The Humble Start and the Massive Success of the EOS Company

Most companies have humble beginnings, yet few of them have meteoric success right after their humble start. The EOS companies is one of those companies that started fairly humble, yet ended up with huge success in only a few years.

It’s very strange for a lip balm company to become so prominent in such a short amount of time. There are a few key reasons why they did well which the company stated in a recent interview. The company did not really speak out about their origin before, so it is somewhat interesting to hear the back story.

EOS lip balm -or Evolution of Smooth- started off with the founders noticing that there seemed to be a lack of innovation within the lip balm department. Lip balms were all the same shape and the same basic design. They also noticed that women that did beauty blogs and vlogs and used lip balm to hydrate their lips but their seemed to only do it out of necessity and were mostly indifferent about the lip balm they used. They rarely even commented on what the lip balm product was.

They decided to create a lip balm product that was natural, organic and something that would excite the lip balm consumers. They hired a sculptor that worked with clay to create different shapes for them to consider for a new lip balm container. From those clay sculptures they ended up deciding on a round shaped lip balm container for their product. This sphere design proved to stimulate the senses. The bright colors and round shape is pleasing to the eyes. The round shape is exciting and different when it is held. The product itself is soft as it glides upon the lips.

The lip balm is made of natural and organic ingredients that are healthy for the lips. Younger generations love organic and natural ingredients products, so it was a smart move of the EOS company to choose to do that with their products.

Actually getting that product into the store was difficult at first when many of the companies they were trying to sell the product to were men that simply thought lip balm was perfectly fine the way it always has been. A woman at Walgreens ended up loving the product and approved it to be sold at the Walgreens chain of drug stores. After the product proved to be popular in Walgreens, online stores like eBay and Ulta picked it up as well.

Another marketing strategy the EOS company took was to ask YouTube beauty bloggers to try out the product and review it. They asked popular millennial age celebrities to use their products as well.

After seven years of being around, the EOS eggs have sold an estimated one million units a week. They are the second top selling lip balm in the United States. It’s safe to say they have their company on the right track. Visit for more information.



Highly Professional Business Woman Named Female Entrepreneur Of The Year

An article in Lime Crime Galore has named cosmetic distributor and creator Doe Deere female entrepreneur of the year for her remarkable line of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere is widely known for her impressive cosmetic line and excellency in customer service. She wanted her clients to discover a bold new look and choice of makeup at a price women could afford. Lime Crime offers easy to apply makeup that is easy to transition from the day to the night. Deere has created a velvetine matte line of lipsticks and eye shadows.

Many people want to know how she came up with her makeup line. Doe Deere discovered bland makeup as a child from playing dress up and applying her mothers makeup. One day she discovered that her mom only had neutral colors and nothing called to her sense of creativity. From that moment on she vowed to create her only colors and açcessories when she was older. Today, Lime Crime offers bold colors that include Kill Cement and Teddy Bear. She offers unique names that her clients can identify with.

Busy professionals find it hard to wear makeup that won’t bleed or fade throughout the day. Doe Deere has created a signature line that eliminates the need to have to put on makeup on constantly throughout the day. It goes well from the day to the night with plenty of colors to choose from. Deere has invented a waterproof line of eye shadow and lipsticks that are trusted by high end celebrities. Many celebrities choose Deere’s line of cosmetics because they hold up well in the light and withstand the flash of the intimidating camera lights. You can blend your makeup and look like you’ve hired a makeup artist just like the stars.

Her cosmetic line commands creativity. You can put on Deere’s makeup and be different from the average makeup wearer. She offers colors that are provided by other makeup retailers in the industry. Her line of velvetine matte products go on with a rich texture that dries to a firm finish. She admits that other cosmetics have harsh effects on your skin, but her line of cosmetics are tested and approved for all skin types. Thousand of women have changed the way they feel about their looks with the revolutionary line of Lime Crime products created by Doe Deere.

Deere made sure her products are easy to order and have shipped to your door. In fact, she also offers shoes and accessories for her customers to match their bold makeup choice. Customers will be glad to know that most forms of payment are available on the Lime Crime websiteDoe Deere continues to be a leading business professional in the cosmetic industry and she is always inventing new colors. You’re invited to visit your top web searches for more information on award winning female entrepreneur and makeup creator Doe Deere.

Avi Weisfogel: A Pioneer in Sleep Apnea

As the obesity crisis in this country continues to worsen, sleep apnea will only continue to become more and more common. This is a major sleep disorder that can lead to temporary cessation of breathing while sleeping. This can lead to hypoxia, or low oxygen, which can severely damage the brain. Current treatments include wearing breathing masks during the night or surgery to correct the disorder. A major problem is that most people that have the condition remain undiagnosed. Patients with this disorder often find themselves waking up dozens of time per night. Every time the brain’s oxygen level drops too low, the brain wakes the body up in an effort to resume breathing. This makes it nearly impossible for patients to enjoy restful sleep.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the leader of Dental Sleep Masters, has pioneered a novel idea for primary care physicians and specialists alike to help bring new attention to this serious disorder. Bringing physicians and dentists together, Dr. Weisfogel aims to connect these health professionals to sleep physicians and sleep labs. This will lead to improved patient care for those who suffer from the condition as well as improve healthcare opportunities for medical professionals. As new technologies and treatments for this condition continue to be developed, it is important for all layers of sleep care, from the physician or dentist all the way to the treatment center, to be connected and helping each other stay up to date on the latest treatments. This will provide the most benefit to patients.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the leader of Dental Sleep Masters and is a specialist in helping people with various sleep conditions. Bringing over 15 years of experience, he has developed an impressive reputation for helping people with sleep apnea. After opening his first dental practice in 1999, he began research into various sleep treatments. He founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to help integrate the healthcare community for better treatment of sleep disorders and to spread the word on a variety of oral solutions for breathing and sleep problems. He has a massive amount of experience in this field and uses his expertise to the benefit ofpatients.

How You Can Battle Negativity Using Online Reputation Management

Bad press is one of the barriers that make most businesses to take too long before penetrating into a market and others fall from stable positions to the floor of the table. Before digital marketing became a common phenomenon, most businesses would battle bad mentions using traditional media, which was both expensive and slow.

However, this should no longer be the case since online marketing is a growing trend that has proved results if executed in the right manner. Through online reputation management, a company is able to regain its reputation and even increase its popularity.

Keep track of online reputation management campaigns

As this Blasting News publication cites, you can perform a search of your company on popular search engines to understand where it stands as far as online marketing is concerned. Look at the kind of mentions you are getting and the opinions customers have left on several platforms to gauge whether your marketing efforts are making any progress.

Tackle specific problems using reputation management

It may sound strange but some bad mentions may not affect the reputation of your company online. The business world is a complex system and some competitors may use methods like pushing for bad mentions using social sites and websites so they can grab part of your market.

But such efforts are easy to handle since what you offer to the customers is what matters most and your assurance of quality and reliable services/products could keep them. Only deal with legitimate issues that are likely to directly affect the business and this is possible if proper online reputation management is engaged.

Use social media accounts to fight bad press

Today millions of people are using social media and probably as many as 60 percent of your target customers are also on several social sites. Therefore, these sites should offer you a perfect platform on which you can market your products and services. If you find this challenging, you can choose online reputation management companies to help you in your endeavors. They are equipped well and understand the ins and outs of reputation management and digital marketing.


Geoffrey Cone Puts New Zealand Foreign Tax in the Right Perspective

There is a misguided perception that New Zealand is a tax haven characterized by exotic lands owned by filthy rich people who are always signing great financial deals. Disappointingly, it is not so. There is no hope of New Zealand ever adopting the revered title of a tax haven simply because it will never meet the qualifications which include no or nominal taxes, inhibition of tax information with other governments and general lack of transparency. In addition, New Zealand’s private banking industry does not meet the least of qualifications for high secrecy.

The air was cleared by none other but International Trust and Tax advisor, Geoffrey Cone. He is the director of Geoffrey Cone Agencies Limited, a New Zealand-based company that has been specializing in wealth planning with an emphasis in Latin America, Spain and Italy for more than 16 years. According to him, New Zealand was among the first countries to adopt the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters, the highest standard for transparency.

New Rules

After consultation with various players and authorities in the tax industry, Michael Cullen came up with new rules in which the IRD requires a trustee of a foreign trust taking residence in New Zealand to surrender a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607). Additionally, one is required to record all financial and related dealings for the purpose of ensuring transparency in tax matters. They include the trust deed, particulars of all assets and liabilities as well as those of settlements and distributions which should include the name and address of the recipient. The trustee must also keep records of received and spent money.

Strong Growth

The greatest reason for the rise of the number of foreign trusts administered in New Zealand is the recognition of the country as one of the safest and most stable. To cap it all, the country has some of the best laws whose implementation is overseen by a credible and reliable judiciary as well as a strong legal and professional system. Therefore, New Zealand is considered one of the most reputable countries in regard to investment and basing of assets with much of the credit going to the trust lawyers and accountants who run foreign trusts for clients who are based outside the country.

Geoffrey Cone, who is also a partner at Cone Marshall, a law establishment working with families and their advisors all over the world insists that New Zealand have no intention of starting a competition with tax havens. According to him, the country’s competitors are jurisdictions equipped with a tax system that is transparent enough and share similar foreign taxation principles. They include Britain, Singapore and the US.

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Curb School Time Hunger with Wengie Hacks and Pranks

Students can agree that lunch hour is never long enough. Additionally, schools are fairly strict when it comes to snacking during class, so being hungry throughout the school day is a serious reality. The queen of beauty and life hacks herself, Wengie, understands what it is like to be hungry, especially in school. As a result, she has created some genius ways to snack during class that double as some silly pranks as well.

Jello Crayons

Begin by taking a straw and tightly tape one end of it shut. Next, make different colors of jello normally, but keep in mind the actual colors of the crayons. Fill each straw up and allow them to sit in the fridge. Carefully remove each jello straw and shape the tips. Finally, remove the wrapper from an actual crayon and tape it onto the treat.

What’s Wrong with Eating Pencil Shavings?

Brazil nuts look oddly like pencil shavings. Take one, carefully shave it down using a sharp knife. Place the faux shavings in a clean sharpener and shock bystanders as you munch on your protein-packed snack.

Taffy Erasers

Sticks of taffy look like the erasers found in mechanical holders. Shave the taffy down to size after you have carefully removed the actual eraser, place it in the machine, and enjoy the fact that it actually pushes out like the real eraser would.

Put Bubble Tape to Use

Do you remember those obnoxiously long pieces of bubble tape? Nobody has ever needed that much bubble gum, but you can finally put it to use with this hack. Dig out the eraser of a pencil, roll a small piece of the tape, and fit it in the space. Continue to mold it with a knife until it resembles the real eraser.

Edible Marker Sharpies

Edible dessert markers look nothing like Sharpies. With a little paint, though, they can look just like them. After doing that, Wengie recommends dipping a teaspoon of Kool-Aid powder into water and then dropping it on the marker’s tip to have a whacky tongue writing utensil that is also really tasty.