Brian Bonar Receives Highest Networking Professional Honor

Brian Bonar, the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, has received the highest honor that the networking professional community has to offer. The award, the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance, is highly sought after yet only two males and two females receive it in each discipline.

The Cambridge Who’s Who® award committee chooses the recipients of each award based on their professional achievements, academic accomplishments, and as well as their leadership skills.

Mr. Brian Bonar has 30 years experience in professional management in the financial sector, the past ten of which have been as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada Financial Corporation is a Marketing Liaison, meaning it supplies a vast array of employee programs that aim to increase business efficiency.

Some of those services include risk management, handling employee benefits, financial management strategies as well as promotional services. Dalrada Financial also handles payroll and tax management as well as workers comp.

They also provide a variety of HR services for companies. These are crucial components to run any successful business and often times business’s do not have the means or the resources to handle them.  Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. and President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Mr. Bonar is also professionally affiliated with the American Financial Association.

These accomplishments qualify him for this prestigious reward the categories of business accomplishments and leadership.

Mr. Bonar is well educated having received a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from the Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland and an MBA as well as a PhD in the field of International Business Development Studies from the Stafford University, England UK. Mr. Bonar holds the Honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom.

Congratulations to Mr. Bonar on winning this well deserved award.

Kevin Seawright’s Present and Past Achievements in Baltimore

A man named Kevin Seawright has taken a sympathetic view to the struggles people are facing with home ownership. He founded a company called RPS Solutions LLC in 2015 to respond to the growing need for home ownership assistance. RPS Solutions is a collaborative project in Baltimore, Maryland that builds and repairs affordable housing. The company strives to reach a mission goal of growing the city’s home ownership rate past 48.3%. Seawright appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show to bring awareness for his new project and company goals at RPS Solutions. He expressed his passion of wanting to give people the chance of buying a home while forming established neighborhoods so they can have something to be proud of.

His qualifications reinforce his strengths that provide capability in achieving goals he set for the company. Seawright’s career history shadows over employment in local government sectors, education, and real estate. He was also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the company Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The combination of experiences in real estate and finance equip him with essential tools for providing people with constructed and renovated housing at affordable cost. His learned business skills as an Executive also support his abilities to effectively and efficiently manage RPS Solutions for optimum customer service and home building.

Seawright’s incentive to broadcast company information displays the perseverance and care he has towards his company. All of his traits illustrate qualities of leadership and success. His accomplishments in other positions like the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City give unconditional support to present ambitions. Seawright’s achievements and compassion are remarkable. Other information about Kevin Seawright and his professional profile is available online for further research in his competency to change Baltimore’s housing market.  Read more about Seawright’s history on XRepublic.

A Guide to Build and Maintain Better Online Reputation

According to an article by memeburn, a good online reputation is crucial to any business or individual operating in the sophisticated digital technology era.
Digital technology has enhanced rapid movement of information. It has also enabled people to post their opinions online implying that such posts can be viewed and spread rapidly. Online content that generates wrong ideas about you is, therefore, able to destroy your business and your personal reputation.

Your business rivals or anyone can fight you by initiating negative posts about your business. According to, the misleading information and opinions can easily taint your reputation, such that your company will have a negative outlook when searched online.

A better online reputation is crucial for your business and its brands. As a result, you should design your online identity such that you appear confident. A good reputation has a positive impact on your business as it adds value to your brand.

To keep your reputation clean, it is recommended that you search your business regularly on search engines to get an idea of how people view it while online. The search results you find are what people see when they search you.

To build and maintain a clean online reputation, one can opt to use online reputation management services that optimize and manage search engines. In this way, appropriate content about one’s company appears first in modern search engines. It makes it easier for people searching you online to locate you quickly and acquire relevant information that you would like them to get.

Quality content is essential for a good reputation. You should ensure that existing information on your company is upgraded to make it active, relevant, and worth reading. Additionally, you should keep your online content secure from people who may have intentions to compromise your reputation.

Online reputation can expose your business positively if you create a good brand strategy. Good brand strategies secure you and your business against online attacks that spoil your reputation.

In cases where you receive negative comments that threaten to ruin your reputation, it is advisable that you refrain from fighting back. Instead, identify the cause of the negative information and respond positively.


Kabbalah Centre Demystifies Ancient Jewish Teachings for Modern Audience

Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish body of wisdom about the nature of human beings and the universe. Having evolved over time, Kaballah holds mysteries within its teachings that help individuals to create a better life for themselves and a better world.

Traditionally, Judaism held that the concepts central to Kaballah are too complex and esoteric for males under the age of 40 to fully comprehend and apply. According to the Mishnah, an ancient work of Rabbinic literature, only males over 40 with a solid background in Jewish law possess sufficient wisdom to study, understand and apply Kaballistic teachings.

The Zohar, a seminal text in Kaballistic thought, contains codes to invisible universal laws and life embedded within Bible passages and stories. Unlocking these hidden lessons and applying them judiciously is tantamount to an enriched, fulfilling life.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches the integral lessons of the Kabbalah in such a way that makes them accessible, applicable and transformative. The Centre’s five core principles are Sharing, Balancing and Awareness of the Ego, Existence of Spiritual Laws, We All Are One and Leaving Our Comfort Zones Can Create Miracles.

Teachings also incorporate and illuminate the connectivity of widely held spiritual beliefs, which the Kabbalah Centre indicates are branches of universal wisdom. Other teachings refer to the importance of building a relationship with God’s essence, or the Light, having a healthy sex life per Kabbalistic recommendations and developing a deeper knowledge and appreciation for cosmic forces through the study of astrology.

The Kabbalah Centre disseminates the wisdom inherent of its core principles and other Kabbalistic teachings through audio projects, books, online lectures, classes and courses. Prospective students can interact online or at a number of locations in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

The Kabbalah Centre offers its teachings to both genders, all ages, nationalities, races and religions. By extracting and simplifying what the Kabbalah has to offer, the Kabbalah Center makes it available to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access according to Jewish tradition.

Husband and wife team Philip and Karen Berg founded the Kabbalah Center International in 1984. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it is a non-profit organization with a multi-ethnic, international staff of teachers.

The Queen of Unicorns Shares How She Made Her Dreams Come True

Stylistically unconventional, always colorful, and blazing an e-commerce path of unrivaled social media branding success, Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and affectionately heralded as “Queen of the Unicorns”, has shared her secrets to success and how she made her dreams come true. She attributes much of her innate fashion sense to growing up in multiple cultures, from Russia to New York, and to having a desire to express her imagination creatively, even as a young girl. After having explored her creative ambitions in a musical band, years later, her natural skills in makeup application and her unique fashion sense, provided a path for her to follow her heart and do what she enjoyed doing most.

Perhaps, above all, it is this ability to be in touch with her own nature, that has provided a path for Doe Deere to make her dreams come true. Even though she felt ‘different and alone’ in her personality and unique interests, this did not deter her. Instead, she channeled her innermost self into a social trend that would provide an opportunity for women to freely express themselves without fear of breaking ‘traditional rules’ of style or make-up. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime based on the inability to find the color saturated make-up she desired to express her uniquely independent self.

What she truly found was a collection of like-minded women and young girls that felt betrayed by conventional notions of femininity, and were craving the opportunity to explore and express themselves in how they looked and how they dressed. In 2009, Doe Deere officially launched her cosmetics firm with her radical ‘Unicorn Lipstick’ and followed in 2012 with the ‘Velvetines’ lipstick line, which sparked the popular liquid to matte finish look that is so popular today. But this was just the beginning of what has come to symbolize the epitome of online retail – that is, the marriage of social media and consistent branding, to create a product within a community.

With the use of photography, Ms. Deere keeps her online content current, displaying herself in colorful fashion-forward make-up and apparel; that trend has sparked others to also display their own vibrant and unique looks, wearing of course, the Lime Crime brands of lipstick and eye colors. Not to assume every women is innately able to carry off such colorfully coordinated fashion trends, her brand offers much in the way of interactive tutorials that teach how to pull off the perfect look, no matter who you are.

As owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere still oversees all phases of product development, ensuring the cosmetics line is cruelty-free and meets all vegan standards.

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Lauren Conrad Offers Tips That Will Help You Take The Stress Out Of Party-Planning

Lauren Conrad knows firsthand how stressful planning a party can be. Fortunately, she has some tips and tricks that will help you take the stress out of party planning. One of the top tips she gives for stress-free party planning is to stop worrying about perfection. She says that a successful party is not one that is perfect. It is one where everyone feels comfortable and enjoys themselves.

Lauren often plans parties with her husband William. They do not always see eye to eye during the party-planning process. However, she says that they compromise. Lauren also says that the most important thing to remember to do during the party planning process is to have fun. The purpose of a party is to celebrate, so everyone should have fun.

About Twenty-Three Layers

Twenty-Three Layers is a design and event planning firm that is based in New York City. It does not matter whether one is planning a small get-together or a large corporation function. Twenty-Three Layers is here to take the stress out of the event planning process and make the event go as smoothly as possible.

Twenty-Three Layers is made up of a team of people who are creative and have a passion for event planning. Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO of the company. She has had over 10 years of event planning experience. Jessica realizes that no two events are the same. Her goal is to create an event that reflects people’s style, taste and budget.

Sarah Freedman also works for Twenty-Three Layers. She has had over six years of event planning experience. Her attention to detail and warm personality are two of the many things that people like about her. It does not matter whether one has a 50-person gathering or a 5,000 people event. Her goal is to make sure that the event is extraordinary.

The Backstory of Adam Goldenberg and the JustFab Industry

Adam Goldenberg is quite the extraordinary entrepreneur who has founded and sold various companies and products that he has brought to life over the years. This Co-CEO of JustFab, at the age of 15, founded his first company, Gamers Alliance. Gamers Alliance was sold three years later to a MySpace parent company, Intermix Media in 1999. At the age of 20 he was then promoted to Vice Operating Officer and dubbed the youngest to publicly trade a company. Adam then sold another business to Intermix Media where he met Dan, the other Co-CEO of JustFab.

Although the two had similar interests such as selling their companies to Intermix Media, they both became fast friends and decided to start a company together on They wanted a way to easily and affordably sell fashion through a social engagement service that tapers to the needs of that unique person through a fun and entertaining social experience. That is where JustFab came to life, with a whole slew of stylish options that are out there for people to enjoy. They have a great variety of items from handbags, shoes, accessories and clothing, all for an inexpensive price of $39.95 a month.

Adam Goldenberg has made huge strides in the fashion industry and JustFab is one of those ways he has done it. He doesn’t just put an emphasis on how he sells his products or how much he makes, but rather what they sell, with no focus purely on the selling. The products should speak for themselves, and every customer should leave happy and satisfied with what they are getting for their hard earned money. As stated in Built in Los Angeles:

“In 2013 alone, JustFab raised $55 million in funding and also acquired shoe discovery service ShoeDazzle. JustFab’s own celebrity stylist membership program is currently used in five countries outside of the US and is constantly expanding its offerings with new launches such as athletic brand Fabletics”. See:

In conclusion, their new line of Fabletics opens up a new program for not just men, women and children but they provide active-wear for people to spice up the thought of working out, being active and being the best versions of themselves they can be in their own skin, while feeling relaxed in any environment. As Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson took off with the company in July of 2013, there has been non-stop products they have sold since October 1st, 2013. They provide a revolutionary membership model that revolves around the consumer to benefit both parties.

A Financial Mogul and His Empire

Davos Real Estate Group launched a new app for it’s customers called the “Davos CAP Calculator”. Davos Real Estate Group is one of the companies that together forms Davos Financial Group, a group that although largely based in the Latin market, also has customers internationally. The group itself aims to offer sound and personalized financial advice for each individual, company, or group that seeks it’s counseling. The app itself is very handy as it allows the gain of an investment property to be calculated after all of the expenses are calculated for ; a key strategy in the market to get ahead. The app has been published for both iOS and Android systems and is the start in a series of tools that the group plans to put out for its customers. They plan to implement a way to identify your properties through the mobile applications and forward real estate reports to your agent at Davos.

In 1984, David Osio joined the law firm MGO in Caracas, starting out his career in banking law. He was in charge of handling different corporate clients.

David Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. The aim was to become a conglomerate of independent companies that are dedicated to their customers in providing financial guidance and advice. He worked for the Private Banking Division of Latino International Bank in Miami and in less than two years became Vice President of Commercial Banking. Through that position he also widely helped expand their customer base.

His main goal through each company was to offer financial services to each client that were truly personalized and tailored to each of their expectations. Each company currently has financial agreements with different banks around the world which makes for a diverse platform. David’s Companies have been involved with being collaborators with non profit organizations that are art and culture oriented. Such organizations that have been supported are the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Saludarte Foundation, and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. David and the companies that form Davos have been recognized with many prestigious awards, one such being Medal Of Honor United States Congress. Needless to say, Osio’s ability to guide and advise financially has paved the way for his legacy and offered a view into the mind of a man who’s corporate responsibility can be learned and modeled from.

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Naomi Campbell: Supermodel And Spokesperson For Suffering People

Naomi Campbell is among the world’s best-known models. She’s been gracing fashion magazines worldwide since age 15. During the 1980s and 90s she was one of the three most in-demand and recognizable models. The fashion industry anointed her one of the world’s six ‘supermodels’. But Campbell is more than just a fashion icon. She has acted in film and on television, appeared in countless music videos, produced an R&B /Pop album and has been a very vocal, visible and generous supporter of numerous charitable causes.

Born in London, Campbell is of Afri-Jamaican and Chinese heritage. This helped create her attractive, exotic look. She studied at the Barbara Speake Stage School and later did ballet at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. At age 7 Campbell appeared in a Bob Marley music video and at 12 she was tap dancing in a Culture Club music video. Then at age 15 while window shopping in London she was discovered by the Synchro Model Agency. She was on the cover of British Elle soon afterwards.

Over the next decade Campbell modeled for Isaac Mizrahi, Azzedine Alaia and Gianni Versace. She also posed for famed photographers Bruce Weber, Peter Lindberg and Herb Ritts. By the end of the 1980s, Naomi Campbell was a star. When Campbell appeared on the cover of French Vogue, she was the first black model ever to do so. She was also British Vogue’s first black cover girl in 25 years. In 1989 when Campbell appeared on American Vogue‘s September cover, she was the first black woman to do so. In 1991 she became Time magazine first black cover model.

Naomi Campbell is also beloved because she used her platform to call attention to a number of philanthropic causes. They include the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, poverty in Brazil, victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Mumbai terrorist attacks, the Haiti earthquake and the Japan earthquake, social integration for young people in Italy with learning disabilities, the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, and many others. Campbell has received numerous awards for her charitable and philanthropic work.

Kenneth Goodgame Lights The Road To Riches For Retailers

Kenneth Goodgame is known as one of the most experienced and influential leaders in Operations Management. He is known for his expertise in marketing and business strategies as well as his merchandising and financial knowledge. Ken is the CEO of one of the most popular home and hardware store chains, Ace and True Value Hardware. There he has implemented strategic retail growth idea that will greatly impact the overall retail sales for the Ace and True Value Chains. He is well known and respected for his consistency in consumer focused performance.

Having over 20 years of experience has helped Ken advance in strategic planning and management. He received his degree in Marketing and Finance from the university of Tennessee-Knoxville in 1980, and has since built his experience level with a number of management positions with different hardware retailers. It is through these positions that he was able to build his reputation of high performance in profit management.
Before beginning his career as CEO Ken was the Global Materials Manager for Ace Hardware. During his time as GMM he was able to increase sales to a record breaking amount, as well as design a long-term plan for the company’s continued financial growth. He also developed several new products and worked hard to improve any area with room for improvement. It is through the leadership of Ken that ACE was able to maintain its continued success.

While Kenneth Goodgame is mainly known for his management abilities, he has demonstrated amazing leadership. His performance with previous organizations shows that he is not only experienced, but dedicated as well. Ken focuses on long term goals for the companies that he leads, planning for the here and now, as well as tomorrow. He is considered an asset to any team, and has led the way to financial success for several well known and established retailers today.