especially the rising stars. But if you were to search Robert Brady’s name between 10:00pm and 12:00am on June 22nd, you might have seen something a little odd. His teammates began to make Wikipedia edits Brady’s name to things like ” Robert “The Messiah” Brady. And adding things like “Brady is recognized as a god.” In the body of his page. As creative and funny as this may have been, perhaps they should have left it to the professionals to update a Wikipedia page.

Services like can not only edit your football page, they make it easy and painless too. With tools like the “Objective Revision Evaluation Service“, an A.I. made by Wikipedia, it’s never been easier to publish accurate information. Hiring a professional to create a Wikipedia page for your business can not only be beneficial but incredibly easy. So why not sit back and avoid getting a headache completely. Hire a Wikipedia editor to take out the guesswork and time consuming task of learning how to make a Wikipedia page. Of course, if you’d rather have the Irish National Football Team fans make a Wiki page for you, that’s an option too.

Visit Project Eve for an excellent resource on details of Wikipedia page creation.

Common Uses for Shea Butter

Extracted from the nuts of Shea trees, shea butter presents a natural source for vitamin A and E, crucial elements for anyone’s skin care routine. Once taken from the tree, manufacturers prepare shea butter by cold pressing it; preservatives and chemicals are avoided in its preparation. The final yield is a scentless, solid, beige block that melts when it contacts skin.

The uses for shea butter are plentiful. It soothes rashes and insect bites, the sting of sunburn, and can be used to repair dry, cracked skin. Shea butter relieves some of the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, and frost bite and can help tired or tense muscles. It also helps promote the disappearance of stretch marks.

EuGenia Shea offers a wide variety of both unrefined and scented shea butter. Eugenia provides its customers with several types of shea butter formulated for dermatological disorders, relief during pregnancy, and everyday use. The company offers a mix and match gift box that allows the purchaser to choose the fragrance they desire and receive it in a decorative tin. They also provide a subscription delivery service that makes restocking a dwindling shea butter supply easier.

EuGenia was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a Wall Street analyst, and her mother, EuGenia, the owner of the company that harvests nuts from Shea trees.. The company not only prides itself on a superior product; it also promotes women-driven business, fair wages, and job training opportunities to women in Ghana who help to harvest nuts from Shea trees and prepare the product for distribution.