Alexandre Gama: Self-Made Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is a man of many accomplishments including being a self-made entrepreneur and is recognized throughout the Brazilian advertising arena for his superior work and achievements. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Neogama, one of the top 20 advertising firms in Brazil. He began his career in 1982 as a copywriter and later became a Creative Director, shareholder, and member of the Global Board. He started Neogama in 1999 and it became the fastest growing advertising company in Brazil in the first three years of operation. His early career and experience prepared him for his future as one of the 7 most professional advertisers in Brazil. Gama has an extensive list of awards including being elected as Agency Director and Entrepreneur of the Year. Alexandre Gama’s early work has paid off immensely allowing him to not only to pave his own career path but make positive impacts in Brazilian publicity.

Lori Senecal: A Remarkable Management Strategist

Businesses should be able to learn from celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. According to Lori Senecal, the branding skills used by these women are excellent. The simple lessons that can be learned from these celebrities can help elevate the status of several brands. Firstly, she argues that any brand with excellent stylists will win more market shares.

Besides, consumers like a great comeback and thus, organizations should become creative to develop strategies that will make them appear as they have bounced back into the business. Additionally, expanding talents to become a double or a triple threat is an excellent approach that most musicians use. Most of them are song writers, producers, and online entrepreneurs. She further argues that communication with consumers never ends and thus enterprises should adopt the skills used by celebrities to remain at the top.

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Her Management Career

In March 2015, CP+B announced to have named Lori Senecal as their Global CEO. The appointment meant that Lori had to leave her position as the global executive chairman at KBS. However, Senecal continued to execute her duties as the President-CEO of MDC. In her new position, Lori was tasked with the responsibility to oversee global company expansion and managing all the eight international offices of CP+B.

The decision for CP+B to appoint her was as a result of her excellent career in management. Over the years at MDC, KBS, and McCann Erickson, Lori Senecal embraced technology and remarkable innovation on an international level. Being an excellent management strategist, she has developed various strategic partnerships, created various excellent business divisions and led international accounts such as Nestle, Coco-Cola, and BMW. Besides, she transformed KBS from a domestic agency with 250 people over 900 people international organization. With such an extraordinary experience, CP+B could not help but hire her. See:

In 2009, Lori left her position as the president of McCann-Erickson to take over the role of as the CEO-president of the Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. Ms. Senecal was hired due to her experience in a significant multinational ad agency, which KBS required to grow beyond its original New York borders. Besides, her vast knowledge, reputation and entrepreneur skills made her the best choice for KBS op seat. Senecal was tasked with the responsibility to oversee over $700 million billings from clients such as Panasonic, BMW, and Diageo.

Ms. Senecal departure from McCann-Erickson brought about a significant blow to the company’s stability. Her departure made the company to lose a substantial amount of their profits. The loss was due to the drop of key portions of its Microsoft account and the subsequent struggles with their client, General Motors.

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