Buzzle Editor Gives Chaz Wen Products A Test Run

Chaz Dean is the creator of Chaz by WEN hair products. After a 20-plus year career as a hairstylist, Dean decided to create a line of products that would make the user’s hair stronger, shinier and fuller.

Dean’s client’s read like a Hollywood who’s who list. Stars would spend thousands of dollars to let Chaz Wen work wonders on their hair. Chaz decided that he could make an affordable line of products that could help women of all walks of life achieve the hair they’ve always wanted. He sells his products on Sephora.

The Wen hair care line [] is unique because it replaces all of the traditional products that cost a fortune. Just a few squirts of the hair cleanser and the user will have your hair thoroughly clean without stripping it of natural oils and minerals. The latherless formula is great on all types of hair and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Buzzle Hair and Beauty Editor Emily McClure decided to give the Wen hair care products a 7-day whirl to see if Wen products are really all the rage. During her journey, Emily found out that Chaz Wen products made her hair very manageable and gave it shine and body. Emily used the Amazon endorsed Sweet Almond Mint for her stringy and oily hair.

Wen has other kits such as Pomegranate and lavender. The products are all natural and don’t contain harsh additives or chemicals that can dry out the hair. Chaz Wen asks that all women give his products a test run. If you aren’t satisfied, your money will be returned.

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