Fabletics- Affordable, Well-designed and Élite Brand

Gone are the days when affordability and quality were the only determinants of a brand’s success. Companies that want to succeed today have to focus on a different business model. The main factors that contribute to a brand’s success today are brand awareness, proper product design and customer experience. A company that excels in all these will top its market niche. Fabletics is a company that has achieved succeeded by focusing on these core principles.


Fabletics started out as an online subscription company. It went forth to open various brick and mortar stores so as to operate its business in a reverse showroom approach. The result is that Fabletics has gained faithful customers. The company has had massive success within three years of operation. Fabletics has built a $250 million empire within three years of existence. The firm competes with bigwigs in the fashion industry like Amazon.


The reverse showroom strategy focuses on keeping faithful members to a particular company. Enterprises that operate in a showroom business achieve maximum succeed. The showroom approach makes customers view the products at specific stores and purchase the items elsewhere. The advent of the internet has seen many companies offer products at reduced prices. Many people thus view products offline and later buy in online stores. However, Fabletics has opened both offline and online stores. Customers that see products offline and buy online at discounted prices. The business model is thus called a reverse showroom. Fabletics has succeeded with this strategy and competes with giants in the fashion industry.


A lot can be said about Fabletics offline stores. They are located in prime shopping destinations and are highly accessible. Fabletics has stayed ahead of the competition by offering discounts in offline stores. Fabletics has invested massively in visitor data collection. This information has transformed the company’s business operations. The result is that Fabletics has made several business decisions that are highly successful.


Fabletics online stores are powerful and have gained massive popularity. The Online stores focus on a comprehensive website which caters to a large consumer crowd. The stores sell anything you would need with athletic gear. There are several numbers of garments that should include everything that a customer may want to purchase. Kate Hudson has assisted in the design of most of the activewear. One can find designer leggings and tops for exercising. Small accessories such as socks are included in the all-inclusive shopping experience.


About Fabletics


Fabletics officially started in October 2013. The company has three co-founders Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler. The three businesspersons started Fabletics to sell workout clothing that should fit everyday wear. Fabletics later started a line of clothing for men in June 2015. The company then introduced swimwear and dresses in March 2016. Apart from online stores, Fabletics has several brick and mortar stores. The firm plans to open about seventy-five stores in the next three years. Fabletics is increasingly growing and expanding. If the firm continues at this pace, it is going to beat top fashion giants soon.

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