Expansion of OSI Group From a Meager Butcher Shop To A Global Food Manufacturer

OSI Group has been in existence for over a century. OSI is currently based out of Aurora Illinois which is about an hour outside of downtown Chicago. OSI Group started out as a small butcher shop in Chicago called Otto & Sons. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. Since its founding OSI Group has expanded exponentially from a tiny family run butcher shop in the city to a global food product provider with over sixty five locations worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin is the current acting chief executive officer for OSI Group. Sheldon puts a main focus on food safety, sustainability and a eco-friendly packaging and product line. Sheldon has been with OSI group since the 1970’s when they experienced a huge jump in product demand and production. In 1955 Otto & Sons butcher shop was approached by McDonalds to produce their hamburgers. In 1973 Otto & Sons was being run by two brothers who were sons to Otto Kolschowsky. Sheldon Lavin became a partner to them and they opened a manufacturing plant that would be able to produce McDonald’s hamburgers.

In 1975 Otto & Sons butcher shop became OSI group. Sheldon Lavin helped to direct the company into a manufacturing market place. The next 25 years experienced remarkable growth for Otto Group. From 1975 through to 2000 they opened more plants within the United States and then went on to open plants in Mexico, the Philippines, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Taiwan and China.

In the early 2000’s OSI group continued on with expansion. This time instead of expanding just manufacturing plants OSI expanded into the poultry marketplace. OSI also put a focus on acquisitions. They were able to acquire other companies in the United Kingdom, India and Canada. Continuing to expand they acquired companies in the United Kingdom that focused on premade meals, mayonnaise, salad dressings and sauces.

OSI Group also gained a strong place in the German Markets after acquiring companies that features ready to eat meals and condiments. OSI Group puts great value in their employees and creating an eco-friendly and sustainable product line. OSI is eager to continually embrace the marketplace and meet customers’ culinary preferences.

OSI Group info : www.careerbuilder.com/company/osi-group/CHV17N5WK6NZKBLHF7B

Clay Siegall pursues effective diversification strategy for Seattle Genetics’ revenue

One of the most serious problems that many of the current crop of high-tech startups face has been their ability to diversify their revenue streams away from their core businesses. This problem is almost universal for some of the largest companies on the American stock market today. Companies such as Google and Facebook, among many other hi-tech power houses, have enormously profitable businesses. However, almost all of their money comes from advertising or other single sources of revenue. Many of these companies, despite massively costly effort to do something about their highly concentrated revenue sources, have been completely unable to venture out into other profitable business lines.

This problem has also extended to many biotech firms, the medical equivalent of an internet startup. However, under the sagacious leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has been able to avoid this fate, diversifing its revenue streams into a plethora of highly lucrative business lines. Seattle Genetics’ main source of revenues comes from a single FDA-approved drug called ADCetris. This is the first antibody drug conjugate drug to be approved by the FDA for patients in the general population. Over its first six years, the drug has proven to be enormously successful, increasing the five-year survival rates for many patients suffering from refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

But Dr. Siegall has also wisely branched his firm into many other fields. Some of these include licensing of intellectual property, in particular, Seattle Genetics’ patented process for the synthesis of monoclonal antibodies using mammalian substrates. These monoclonal antibodies are a key component of antibody drug conjugates, without which the drugs simply cannot be synthesized. Seattle Genetics has also licensed a large number of processes and intellectual property to other drug manufacturers to help them in their own synthesis of antibody drug conjugates.

In addition to this, Seattle Genetics is licensing many of the drugs in its portfolio two other firms so that they may manufacture them as well. All told, Seattle Genetics has dozens of contracts with some of the biggest names in biotech and the pharmaceutical industry in general, such as Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and many others.

My Dr. Siegall is still focusing on the core business, the synthesis of antibody drug conjugates. As one of the key players in the development of this exciting new line of drugs, Dr. Siegall has continued to lead the pack in terms of developing new antibody drug conjugates.

With Dr. Siegall at the helm, Seattle Genetics has a future full of bright prospects.


Sheldon Lavin: Being Successful in the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and chief executive officer of the OSI Group, LLC. Which is the world’s largest supplier of protein products, food services, and retail products. His career with the food industry began 40 years ago, and through his leadership, OSI Group, LLC managed to expand to over 17 countries, and their products are known for their award winning taste and quality. Despite the time that Sheldon Lavin have spent working in the food industry, it was not his first choice of career. It was actually an accident why Sheldon Lavin found working with the OSI Group, LLC.

Back when he was still in the financial world, Sheldon Lavin used to own a financial consulting firm which aids small and medium sized businesses in looking for a bank that would help them with their finances. The founders of OSI Group, LLC, known back then as Otto & Sons, have visited his financial consulting firms in the 1970s because they needed more funds, as the company was chosen by McDonald’s to be one of their official suppliers of burger patties. Sheldon Lavin spoke with the owners and decided to contact a bank that is also a partner of his financial consulting firm. The banks left a condition that in order for them to release the funds that the company needs, Sheldon Lavin must be given an ownership position at Otto & Sons. Finding that he is too busy working inside his office, Sheldon Lavin rejected condition. The bank amended the condition and wrote that Sheldon Lavin must be given a financial investment that has a degree comparable to the Otto family. Sheldon Lavin accepted the new deal, and he started his journey in the food industry, although he is working indirectly. For more info about us: http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SheldonLavin-OSIGroup17.htm click here.

Otto & Sons grew from a medium sized company into a large corporation. It has also rebranded into OSI Group, LLC, and it is still growing. The patriarch of the Otto family who originally founded company decided to step down from his position and gave it to his sons. However, the sons of the Otto family patriarch have also stated their will of living a simple life away from the corporate world, so they sold their remaining stakes to Sheldon Lavin, and had him lead the company.

Greg’s Legacy in the Forex Trade

Elaborating the Logic of Forex Trade

Forex trade is a form of business that has been in existence for many years now. However, many people are reluctant or unwilling to venture into this lucrative business maybe because of fear or lack of the technical knowledge on how it works. Forex is a business of monitoring currencies constantly to cease an opportunity in case they fall or rise in value in comparison to other currencies. The best aspect of this market is the fact that the trade is not depended on the normal market environment as the rest of the conventional businesses are. In addition, it is a business that runs online hence no need for an office.

Greg’s Brief Background

Greg Secker is one of the known businessmen thanks to his great innovations in the forex market that have made it easier. He has developed quite a number of forex systems. Born in 1975, Greg is 42 years now and he resides in London, England. He went to the University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in Agriculture and Food Science. He is also a proud winner of the British Telecom Award for his brilliant inventions in e-commerce, an area that he has played a significant role. Greg is currently a forex trader and apart from work, he also enjoys spending time with the most vulnerable in the society and helping them as well.

Greg’s Experience in Forex Trade

No one can explain the success of forex trade better than Greg Secker who is one of the greatest forex traders in the world. Greg has been in the business for many years and he has learned the art in and out hence his push for investors to try it. He started as an employee in a financial company and he was responsible for developing forex trade systems. This is where he learned and acquired a vast capability in the trade and it did not take him a lot of time to decide that he was better on his own. He left his job and decided to set up a forex company where his skills and creativity would be utilized more productively.



Oncotarget: Providing Information About Cancer

Cancer has claimed billions of life on earth. It is one of the deadliest diseases that mankind has faced since prehistory, and up until now, a cure is yet to be discovered. Scientists from all over the world are doing their best order to eradicate the disease, and they are publishing their works on different platforms, and one of it is Oncotarget. Oncotarget is a publication that is being released weekly, and scientists coming from the same field of oncology are the ones reviewing the articles that are being included in the journal. It tackles everything about oncology present status, the development on cure, and other information relating to cancer. The journal was first released in 2010, and it is published through Impact Journals. The journal’s editors in chief are both coming from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute – Andrei V. Gudkov, and Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny.

2. Mikhail Blagosklonny is known for his quest to discover the key for immortality by researching about rapamycin. This research was first made known to the scientific world through Oncotarget, and its publication helped get the attention of his fellow scientists, shifting their attention to this ongoing study. Other oncologists are also posting their discoveries, researches and studies on the journal, and it is being updated regularly to reflect these new entries. One of the most recent entries being published in the journal is the research coming from the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Dartmouth about a new strategy that would kill cancer cells while sparing the normal, healthy ones. According to their study, cells which could mutate into a tumor can be detected and be differentiated from a normal cell, and by identifying them, they can be selected and eradicated.

Reading the journal would give its readers high hopes about sacrifice and the dedication that the oncologists are pouring into their profession. Oncotarget has been a tool for scientists to openly share their knowledge with their peers, showing their progress in the battle against cancer. With publications like Oncotarget, these scientists could speed up the discovery of the cure for cancer.

To know more visit @: www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.4161/cbt.8.9.8899

Vincent Parascandola’s Strive For Greatness

Vincent Parascondola is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He majorly focuses on recruiting individuals for top positions, mentoring financial professionals, retention of employees, and managing all sales functions of the organization. Mr. Parascondola has profound insight into financial matters no wonder he is one of the most sought after speakers in the company and the financial industry in general.

Mr Vinny has participated in various conferences including GAMA public meeting, LAMP meetings, and LIMRA Distribution Conferences. He is a distinguished manager in his right, thereby, he has earned himself various management awards throughout his career including GAMA Career Development and The Master Agency Awards. Based on his credentials, he has chaired various organizations such as the senior member of GAMA, a past president of Florida chapter, and former chairperson of LIMRA Field Offices Committee.

He has more than 22 years experience in the financial industry, having begun his career in 1987, when he was working with Prudential as an agent. While working at Prudential, he was crowned as the National Rookie of the year and this reward motivated him to put more effort in his work. Upon realizing that he could achieve more in financial matters, he moved to MONY Life Insurance and he was put in charge of different field offices.

Vinny worked at MONY Life Insurance up to 2004 before deciding to join AXA Advisors. Before his confirmation as the divisional president, Parascondola was the chairperson of the Advantage Group which is a unit of AXA Equitable. His sole mandate at the branch was to attract seasoned financial professionals and act as a co-manager of the company’s New York Metro department, which has 500 financial professionals in the state area.

In the 2014 graduating class of Pace University, Mr. Parascandola gave a memorable speech congratulating all the graduates. He is an alumnus of the same university where he acquired a degree in Bachelor of Science. His experience in financial matters has made him to be recognized recognized far and wide.

Mr. Vincent Parascondola is tasked with an enormous responsibility at AXA advisors. It’s because the company offers financial services that range from investment management to global insurance, all of which Vincent is supposed to oversee.


A New Horizon in Banking

The CEO of Nexbank has just paneled the 2016 Texas Bankers’ Annual Conference. He proudly endorsed his company there as well. Nexbank has worked with the following:

  • Capital One
  • ZB or Zions Bank
  • National Bank of Texas
  • BOKF
  • Woodforest National Bank
  • Commercia Bank
  • Compass Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Regions Bank
  • The American National Bank of Texas
  • Frost Bank
  • Prosperity Bank
  • Plains National Bank

Next bank is also been no monitor verified as of July 18, 2017 as a copyright company with all rights reserved. Therefore, products and services may continually change without further notice. You may view the product or services tabs for more information. Nexbank offers personal banking, online banking and CDs. You may contact the business online by or by phone.

For personal checking, savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, business checking, mortgage loans, business loans, consumer loans or anything in between, Nexbank is the provider of choice. A security code is required to fill out all personal information; acknowledge that you’re willing to undergo background and security checks when applying for certain products. Find out more at nexbank.com.

Nexbank thanks James Dondero, chairman, co founder, and President within Highland Capital LP, who is likewise one of Nexbank’s directors and brings multiple management and leadership experiences to the table – as well as untying commitments to the company’s overall success. He stands with the Board of Directors and executive management team of Nexbank as well.

You may also view the company profile by quarterly profits online. You may see the first quarter 2017, along with all four quarters going back to 2012. Nexbank’s media center allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements by press releases, feature articles announcements and much more. You may likewise apply for a career with Nexbank online.


Julia Jackson Family Wines Has Mastered Fine Wines

Jess Jackson, the founder for the Jackson Family Wines raised their children in the fields of the grapes used for their wines. The children would spend their free time running through the fields and sorting through grapes as well as picking them. They were raised within the industry and wine has been in their blood for as long as they can remember.

Julia Jackson is one of those kids. She was raised within the wine community and she is currently the spokesperson for their wines Cambria Estates. This wine is known as the next generation of wines amongst wine enthusiasts. The Millennials are the ones who will describe their wines as trendy and the wine of today.

View more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-jackson-70662b87

Julia Jackson has said that what her father did to make the family a success is what she is going to stick to in order to carry on her father’s legacy. Julia describes the wine as not being used as an appealing agent to any one specific audience but rather an overall audience for wine lovers.

Julia is working to help women to overcome the hard things in life by using her nonprofit organization to help more women. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is the program that is used to help the women who need to overcome the hardships in life that at times women feel. The group awards $100,000 annually in grants that are used for nonprofits which help the communities.

The Jackson family has over 30 wineries as well as thousands of acres when it comes to vineyards. Those vineyards span across 4 continents and five countries. When it comes to the Jackson Family Wines, one of the best tasting wines that you will experience is Monument Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon.

The members of the family all work within the community of the family business. The family motto is to preserve the resources naturally and to give back to their communities as much as possible. The wines that are made are some of the more distinctive wines, some of the finest that are produced on earth. The family legacy will live on for many years with the help of the children and grandchildren of the Jackson family.

Amazon Has to Start Paying Attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Looking back over the last few years in the fashion e-commerce market, Amazon has not had to look over their shoulder because the distance between them and the next competitor is so huge. Looking at it from a numbers perspective, we see that Amazon is taking in around 20 percent of all the sales in this niche, and that is quite a lot considering that the market has thousands of clothing retailers. The reason that Amazon is going to have to start paying more attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in this fashion e-commerce market is because in only three years this company has already sold $250 million in women’s clothing and workout apparel.


The success of this athleisure brand can be credited to two things, says Hudson. First she says her membership rewards far exceed that of even the best in this business. Next, she feels that her company has really mastered the reverse showrooming sales process. There are many clothing retailers that will tell you that they too utilize these techniques but are seeing no results at all. To get a better understanding as to why this seems to be working for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, we have to visit the local Fabletics stores at your nearest mall. Inside these stores you see a real buzz with customers. These shoppers are taking the lifestyle quiz, window-shopping, and trying on every piece of active-wear that they can get their hands on.


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making waves in the fashion e-commerce market all comes together at their e-commerce site. When the shoppers are done trying things on at the mall, those items are instantly uploaded to the customers membership account, and they can simply continue shopping at a later time. Not only will they be able to see the pieces they found a the mall, they don’t have to worry if these pieces of workout apparel will fit, so they impulsively begun shopping the much larger online inventory.


Now add into the mix free shipping for online orders, help of a personal shopping assistant, and discounted apparel prices, and you see how the membership perks at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics really appeal to these women. This is not like how Amazon rewards its customers at all, this is a unique shopping experience where loyal customers are rewarded for their business, and they return and shop time and time again to help explode sales.

Success Academy Gives Students a Chance to Excel

The growth of Success Academy is astounding. This is a charter school system where the students are performing much better than the other students in the traditional public schools. This has become a very popular school system that has managed to produce a lot of students that are already ready for college when they finish. This is what Eva Moskowitz has been able to do.


The great thing about Success Academy is that there are teachers that are passionate about the work that they are doing. They love to teach, and this is the thing that is going to make it possible for more students to get a better education. Eva Moskowitz has a desire to rethink education. She did not want to be put in a place where other kids would not get the education that she missed out on. Eva wanted students in New York to have much better opportunities. That is why she has put forth much effort to help build a program that can really tap into a student’s academic potential.


Students really have a chance to engage in this school experience a greater sense of pride about the school that they attend. There is a random lottery process for the school system. Everyone is not going to be able to get into this school. That may be the thing that makes people appreciate it so much. They realize that it is a privilege to get into this school so they do not want to squander the opportunity.


There are a lot of people that are interested in what is happening in this school system. Most people will agree that teachers are going to play a big part of the equation in education, but the support of the parents is big too. Success Academy has become a major force in New York, and parents are excited to help their children progress. The students in these schools are going to have access to great opportunities. Eva Moskowitz is definitely making a difference in the lives of students that attend this school. She is helping shape young minds.

Mission Possible

College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know