A Financial Mogul and His Empire

Davos Real Estate Group launched a new app for it’s customers called the “Davos CAP Calculator”. Davos Real Estate Group is one of the companies that together forms Davos Financial Group, a group that although largely based in the Latin market, also has customers internationally. The group itself aims to offer sound and personalized financial advice for each individual, company, or group that seeks it’s counseling. The app itself is very handy as it allows the gain of an investment property to be calculated after all of the expenses are calculated for ; a key strategy in the market to get ahead. The app has been published for both iOS and Android systems and is the start in a series of tools that the group plans to put out for its customers. They plan to implement a way to identify your properties through the mobile applications and forward real estate reports to your agent at Davos. http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/32284716/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application

In 1984, David Osio joined the law firm MGO in Caracas, starting out his career in banking law. He was in charge of handling different corporate clients.

David Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. The aim was to become a conglomerate of independent companies that are dedicated to their customers in providing financial guidance and advice. He worked for the Private Banking Division of Latino International Bank in Miami and in less than two years became Vice President of Commercial Banking. Through that position he also widely helped expand their customer base.

His main goal through each company was to offer financial services to each client that were truly personalized and tailored to each of their expectations. Each company currently has financial agreements with different banks around the world which makes for a diverse platform. David’s Companies have been involved with being collaborators with non profit organizations that are art and culture oriented. Such organizations that have been supported are the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Saludarte Foundation, and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. David and the companies that form Davos have been recognized with many prestigious awards, one such being Medal Of Honor United States Congress. Needless to say, Osio’s ability to guide and advise financially has paved the way for his legacy and offered a view into the mind of a man who’s corporate responsibility can be learned and modeled from.

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