The Queen of Unicorns Shares How She Made Her Dreams Come True

Stylistically unconventional, always colorful, and blazing an e-commerce path of unrivaled social media branding success, Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and affectionately heralded as “Queen of the Unicorns”, has shared her secrets to success and how she made her dreams come true. She attributes much of her innate fashion sense to growing up in multiple cultures, from Russia to New York, and to having a desire to express her imagination creatively, even as a young girl. After having explored her creative ambitions in a musical band, years later, her natural skills in makeup application and her unique fashion sense, provided a path for her to follow her heart and do what she enjoyed doing most.

Perhaps, above all, it is this ability to be in touch with her own nature, that has provided a path for Doe Deere to make her dreams come true. Even though she felt ‘different and alone’ in her personality and unique interests, this did not deter her. Instead, she channeled her innermost self into a social trend that would provide an opportunity for women to freely express themselves without fear of breaking ‘traditional rules’ of style or make-up. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime based on the inability to find the color saturated make-up she desired to express her uniquely independent self.

What she truly found was a collection of like-minded women and young girls that felt betrayed by conventional notions of femininity, and were craving the opportunity to explore and express themselves in how they looked and how they dressed. In 2009, Doe Deere officially launched her cosmetics firm with her radical ‘Unicorn Lipstick’ and followed in 2012 with the ‘Velvetines’ lipstick line, which sparked the popular liquid to matte finish look that is so popular today. But this was just the beginning of what has come to symbolize the epitome of online retail – that is, the marriage of social media and consistent branding, to create a product within a community.

With the use of photography, Ms. Deere keeps her online content current, displaying herself in colorful fashion-forward make-up and apparel; that trend has sparked others to also display their own vibrant and unique looks, wearing of course, the Lime Crime brands of lipstick and eye colors. Not to assume every women is innately able to carry off such colorfully coordinated fashion trends, her brand offers much in the way of interactive tutorials that teach how to pull off the perfect look, no matter who you are.

As owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere still oversees all phases of product development, ensuring the cosmetics line is cruelty-free and meets all vegan standards.

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