Wessex Institute of Technology is the Future of Ecodynamics

Looking for a future in Ecodynamics, the relationship between design and nature? Then check out the Wessex Institute of Technology. Appropriately located at Ashurst Lodge, learning is inspired by the wild and untouched natural beauty of King William’s the 1st’s hunting grounds in New Forest. Yet the school is only 100 km from London, and for the last 30 years has been the hub of an international research team.
The school is ranked 140th in England, according to a study by Webometrics. This high standing is proof of the school’s dedication to research, conferences, and publishing. In collaboration with universities in North America, the UK, and Europe, Wessex Institute of Technology is at the forefront of Eco Design research. WIT hosts over 25 conferences a year, to further cultivate transdisciplinary research. Finally, the WIT Press publishes findings in an open e-library that contains over 30,000 published papers.

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