Party Planning Tips by Twenty Three Layers

Many people consider party or event-planning one of the hardest and intimidating things. But did you know you can ease the entire process and create a memorable party for all your guests? All you need to do is follow these tips from Twenty Three Layers, one of the best event planning companies NYC.



  1. Start by Organizing



It is obvious there are many things you will need to make the event successful. To avoid missing out anything, create a list of all the things you want to do and supplies to buy. Make sure you have the list in on you to update it regularly, as you remember items and cancel out those you have achieved.




  1. Have a Theme


The type of party you are holding should determine the kind of theme to use. There are endless options out there, and you can quickly transform your space into a fiesta as long as you are creative.</p>


  1. Send Invitations



Online invitations are perfectly acceptable but only for last minute parties. Settling for mailed invitation cards have some advantages including helping set the mood for the party through use of a design matching the theme.



  1. Prepare the Drinks



You can increase the fun at your party by giving your guests the opportunity to be their mixologists. To do this, have a tray and a decanter with two or three liquor brands and let the people enjoy making their concoctions.



You can also place a tray with sparkling drinks such champagne at the door to welcome guests. You can also set aside a special cocktail to be served as the last drink to create a lasting impression on your guests.



About Twenty Three Layers



Twenty Three is one of the corporate event planners NYC. It focuses on making events simple, yet remarkable and memorable.



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