Curb School Time Hunger with Wengie Hacks and Pranks

Students can agree that lunch hour is never long enough. Additionally, schools are fairly strict when it comes to snacking during class, so being hungry throughout the school day is a serious reality. The queen of beauty and life hacks herself, Wengie, understands what it is like to be hungry, especially in school. As a result, she has created some genius ways to snack during class that double as some silly pranks as well.

Jello Crayons

Begin by taking a straw and tightly tape one end of it shut. Next, make different colors of jello normally, but keep in mind the actual colors of the crayons. Fill each straw up and allow them to sit in the fridge. Carefully remove each jello straw and shape the tips. Finally, remove the wrapper from an actual crayon and tape it onto the treat.

What’s Wrong with Eating Pencil Shavings?

Brazil nuts look oddly like pencil shavings. Take one, carefully shave it down using a sharp knife. Place the faux shavings in a clean sharpener and shock bystanders as you munch on your protein-packed snack.

Taffy Erasers

Sticks of taffy look like the erasers found in mechanical holders. Shave the taffy down to size after you have carefully removed the actual eraser, place it in the machine, and enjoy the fact that it actually pushes out like the real eraser would.

Put Bubble Tape to Use

Do you remember those obnoxiously long pieces of bubble tape? Nobody has ever needed that much bubble gum, but you can finally put it to use with this hack. Dig out the eraser of a pencil, roll a small piece of the tape, and fit it in the space. Continue to mold it with a knife until it resembles the real eraser.

Edible Marker Sharpies

Edible dessert markers look nothing like Sharpies. With a little paint, though, they can look just like them. After doing that, Wengie recommends dipping a teaspoon of Kool-Aid powder into water and then dropping it on the marker’s tip to have a whacky tongue writing utensil that is also really tasty.

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