10 Life Hacks Wengie Video Recap

In a recent video by YouTube beauty blogger Wengie, she gives ten tips to viewers about an array of different topics.

She starts the video by showing how to remove lint and pilling from an old sweater by using a razor on it. Her next hack shows an easy way to remove keys from a key ring without ruining your nails. She uses a staple remover to stretch the ring open so the key can slide off easily or so you can add a new key to the ring. The next tip from Wengie shows us how to not forget things in the morning. She suggest stacking everything you need underneath the one item you would never forget (like keys or your phone) and putting it all near the door so you don’t forget anything when you’re in a rush to leave the house.

Hack number seven shows how to effectively cross out sensitive information you wrote down on paper. Wengie suggests writing random numbers and letters over top of it instead of just crossing it out to make it harder for others to read. The next tip she shows us is a way to ensure your clothes are always folded and put away. She suggest throwing all your clothes on your bed after doing laundry so you can’t sleep until you have put them away. Next Wengie explains that you can cut stiff cardboard, slip it into a Ziploc bag, put any papers you don’t want wrinkled or wet in the bag, then put it all into your backpack or purse. This is great in case your bag is disorderly or you get caught in the rain.

Wengie’s next tip is to put newspaper at the bottom of your garbage can to catch any liquid leakage from the garbage bag. She also suggests sticking an upside-down wall hook to your garbage can to keep bag handles in place. Next she explains that you can use a marker to mark the shower handle position for your ideal water temperature. Then she says you can use a colander to sift out cereal crumbs at the bottom of the bag, which you can then use on ice cream or in cookies. Her last tip is to take photos of your fridge and cupboards to avoid buying things you already have at home when you’re grocery shopping.

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