The Interesting Battle Between Fabletics and Amazon

Fabletics has become one of the most interesting clothing lines of this generation. It is a company that has started with selling clothes for women that are working out, but it has transitioned into a website that also sells swimwear and active wear. This may be the thing that allows that allows Fabletics to grow in a way that it may not have otherwise discovered. There are other companies out there that sell athletic clothing, but Fabletics is a company that has expanded in order to successfully compete with Amazon.



The clothes that are designed by Kate Hudson are showing up on the Fabletics website. Hudson has a direct hand in competing against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Kate Hudson has done a great job of showing people that she has exactly what it takes to take her company to a new level. There are a lot of people that wonder if Amazon will also overshadow what she has done with Fabletics, but Hudson does not pay the naysayers any mind. She just continues to elevate and build her stores.


Kate Hudson knows that there are a lot of women that are uncomfortable with the clothes that they are working out here. This may not be a problem for women that are not leaving the home, but the ladies that are going to gyms are definitely going to want something cute that they can work out in. The same goes for any women that may be jogging out in the park or around their neighborhood. Fabletics is the company that is allowing women to look their best while they are trying to get in even better shape. This is where Kate knows that she has a special touch, and she has no problem going up against Jeff Bezos with Amazon.


This is an interesting battle to watch because Amazon has transitioned from a bookstore to the online store that sells everything. This alone makes it very hard for Hudson to compete against a giant like Amazon, but this same concept is what allows the Fabletics brand to reach more customers.


Amazon sales everything, and this may be great for customers but it is not ideal for marketing. This company would never be able to do the same level of marketing that Fabletics is doing because this company is simply focused on one area. A company that is totally focused on clothing has more opportunities to reach consumers because the founders of these companies can simply focus on one area. That is what Kate Hudson has been able to do. She may not have customers that are looking for electronics, books, music and clothes simultaneously while they are out shopping, but she doesn’t need consumers that are interested in all of this.


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