Eco-Conscious Vacation Destinations on the Rise

Modern travelers are starting to demand more from their vacations than simply a few good pictures to post on social media or good souvenirs to take home to friends and family. The eco-savvy tourist seeks green friendly or eco-conscious locations that contribute to conversation efforts.


For example in lieu of the traditional Safari, often complicit in the hunting of at risk animals, companies like Wild Ark offer a 6 or 28 day African trail experience. Located in Botswana, the trails feature breathtaking views of the stars at night, safe and up-close looks at wild animals and lessons in map reading and other survival skills.


The summer temperatures are warm and while not bitterly cold, winter evenings are chilly. Local wildlife includes lions, buffalo, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. Also part of a green vacation is conservation efforts such as cutting down non-native plants that are spreading too rapidly in the area to minimize their impact on the ecosystem and road maintenance.


Wild Ark is a leading company for conservation and eco-friendly destinations. The company provides eco-training to each guest to help them understand the impact they have on the environment in the locations they visit and help guests understand how to contribute overall environmental well-being while preserving economic health.


During a hike through Botswana or South Africa guests sleep directly under the stars( although if desired, guests may bring their own camping equipment such as a tent). By not carrying a tent, it is much easier to hike to destinations and gain a more fulfilling experience of the environment. Minimal food is encouraged as well to encourage guests to learn bush lore and foraging skills. Situational awareness is also emphasized to maintain guests’ safety and water purification training and equipment is provided.


In the age of sustainability ensuring an environmentally healthy vacation is proving to be a rewarding experience to many. As guests learn about the environment and green methodologies at their destination many find ways to incorporate more eco-friendly habits once home as well and remain inspired to work towards the good of the Earth.


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