Davos Real Estate Group Launches the Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group is one of the independent subsidiaries of the Davos Financial Group, an investment advisory firm that provides professional and independent advice to individuals, government entities, and corporations. Davos Real Estate Group (REG) focuses on coming up with an investment strategy that meets every expectation and needs of their clients. The group offers consultancy services that are necessary for expanding the boundaries of both private and public entities.


In 2016, the group announced the launch of its new real estate application software, Davos CAP Calculator. The group’s move is strategic considering the fact that an overwhelming majority of property searchers use their mobile devices to perform their search. In 2014 alone, approximately 60 percent of real estate searches were done on mobile devices. The use of mobile is exploding, and it will soon overtake desktop searching. Those using it like REG or planning to use it are poised to be ahead of the competition while those who don’t will struggle to catch up.


The Davos CAP Calculator is among the series of mobile applications the group plans to develop. The applications will have the ability to identify real estate properties via client’s mobile devices and even send the past reports to their agents based at Davos through an interactive chat. Gerard Gonzalez, the executive producer of Davos Real Estate Group, worked with Teknolution Company, a firm that helps small businesses with analytical and technical needs. The two worked together for six months to design and develop the mobile application. Clients can now assess the app through their iPhone and Android devices.


The application is meant to estimate the return on real estate investment as well as allow the group to financially guide its clients when venturing in real estate in the United States. The app will enable customers to estimate the cost of renting a property and the price that best suits their projected income. The tool also helps investors to have a clearer financial vision when buying real estate. Among the benefits of the group’s series of applications is the mortgage calculator which helps Davos customers to calculate the monthly cost of the house as well as offer a real-time look at the prevailing mortgage and refinance rates.


About David Osio


David Osio, the chief executive officer and founder of Davos Financial Group of companies, is the man behind the mobile app. All through his career, Mr. Osio has channeled his career to create a financial service company that provides personalized consultancy services to a broad client base. Today, he manages a company that comprises of various groups aimed at providing advisory services to select clients.

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