PSI PAY, Your Payment Partner

Technology has improved the mode of operation in various sectors worldwide. From transport and communication to constructions, technology has supported a lot of this processes. It has additionally empowered the finance sector. The technology of paying cashless and receiving money wallet free has revolutionized banking and other transactional processes; it has led to the growth of the finance industry. Fintech, (financial technology) has continued to improve over the years and has brought about more exciting features.


PSI Pay is a UK based company operating in financial technology. Since 2007, when the company was launched, it has continued to offer more convenient, faster and effective methods of financial operation to both businesses and consumers. Availing websites and mobile application to their clients, the company has tremendously streamlined financial services. Operating in 173 countries and with 44 currencies, PSI Pay has provided its clients with contactless programs, debit cards and virtual cards easing the process of banking and transactions. To improve even further, the company through the advancement in technology has availed wearable accessories such as smart watches to make cash-free transactions. Organizations such as Apple and Fitbit previously used this technology advancement. In venturing into this realm, PSI Pay in conjunction with K-wearables, have provided a contactless payment ring that enables individuals to conduct minor transactions.


Fintech in relation to PSI Pay has continually tried to improve the sector. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) used in data mining and data analysis, has made it possible to analyze patterns of customers, their payment plans, potential risks and investments opportunities hence providing a safer, fast and convenient payments plans. Through machine learning, unsafe transactions can be detected and canceled immediately saving client resources and time.


Phil Davies, the Managing Director of PSI Pay, has positively revolutionized the company as he stated in an interview with Lynn Fosse, the senior editor of CEO CFO magazine. When he settled as the MD of the company, his first task was to renovate, motivate and energize his workforce. Next, he streamlined the services of the company and made its clients have a new perspective on it. By this, he confidently assured the editor that the company has experience and remarkable growth plan. He also stated that his previous career taught him not to depend on luck and have a focus. He also said that by analyzing the problem at hand keenly, it enables one to avoid addressing the wrong issue.


A New Horizon in Banking

The CEO of Nexbank has just paneled the 2016 Texas Bankers’ Annual Conference. He proudly endorsed his company there as well. Nexbank has worked with the following:

  • Capital One
  • ZB or Zions Bank
  • National Bank of Texas
  • BOKF
  • Woodforest National Bank
  • Commercia Bank
  • Compass Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Regions Bank
  • The American National Bank of Texas
  • Frost Bank
  • Prosperity Bank
  • Plains National Bank

Next bank is also been no monitor verified as of July 18, 2017 as a copyright company with all rights reserved. Therefore, products and services may continually change without further notice. You may view the product or services tabs for more information. Nexbank offers personal banking, online banking and CDs. You may contact the business online by or by phone.

For personal checking, savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, business checking, mortgage loans, business loans, consumer loans or anything in between, Nexbank is the provider of choice. A security code is required to fill out all personal information; acknowledge that you’re willing to undergo background and security checks when applying for certain products. Find out more at

Nexbank thanks James Dondero, chairman, co founder, and President within Highland Capital LP, who is likewise one of Nexbank’s directors and brings multiple management and leadership experiences to the table – as well as untying commitments to the company’s overall success. He stands with the Board of Directors and executive management team of Nexbank as well.

You may also view the company profile by quarterly profits online. You may see the first quarter 2017, along with all four quarters going back to 2012. Nexbank’s media center allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements by press releases, feature articles announcements and much more. You may likewise apply for a career with Nexbank online.


Financial Management and Philanthropic Acts Associated With Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has been developing its financial base by developing financial structures to enable it to compete favorably. This has been the driving force towards ensuring it provides the best financial investment and management practices to its clients. Many companies have benefited from the financial advice they have received from the firm in the past few years. For instance, in 2016 the firm was tasked with the responsibility of advising ARES Security Corporation on the best financial partner when it was under financial difficulties. During the recapitalization process, Madison Street Capital engaged the services of a renowned equity firm Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The firm provided the best financial advice throughout the recapitalization process in 2016 that became successful according to chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway. He attributes the success of the company from the cordial working relationship that brought the interest of the two companies to a common goal. ARES Security Corporation is an established company that provides technological solutions to critical areas across the world. As such, it was a very good gesture to undertake the process of providing equity to the company according to its president Ben Eazzetta. Such initiatives have been channeled towards increasing the Madison Street Capital reputation to the next level.


Madison Street Capital is an established investment firm with interest in different financial management and hedge funds. The company has been in the limelight because of the role it has taken in transforming small business enterprises into leading venture. As such, the firm has taken credit in the provision of professional services owing to the expertise depicted by the employees. In 2015, the firm realized an increased number of hedge fund deals which closed at 42 exceeding the 32 deals closed in 2014. This was attributed to the increase in market performance with the increase in asset prices. The increase is also attributed to institutional investment in the hedge fund with the aim of increasing profit output from the properties acquired or leased. As such, the hedge fund has taken a new dimension in ensuring corporate organizations remain afloat in profit realization.


Madison Street Capital is also involved in philanthropic acts and humanitarian assistance across the world. The company partners with humanitarian firms to provide assistance in war-torn and disaster-stricken regions. As such, it has partnered with The United Ways in helping victims affected by different types of disasters in Alabama, Kansas, Georgia, south and North Carolina.



What Entails Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is part of the bigger normal banking industry. It specializes in assisting and helping companies, individuals and corporations acquire financial capital. In addition to this, investment banking involves mergers and acquisitions, trade and issuing of financial securities, underwriting debts and provision of advisory services on issuance of stock. Investment banking is one of the booming business ventures if one has the correct expertise and knowledge.

Investment bankers are key professionals in any investment bank. This is because, they have the necessary expertise to handle complex financial transactions that involve a lot of finances, they assist banks in coming up with deals that are best suited for their clients. Hedge Funds are major clients of investment banks since they deal with huge amounts of finances. Investment banks are the pass throughs when companies are issuing new stock and bonds into the market. They will help in connecting any investor with the particular company and help both parties come up with a win-win deal.

This can be made possible if an investment bank has good analysts who are able to predict the performance of stocks and shares.

Lustgarten is an investment banking firm based in Miami, Florida and carries out its operations in Florida and the United States. Lustgarten’s CEO and founder is Martin Lustgarten. During his career, he has managed to handle and facilitate some of the best deals in Florida. He has made Lustgarten to be a well-known investment bank with a wide pool of clients. He is very friendly towards his clients and he always seeks to offer the best whenever he is approached. This has led to him described as among the best investment bankers.

Martin enjoys collecting vintage trophies which he occasionally does during his free time. He is also described as a vintage watch trader. He is a philanthropist and he gives his support to charity initiatives through GoFundMe. Martin is active on social media which he seeks to update as many times as he can.