Andy Wirth is the CEO Who Defied Death

Andy Wirth is the kind of guy that you definitely want to spend weekends with because you almost never know what you are going to get up to – Read more on Facebook.

Crowdrise reveals that as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski it takes a lot for Andy Wirth to feel like he spent what little free time he has in a great way and perhaps that is what led him to become such an avid skydiver.

Andy Wirth trained with Red Bull athlete Sean McCormick and the two became fast friends, skydiving sometimes up to seven times in a single day. It was this hobby which ultimately would attempt to take Wirth’s life and it was Wirth’s reserve of strength that would save him –

It was a sunny but windy day in October when Wirth and his friends made their way to Lodi for another dive. Their previous spot, in Davis, had been shut down due to high winds but Lodi was still operating. Perhaps they should have known to back off at this point, but the group continued.

Several things went wrong on this jump but the most damning was the pilot running an incorrect route with Andy Wirth not even knowing it. After jumping Wirth immediately realized things were going wrong. He was forced to pull his chute too late in the dive, forced to put down in an unfamiliar area, and forced to try and land in a vineyard — a recipe for disaster.

It was on this day that Andy Wirth nearly lost his life as he collided with a pole, severing his arm, and was hung up and left to bleed out and die.

Andy Wirth didn’t give up, however, and he managed to stay calm under pressure — ultimately staunching his blood flow enough to be saved. Now Wirth is out of the hospital and running Squaw Valley with a renewed sense of purpose.