Amazon Has to Start Paying Attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Looking back over the last few years in the fashion e-commerce market, Amazon has not had to look over their shoulder because the distance between them and the next competitor is so huge. Looking at it from a numbers perspective, we see that Amazon is taking in around 20 percent of all the sales in this niche, and that is quite a lot considering that the market has thousands of clothing retailers. The reason that Amazon is going to have to start paying more attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in this fashion e-commerce market is because in only three years this company has already sold $250 million in women’s clothing and workout apparel.


The success of this athleisure brand can be credited to two things, says Hudson. First she says her membership rewards far exceed that of even the best in this business. Next, she feels that her company has really mastered the reverse showrooming sales process. There are many clothing retailers that will tell you that they too utilize these techniques but are seeing no results at all. To get a better understanding as to why this seems to be working for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, we have to visit the local Fabletics stores at your nearest mall. Inside these stores you see a real buzz with customers. These shoppers are taking the lifestyle quiz, window-shopping, and trying on every piece of active-wear that they can get their hands on.


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making waves in the fashion e-commerce market all comes together at their e-commerce site. When the shoppers are done trying things on at the mall, those items are instantly uploaded to the customers membership account, and they can simply continue shopping at a later time. Not only will they be able to see the pieces they found a the mall, they don’t have to worry if these pieces of workout apparel will fit, so they impulsively begun shopping the much larger online inventory.


Now add into the mix free shipping for online orders, help of a personal shopping assistant, and discounted apparel prices, and you see how the membership perks at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics really appeal to these women. This is not like how Amazon rewards its customers at all, this is a unique shopping experience where loyal customers are rewarded for their business, and they return and shop time and time again to help explode sales.

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