The Humble Start and the Massive Success of the EOS Company

Most companies have humble beginnings, yet few of them have meteoric success right after their humble start. The EOS companies is one of those companies that started fairly humble, yet ended up with huge success in only a few years.

It’s very strange for a lip balm company to become so prominent in such a short amount of time. There are a few key reasons why they did well which the company stated in a recent interview. The company did not really speak out about their origin before, so it is somewhat interesting to hear the back story.

EOS lip balm -or Evolution of Smooth- started off with the founders noticing that there seemed to be a lack of innovation within the lip balm department. Lip balms were all the same shape and the same basic design. They also noticed that women that did beauty blogs and vlogs and used lip balm to hydrate their lips but their seemed to only do it out of necessity and were mostly indifferent about the lip balm they used. They rarely even commented on what the lip balm product was.

They decided to create a lip balm product that was natural, organic and something that would excite the lip balm consumers. They hired a sculptor that worked with clay to create different shapes for them to consider for a new lip balm container. From those clay sculptures they ended up deciding on a round shaped lip balm container for their product. This sphere design proved to stimulate the senses. The bright colors and round shape is pleasing to the eyes. The round shape is exciting and different when it is held. The product itself is soft as it glides upon the lips.

The lip balm is made of natural and organic ingredients that are healthy for the lips. Younger generations love organic and natural ingredients products, so it was a smart move of the EOS company to choose to do that with their products.

Actually getting that product into the store was difficult at first when many of the companies they were trying to sell the product to were men that simply thought lip balm was perfectly fine the way it always has been. A woman at Walgreens ended up loving the product and approved it to be sold at the Walgreens chain of drug stores. After the product proved to be popular in Walgreens, online stores like eBay and Ulta picked it up as well.

Another marketing strategy the EOS company took was to ask YouTube beauty bloggers to try out the product and review it. They asked popular millennial age celebrities to use their products as well.

After seven years of being around, the EOS eggs have sold an estimated one million units a week. They are the second top selling lip balm in the United States. It’s safe to say they have their company on the right track. Visit for more information.



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