Highly Professional Business Woman Named Female Entrepreneur Of The Year

An article in Lime Crime Galore has named cosmetic distributor and creator Doe Deere female entrepreneur of the year for her remarkable line of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere is widely known for her impressive cosmetic line and excellency in customer service. She wanted her clients to discover a bold new look and choice of makeup at a price women could afford. Lime Crime offers easy to apply makeup that is easy to transition from the day to the night. Deere has created a velvetine matte line of lipsticks and eye shadows.

Many people want to know how she came up with her makeup line. Doe Deere discovered bland makeup as a child from playing dress up and applying her mothers makeup. One day she discovered that her mom only had neutral colors and nothing called to her sense of creativity. From that moment on she vowed to create her only colors and açcessories when she was older. Today, Lime Crime offers bold colors that include Kill Cement and Teddy Bear. She offers unique names that her clients can identify with.

Busy professionals find it hard to wear makeup that won’t bleed or fade throughout the day. Doe Deere has created a signature line that eliminates the need to have to put on makeup on constantly throughout the day. It goes well from the day to the night with plenty of colors to choose from. Deere has invented a waterproof line of eye shadow and lipsticks that are trusted by high end celebrities. Many celebrities choose Deere’s line of cosmetics because they hold up well in the light and withstand the flash of the intimidating camera lights. You can blend your makeup and look like you’ve hired a makeup artist just like the stars.

Her cosmetic line commands creativity. You can put on Deere’s makeup and be different from the average makeup wearer. She offers colors that are provided by other makeup retailers in the industry. Her line of velvetine matte products go on with a rich texture that dries to a firm finish. She admits that other cosmetics have harsh effects on your skin, but her line of cosmetics are tested and approved for all skin types. Thousand of women have changed the way they feel about their looks with the revolutionary line of Lime Crime products created by Doe Deere.

Deere made sure her products are easy to order and have shipped to your door. In fact, she also offers shoes and accessories for her customers to match their bold makeup choice. Customers will be glad to know that most forms of payment are available on the Lime Crime websiteDoe Deere continues to be a leading business professional in the cosmetic industry and she is always inventing new colors. You’re invited to visit your top web searches for more information on award winning female entrepreneur and makeup creator Doe Deere.

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