Handy becomes the biggest cleaning company as it hits 1 million bookings

Handy is a big name when it comes to home cleaning services. It is an on-demand home service company based in New York City. Its platform has grown mainly because of its mobile application that connects customers with cleaning professionals. The company has provided household services such as home painting, home cleaning and moving. It handles payments, bookings and even offers money-back guarantee to thousands of its customers that use the services every week.

The company has had a great leap since its services focus on mobile app and strategic development. Many customers that use the services have greatly enjoyed the kind of quality services provided by the company. The company provides excellent services beyond customer expectations. This is why a large percent of customers that use the services are recurrent customers that are happy with the exemplary services.

Uman Dua and Oisin, the company leaders of Handy met in 2011 and founded the company in 2012. In June 2015, Handy.com was able to surpass its target of 1 million bookings through its online and mobile platforms. It has since partnered with several companies such as Highland Capital Partners and BoxGroup who are their top investors. Anyone can order a plumber, a home cleaner or a handy man just from your phone.

In today’s top list of startup descriptions, handy falls in the category of Uber home maintenance. The platform is similar to Uber in many ways. Just like Uber, the company handles payments, demands and supply through its online platform. The brand has been growing fast in the previous years. Handybook has managed to raise close to $12 million dollars through its partners Highland Capital and General Catalyst. Statistics from the company shows that it grows by about 60% each month.

The NYC-based company today has more than 60 employees and multiple freelancers that complete over 100,000 jobs monthly. The company operates in multiple cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Early in the year the company bought West Coast Cleaning Business for an undisclosed huge amount.

There has been a significant increase in demand for home services in the previous years. The company today aims to be at the top of the list in offering the best home cleaning services. The New York Based company aims at expanding its services to include Handy Delivery. Handy Deliver is set to be a delivery service that should deliver and assemble goods and furniture.




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