Kevin Seawright’s Present and Past Achievements in Baltimore

A man named Kevin Seawright has taken a sympathetic view to the struggles people are facing with home ownership. He founded a company called RPS Solutions LLC in 2015 to respond to the growing need for home ownership assistance. RPS Solutions is a collaborative project in Baltimore, Maryland that builds and repairs affordable housing. The company strives to reach a mission goal of growing the city’s home ownership rate past 48.3%. Seawright appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show to bring awareness for his new project and company goals at RPS Solutions. He expressed his passion of wanting to give people the chance of buying a home while forming established neighborhoods so they can have something to be proud of.

His qualifications reinforce his strengths that provide capability in achieving goals he set for the company. Seawright’s career history shadows over employment in local government sectors, education, and real estate. He was also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the company Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The combination of experiences in real estate and finance equip him with essential tools for providing people with constructed and renovated housing at affordable cost. His learned business skills as an Executive also support his abilities to effectively and efficiently manage RPS Solutions for optimum customer service and home building.

Seawright’s incentive to broadcast company information displays the perseverance and care he has towards his company. All of his traits illustrate qualities of leadership and success. His accomplishments in other positions like the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City give unconditional support to present ambitions. Seawright’s achievements and compassion are remarkable. Other information about Kevin Seawright and his professional profile is available online for further research in his competency to change Baltimore’s housing market.  Read more about Seawright’s history on XRepublic.

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