Eric Pulier Knows Success

There was a time not that long ago in the whole of history, when technology was still an idea, a possibility, a potentially new way of communicating and processing information. Then there were those who were either lucky enough to take a chance on this new budding flower, and those who were smart enough to know that this technology concept would bloom into a garden, then a jungle and eventually consume the world.

The lucky ones, however, weren’t also likely to become a highly successful entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and public speaker in addition to being a leader in that now realized world of technology. Really smart, very talented, persistent and innovative people were more likely to find these accomplishments attached to their name, people like Eric Pulier.

Smart? How about programming computers while still in his formative years, or having begun a computer company while in high school? That means that by the time Eric had graduated high school he was already steeped in the roots of technology and had become an entrepreneur. All of that before getting to Harvard – oh yes, there is that too.

His accomplishment are just too many to list, as a recent podcast interview details some of these achievements,, that is some of the more that 15 companies started. It might be worth noting that according to the podcast, one of those most recent sales of one of these companies was to the tune of $350 million. The combining of philanthropic interest with his success in technology and business is evident as well. Eric led the way to the creation of Starbright World, a private social network serving seriously ill children, and affording them a way to connect, chat and share life with others.

This is merely a sampling of the ventures, the experiences and accomplishments that Pulier has compiled over his career, to this point. As a father of four, his time and commitment as a father is his greatest passion. But don’t be surprised (as he might tell you himself), if the next great thing from Eric comes from fatherhood.

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