Upwork Has Gone Public

Upwork is a site that connects remote freelancers to business is now public. Upwork is now among the list of startups that were doing fine as private companies and have taken the plunge into the secure 2018 stock market.

How Upwork Was Created

Upwork was created after a merge of Elance and oDesk. Those two companies are historically the oldest and largest places to find freelancers. After the merger the new company Upwork emerged in 2015. It is the biggest platform for skilled-trades in the globe. The business name is Upwork Global Inc., and it runs in 180 countries. The freelancers available on this site range from finance experts, to marketers, designers and various writers. The company makes its money by charging a service fee to the freelancers that find work. The workers are charged a percentage of their earnings which reduces over time. Several of the freelancers on the site have worked for their clients for a long time. June 2018 made the mark of 2 million jobs with the 375,000 workers and 475,000 clients that are registered to the site.

Everyone Wins

The Upwork CEO addressed the question of how the company works. He says the company makes money when the freelancers make money. He says the company only benefits when the freelancers can find enough work and make as much as they can. He says the company weeds out the freelancers with applications and only takes about 2%. He also states the company takes up to 15% of the billings. Upwork claims to have the biggest online global marketplace that allows companies to locate and utilize very skilled freelancers. This is measured by gross services income.

Grossing The Most

In June of 2018 The past year’s revenue was $229 million for gross services value. That means that $229 million was how much was paid out for service work on the platform. The company plans to be listed on the Nasdaq exchange and use the symbol UPWK. For the first six months of 2018 a single client was responsible for 10% of the company’s revenue. In the past two years there were also other clients who were responsible for 10% of revenue.

Find out more about Upwork: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/upwork/id944344799?mt=8

Rick Smith Takes Securus Technologies to New Heights By Acquiring JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies has recently grabbed the headlines by signing a lucrative acquisition agreement to purchase JPay Inc. The enterprise is widely considered to be a top company that specializes in educational and entertainment apps, email and electronic payments to the highly populated prison system across the U.S. Currently operating in 33 prisons, the acquisition is expected to trigger a large increment on the target market with a view of generating profits.

While addressing a congregation of stakeholders and journalists, Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, hailed the new acquisition which puts Securus in a unique position of dominating the market for years to come. With such an acquisition, Securus can virtually offer any correctional institution with a tech-based program needed to run a modern penitentiary effectively. JPay has long been touted to become a dominate force in the industry courtesy of its indomitable success. Timing, however, has proven to be an integral component that facilitated such an excellent combination of products and skilled teams. According to Smith, JPay serves as the ultimate choice if you want the best products at the best price while also reducing recidivism.

JPay’s CEO, Ryan Shapiro, echoed his counterpart’s sentiments by emphasizing the company’s commitment to expanding their footprint while also delivering tremendous value to inmates, family relatives and the prison staff. In simpler terms, Securus solely intends on developing innovative products that make a lasting impression on users on a large scale. Such an excellent reputation could not have been possible without the immense contribution of its highly talented team adept at developing products that make penitentiaries more efficient and safer. Moreover, the transition from incarceration to rehabilitation should become a fast process before prisoners can be released.

The benefits of valuing an efficient team cannot be stressed enough. As a token of appreciation, Securus fully intends on running JPay as a subsidiary of Securus while also retaining the current staff to its payroll. However, Securus’ vast resources should come in handy when tweaking minimal changes within the company’s structure.

Profile of Securus Technologies

Securus is arguably one of the leading inmate communications service providers with an impressive portfolio spanning across 1,500,000 prisoners in more than 2,600 law enforcement and prisons across America. Since its inception, the Dallas-based company has strived to provide biometric analysis, incident management and much more. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Rick Smith’s Background

Rick Smith’s professional experience dates back to 1998 when he had served as COO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. and deputy positions at Global Crossing North America. His meteoric rise as CEO at Securus is a testament to his insightful leadership and keen business acumen.

Smith is an alumnus of State University of New York with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA from Rochester University.

Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/3482358-richard-a-smith


How Talk Fusion Fuses Talking and Technology

Talk Fusion is a fusion of talking with video and other communication tools, but it’s also a big deal because it has brought together video chat and email together. This all-in-one solution is changing the way large and small businesses address their meetings as well as how they communicate with clients.

Everyone can benefit from Talk Fusion, but it’s adding that personal touch to communication that is changing the game. Sharing thoughts ,collaborating for business and sharing lifelong memories from vacations and life events is easier than ever with a tool like Talk Fusion. CEO and Founder, Bob Reina, shared that his business was birthed from his own personal experience. When attempting to send his mother an email of a property he had looked into buying, the file was so large that it wouldn’t go through.

Using a tool like Talk Fusion has eliminated the frustration that many face with modern technology. The ability to communicate without delay or interruption is important for everyone, and it’s vital that any business or charity have access to the best tools for communication on a daily basis.

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion has tremendous business acumen but he is also innovative with his approach to using technology. Reina also wanted to find a way for families to build wealth and achieve financial independence. This is one of the reasons that Reina is using direct marketing to build Talk Fusion.

Reina believes that equipping individuals with the right tools and product to solve problems will give individuals the edge they need to create financial independence for their families.

This article recapped http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime

I Have Used Eric Pulier’s Innovations Since They First Appeared

The first appearance of enterprise cell phone and computer systems occurred during the Clinton administration, and I read about it when seeing that Eric Pulier was named to the Y2K transition committee. I did not envy him at all, but I was quite pleased to find his enterprise technology. Our company was one of the first in our industry to implement the technology, and we ensured that everyone at our company was connected. This article explains how I have followed Eric’s career with great interest since the beginning.

#1: I Remember His First Enterprise System

I remember the first enterprise system we installed, and I was pleased to see something that seamlessly integrated something that was once expensive and difficult to manage. I hired several people to watch over our company’s communications, and we were drowning before Eric came along. We have upgraded with every new improvement, and I could not be more grateful.

#2: Eric Moved On

I have to admit I was impressed with Eric moved into entrepreneurship, consultancy and advocacy. I have seen reports of the X Prize committee where Eric serves, and I am quite impressed with the technology he oversees at every meeting. I once saw that he asks every presenter to explain a real-life application for their work, and he runs a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs get their ideas to market quickly.

#3: Beginning By Helping Kids

I read long ago that Eric started out in technology as an advocate for children with disabilities. Our family has been blessed with good health, but it warmed my heart to see devices helping children instead of businesses. We will make money every day, but I enjoy seeing children learning no matter what their shortcomings are.

Following Eric’s career was a wise choice on my part. I am learning every day from a man I have never met about expanding my career far beyond the singular point where I started.

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UC Davis In Hot Water Over Reputation Scandal

When footage of students at the University of California, Davis, being assaulted by campus police appeared online, the school enlisted the help of online reputation management consultants to erase any evidence. As a result, the chancellor of the University was placed on leave.

The article on marketingland.com gives a rundown of the events leading up to the chancellor’s suspension. In November 2011, video footage showed students who were protestors in an Occupy Wall Street movement being maced by UC Davis police. The officers subsequently left the university or were terminated. Chancellor Linda Katehi issued an apology for the harsh treatment of the students, but in April 2016, The Sacramento Bee reported that the University had spent over $175,000 on online reputation management consultants who were hired to clean up their online image and erase any damaging information relating to the events.

The article goes on to explore why people found the university’s choice to hire ORM consultants shady and presents an argument in support of UC Davis’s decision. An overview of what online reputation management entails is given, and you can find more on them starting with this Reputation.com Review. and Marketing Land calls the media’s perspective on the situation “the most disappointing area” of the entire ordeal.

Online reputation management is not a black market approach to the Internet. The basics of ORM are to identify how a company or person is being perceived on the Web in order to make positive adjustments to marketing and public relations strategies. The article states, “It would have been terrible if the administrators and staff did not do something about the university’s reputation.”

The article also emphasizes the importance for the public to recognize that the actions of the police involved in the incident are isolated and not reflective of UC Davis as a whole. The author summarizes their argument with the following: “But I think it’s important to recognize that the actions of those police, and perhaps the administrators above them, were the guilty parties, and smearing the reputation of the entire university has direct and indirect damaging effects upon many more individuals who were not responsible for the unjustified pepper-spraying of the protestors.”

The article concludes with a breakdown of ORM and a brief exploration of its most common strategies, most of which are widely practiced throughout the digital marketing industry, such as SEO and keyword analysis. The author concludes the piece by attributing the scale of the UC Davis scandal to the public’s misconception and states that the real moral of the story is that ORM needs to begin working on improving its own reputation in order to avoid such negative retaliation in the future.

Source: http://onlinereputationreviews.com/

Skout: A Humanitarian and Innocent Dating App

Get ready for yet another social media platform for teens and adults. Skout first made news for its PG approach to meeting people and finding things to do. The app puts a lot of effort into moderation while panning down the seedy elements of online matching. However, nothing is perfect, and it is still risky to allow teens onto dating sites. Parents can do their fair share by information their teens that not all is safe in the land of online dating, and not everyone will pan out to be the online representation of themselves. With Skouts new humanitarian efforts aimed at feeding the world’s hungry, it seemed like a worthwhile endeavor to see what Skout is all about.

The developer’s behind Skout are adamant in implementation of better safety measures in 2012. Skout sets themselves a step above the rest by catering to a specific type of community: posts are rarely lascivious or harsh, but very tame though maybe flirtatious at times. This isn’t your late nineties chat room at all. This seems to be even safer than the type of dates that one would find on myspace. Although, parents beware. Adults cannot see what kids are posting, and do not have the ability to follow their children.

There are over 100 million downloads worldwide, and it is easy to see why. Skout possesses an easy user interface and and a vibrant community. It is one of the most active mobile devices available on Google Play. Chatting and flirting through this app could conceivably be an all day affair. There are millions of people on this service, and all are able to connect with others through shared interests and other “datable” criteria.

Is there anything to improve with this app? It is quite addictive, so if you’re the type of spend four hours on facebook from a 15 minute perusal plan, you might benefit from Skout. Communication tends to be short and sweet, reminiscent of dating twitter for teens and adults. This is not only good news for people who love abbreviated communication, but you’ll save loads of your free time from those sometimes encyclopedic facebook status updates.

However, much like facebook, users will be able to interact with other users via likes, comments, and other virtual gifts. Photos and in earnable app credits are also ways in which users are encouraged to interact. These are great icebreakers for pro-daters and those just venturing into the field.