AVAAZ: ‘More community activism’

The world was indeed forever altered the day the worldwide web was launched. Life today is very different because of the internet. All over the planet, people now can easily learn about every single cause and news story (be it fake or real), and every politician’s election campaign in a way previously unknown.

The Avaaz organization has grown into one of the leading activist groups in the world. Avaaz is headquartered on the internet. It was originally founded in the belief that an international group could have a positive effect on various current human rights issues and political landscapes across the globe.

Ever since Avaaz was officially launched back in 2007, it has reportedly had a significant and positive impact. This once modest grassroots organization has become an online organization of over 44 million individuals around the world. The founders of Avaaz are a diverse team of people. Avaaz’ founding team of international activists includes an entrepreneur from Australia, a UK academic, and a former American congressman.

The original organizers chose the name Avaaz because it is representative of the team’s worldwide perspective. The term “Avaaz” is rooted in the ancient Persian language. It actually means “song” or “voice” in English. The organization works to be a worldwide voice for any individual who requires the organization’s aid or advice.

While Avaaz does have an as yet short history, the organization is already considered by some sources to be one of the world’s most successful social justice campaign and human rights groups around the world. Avaaz currently concentrates on such things as circulating public petitions and conducting email campaigns. According to online news source “The Guardian”, Avaaz is worthy of public praise for their work in educating people across the globe about numerous issues.

Online sources confirm that Avaaz is presently an international organization that is active in focusing on the environment as well. The group is busy working to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans. They report that if nothing is done there could one day be more plastic than fish in the water.

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