Wessex Institute of Technology is the Future of Ecodynamics

Looking for a future in Ecodynamics, the relationship between design and nature? Then check out the Wessex Institute of Technology. Appropriately located at Ashurst Lodge, learning is inspired by the wild and untouched natural beauty of King William’s the 1st’s hunting grounds in New Forest. Yet the school is only 100 km from London, and for the last 30 years has been the hub of an international research team.
The school is ranked 140th in England, according to a study by Webometrics. This high standing is proof of the school’s dedication to research, conferences, and publishing. In collaboration with universities in North America, the UK, and Europe, Wessex Institute of Technology is at the forefront of Eco Design research. WIT hosts over 25 conferences a year, to further cultivate transdisciplinary research. Finally, the WIT Press publishes findings in an open e-library that contains over 30,000 published papers.

Fabletics Is Starting Its Own Chain Of Stores


Racked has reported that Kate Hudson and Fabletics are starting a new chain of stores to sell Fabletics clothes. The brand is a casual brand that people can wear on the street even though it is a very casual version of a brand that has been on the market for a long time. The brand is all about athleisure, and it is going to sell a lot better when it is put in stores where women can get to them easily.

Fabletics itself was started by Kate Hudson because she knew that she needed simpler clothes to wear. She also knows that she not the only busy mom in the world, and she wanted all busy moms to have the clothes they needed. She started designing something that is so simple a woman can wear tights and a sports bra out of the house every day. They might choose to pair it with a sweater and hat, and there are a lot of other options that women can choose from as they get ready.

The Fabletics brand has also branched out into swimwear because it is a great thing for women to have on hand when they are getting dressed in the morning. They need to have something that will help them feel good when they have to be in a swimsuit, but it also has to be functional if they are wearing it out. Women can trust Fabletics with their swimwear choices, and they can use the suits even with other parts of the Fabletics line.

Fabletics is a very good brand of casual clothes that will be in stores soon. Selling in their own stores helps creates a brand image that helps women shop for specifics when they visit. Anyone who loves casual clothes should try Fabletics at least once in their new stores. Read more on PopSugar.


Solve Math Problems the Easy Way

Kids are bombarded with math problems at school. Often, they rush home and ask their parents for help solving difficult math problems. Of course, most parents assume that they are able to help their child with their grade school or high school math problem. They are in for a very rude awakening. The fact is that math problems have changed dramatically over the years, since most parents were in school. Therefore, kids require another helping hand. Fortunately, kids are able to complete their homework or math assignments with the help of SOLVY.

What is SOLVY?
Kids spend a tremendous amount of their time on the Internet, interacting with each other, playing games, watching videos, and more. Why not use the Internet to help them learn? SOLVY is a free online math solving platform that is aimed at kids, teachers, and schools across the country. Here is how it works. Teachers handpick special assignments for their classroom, or they might assign special interest assignments to certain students. Kids work on the assignments on the SOLVY platform. The platform automatically notifies the teacher, if the student is having difficulty with the assignment. SOLVY is a very practical and efficient way for teachers to interact with their students and provide real world solutions to math problems. Most importantly, the kids are able to access the platform on a multitude of devices.

Alexei Beltyukov
Alexei Beltyukov is a well respected entrepreneur and business success. Certainly, this hard working professional knows the importance of a good education. This professional has an MBA and a medical degree. Now, this dedicated individual is the CEO of SOLVY. SOLVY is an online education platform that makes learning math more efficient among students, teachers, and their school.

Alexei Beltyukov primary goal is to make the SOLVY platform a part of the educational process in the country. His goal is to make it possible for students in this country to perform better in math. Alexei Beltyukov also states that the platform focuses on helping teachers create assignments that match a student’s special interest. Certainly, learning is easier, if the student finds the assignments engaging.  Follow Alexei further on social media, or read more about him on SlideShare.

Raj Fernando showing that being Passionate about your work is the key to a Successful Career

Raj Fernando almost gained national recognition in 2011 when his company was ranked among the top three fundraisers for President Obama’s campaign. Besides President Obama’s campaign, Raj also served as Hilary Clinton’s Illini finance chair during the campaign.

Raj Fernando is an individual who believes that one has to interact with other like-minded people if he or she is to draw sufficient inspiration and motivation to attain success. For instance, he was able to interact with some of America’s wealthiest people during the 2011 presidential campaigns.

Raj Fernando has grown to be a renowned business person in Chicago. He started his business career when he was still pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Beloit College.

He later moved to serve as a volunteer trader in Chicago Board of Trade. Due to his exemplary performance as a trader, he was employed as a merchant in Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he worked from 1997 to 2002. He left the company after making the decision to start his business venture.

In 2002, Raj founded Chopper Trading as a fixed income trading company. Under his visionary leadership, the company achieved a significant growth and opened other regional offices outside Chicago. The firm grew to be among the best trading companies that boasted of having the most professional traders in the industry.

In 2015, he sold Chopper Trading to DRW and started scoutahead.com where he currently serves as the CEO. Scoutahead.com specializes in providing internet solutions such as conducting surveys and reviews for their clients.

His businesses have always grown due to his exceptional ability to bring together a passionate team of experts. His companies have always experienced remarkably low employee turnover. By working with self-driven employees, he is able to guarantee high-quality services to his customers.

Besides running successful business ventures, Raj Fernando is an ardent Philanthropist who supports different groups around Chicago and across the country. Among the beneficiaries of his philanthropy include Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Steppenwolf Theatre, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Illinois Holocaust Museum. In his leisure time, he engages in fitness exercises, plays guitar, or hangs out with people from work.

Eric Pulier Knows Success

There was a time not that long ago in the whole of history, when technology was still an idea, a possibility, a potentially new way of communicating and processing information. Then there were those who were either lucky enough to take a chance on this new budding flower, and those who were smart enough to know that this technology concept would bloom into a garden, then a jungle and eventually consume the world.

The lucky ones, however, weren’t also likely to become a highly successful entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and public speaker in addition to being a leader in that now realized world of technology. Really smart, very talented, persistent and innovative people were more likely to find these accomplishments attached to their name, people like Eric Pulier.

Smart? How about programming computers while still in his formative years, or having begun a computer company while in high school? That means that by the time Eric had graduated high school he was already steeped in the roots of technology and had become an entrepreneur. All of that before getting to Harvard – oh yes, there is that too.

His accomplishment are just too many to list, as a recent podcast interview details some of these achievements, http://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/eric-pulier/, that is some of the more that 15 companies started. It might be worth noting that according to the podcast, one of those most recent sales of one of these companies was to the tune of $350 million. The combining of philanthropic interest with his success in technology and business is evident as well. Eric led the way to the creation of Starbright World, a private social network serving seriously ill children, and affording them a way to connect, chat and share life with others.

This is merely a sampling of the ventures, the experiences and accomplishments that Pulier has compiled over his career, to this point. As a father of four, his time and commitment as a father is his greatest passion. But don’t be surprised (as he might tell you himself), if the next great thing from Eric comes from fatherhood.

John Goullet Takes IT Higher

John Goullett is an overachiever. If you ever have an opportunity to be in his presence, you leave knowing that you’ve touched greatness. Even the accolades used to describe him: “they broke the mold when they made him: men like John don’t grow on trees,” let you know he’s different and he doesn’t care who knows it.

His difference is empowering. It has made John Goullet a mogul who can take little or nothing and build a company from the bottom up. He is the founder of Info Technologies, Inc. and serves as Chairman and Principal of Diversant, LLC. Diversant is a certified minority-owned business enterprise and is the top IT staffing firm in the United States that’s African American owned.

Goullet has a compassion for developing new ways of meeting the challenges of IT in the marketplace, began his career as an IT consultant and ultimately changed to IT staffing. With his understanding of market trends he founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Within five years of its inception, Info Technologies grew to $30M earning it the number eight spot on Inc.Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately held firms in the US. A business magnate and innovator Goullet has developed a number of highly successful IT ventures.

“Empowered by difference” is the motto of a man who knows no limits. His work ethic of dignity, respect, loyalty,and honor has pushed him to strive for excellence. John Goullet isn’t content to be another face in the crowd. His difference has encouraged him to not just run with the pack but to stand out and lead it.

James Dondero And The Birth Of Highland Dallas Foundation

The article published Dallas foundation’s website titled “James Dondero” highlights a partnership between two entities. The joint venture is between Highland capital management and Dallas foundation. The two organizations had a common goal of improving lives of people living in Texas. Highland capital management is the leader of alternative investment management and has many years of experience offering investment consultancy to its clients. Dallas foundation is reputable as the best in managing donor and philanthropic services.

According to the article, the president and co-founder of highland capital management, James Dondero, and his team had been on the lookout for an organization that could manage their philanthropic budget of over 3 million dollars. When they met with the president of Dallas foundation, Mary Jalonick, they realized that they had common aspirations and could work on strategies that would be effective in changing and improving the communities within and around Texas. This led to the birth of Highland Dallas foundation to support and work under Dallas foundation.

James Dondero
Dondero is the leader and co-founder of highland capital management and stays in Dallas, Texas. He is experienced in the credit and equity management markets, where he has over 30 years practice. His main area of the focal point has been on the distressed and high-yield investing. He is also the current chairperson of Nexbank, CCS Medical and cornerstone healthcare.

Mr. Dondero is currently a board associate at MGM studios and American Banknote. Philanthropically, he has been dynamic in the areas of education, public guiding principle and on the concerns of the veterans. Before HCM, he worked as a chief investment officer, where he was very instrumental in bringing up GIC, a subsidiary of the protective life. Dondero was employed as a bond forecaster at American express from 1985 to 1989. He moved to portfolio manager in the same organization. His analyst profession began in1984 at Morgan guaranty training.

He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he graduated with highest honors of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. He holds dual majors in finance and accountancy from McIntyre School of commerce. He is licensed to use chartered financial analyst designation because he is a certified management accountant.

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How Talk Fusion Fuses Talking and Technology

Talk Fusion is a fusion of talking with video and other communication tools, but it’s also a big deal because it has brought together video chat and email together. This all-in-one solution is changing the way large and small businesses address their meetings as well as how they communicate with clients.

Everyone can benefit from Talk Fusion, but it’s adding that personal touch to communication that is changing the game. Sharing thoughts ,collaborating for business and sharing lifelong memories from vacations and life events is easier than ever with a tool like Talk Fusion. CEO and Founder, Bob Reina, shared that his business was birthed from his own personal experience. When attempting to send his mother an email of a property he had looked into buying, the file was so large that it wouldn’t go through.

Using a tool like Talk Fusion has eliminated the frustration that many face with modern technology. The ability to communicate without delay or interruption is important for everyone, and it’s vital that any business or charity have access to the best tools for communication on a daily basis.

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion has tremendous business acumen but he is also innovative with his approach to using technology. Reina also wanted to find a way for families to build wealth and achieve financial independence. This is one of the reasons that Reina is using direct marketing to build Talk Fusion.

Reina believes that equipping individuals with the right tools and product to solve problems will give individuals the edge they need to create financial independence for their families.

This article recapped http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime

Town Residential helps you acquire the Perfect Residential Real Estate in New York

Even though New York City is one of the busiest and best town in the globe, settling there can be quite a hectic particularly when it comes to searching for a house to purchase or rent. Finding a real estate in New York is a hard task particularly bearing in mind that every neighborhood is unique in its way. On top of that, there are several other factors you need to take into consideration when finding real estate that will suit you and your requirements. Having that said, it is vital to get a specialized assistance so as to be capable of getting a real estate in a smooth and stress-free way.


Town Residential is a well-known and reputable company that concentrates in offering real estate services in New York. The company focuses on residential apartments and their services comprise:

  • Sales
  • Leasing
  • Marketing of property
  • Property development


TOWN Residential was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and excellent leadership governs the company. Town Residential employs highly experienced crew of experts who will offer a customer with excellent services to assist them find the perfect residential apartment or find the ideal purchaser for their real estate property.


For individuals intending to purchase a real estate property, the company provides a buyer’s guide that will give professional assistance that will be helpful to a client in navigating the New York market. The buyer’s guide will as well offers a customer an opportunity to view a wide diversity of property as a result of city’s enormous reach within New York. The customer will get to understand the market well and will be assisted to make the purchasing process be conducted with no hitches, with advice on the lucrative locations to purchase according to requirements of purchase.


A seller’s guide provided by the Town Residential firm offers a seller with outstanding services such as pricing where the company offers advice on the best appropriate price. The seller guide offers impeccable marketing strategies that ensure most suitable prospective purchasers are targeted by ensuring that the apartment is presentable and in tip top condition. It is as well vital use appropriate advertising strategies so that the information concerning the property on sale reaches as many prospective purchasers as possible.


For the individuals who want a rental real estate in New York, Town Residential will see you through every process until you find the most suitable residential property to rent. From assisting you to make a decision on the perfect place to live in the town, where to search for the unoccupied property as well as which apartment is appropriate to rent depending on your budget.

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