Waiakea Water Updates Their Bottles

The Waiakea Water bottle company was founded in 2012 and produces Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the first of its kind. The water has a natural pH of 8.8, as well as natural electrolytes and minerals. The company strives to be the most pure, ethical, and even charitable water bottle producer around. The company actually donates a weeks worth of water bottles to people in need, for every 1 liter of water bottles that they sell. With the superior effort they have shown, the company has received a number of awards and significant recognition, such as being in Forbes magazine and on Good Morning America.

Recently, the company made a very outstanding accomplishment. They have officially created a water bottle that degrades in the environment 97 percent faster than traditional water bottles. This material was formed by re-creating the bonds found in the plastic material. The bonds are now less strong, and therefore make the product much easier to degrade. Unlike the traditional bottles which take around 1,500 years to degrade, the new bottles form the Waiakea Water company only take around 15 years to fully degrade. That number is quite a bit easier to cope with, and makes the issue of water bottles ruining the environment much less of an problem. Additional to the release of the degradable bottle, the company also will become the first to create a water bottle using only recycled plastic. This bottle will be made form 100% recycled plastic with no additives. Five years and over a thousand trials took place before these amazing accomplishments were completed. CEO and founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, expressed his desire for the change that he has put forth- to further inspire other companies to use similar technology, thus making the environment safer from plastic waste. The accomplishments and hard work shown by this company have paid off- earning them a spot on “Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in America.” Waiakea Water bottle company has represented excellence in the way they operate and produce water bottles, and will be an inspiration for many upcoming entrepreneurs.