How Serge Belamant is Redefining the Use of Blockchain in Financial World

Pundits refer blockchain technology the same as what the Internet was in 1980s. This professional opinion is pegged on the potential the new technology has in the future of almost every economic niche. Serge Belamant has been one of the business professionals that, apart from believing blockchain is the future, they have been part of the creating and redesigning it to match the current needs. Through Net1 Technologies, he has been part of the history in ensuring that common challenges in the alternative markets are amicably solved. The most iconic advancement of this company is their solution to the common problem in share sales where cash flow is an issue. Through a modified form of the blockchain, the company through Serge Belamant has solved this common issue.

More recently, the company has been working on UEPS. These types of cards according to Serge Belamant will revolutionize how the common consumer perceives their use of debit card. These types of cards according to him will reduce all the bureaucracy that is always part of debit cards transactions without necessarily compromising the consumer’s security. Belamant points out that security and efficiency are always the main drivers of their version of blockchain technology. The ability to give clients unmatched services, at lower transaction costs is one of this strongest believes of what blockchain is meant to be.

Serge Belamant has always challenged the status quo in this particular business professional world. One of his earliest defiance to the status quo was when he decided to abandon an engineering course to pursue the then less lucrative computer science. This direction, fortunately, put him in a professional direction when he is now solving operational problems in the banking sector by the use of technology. It was also in the school setting where Belamant started playing chess and therefore sharpened his strategic skills. The time he spent playing rugby also shaped his approach of strategy and strength without losing his ability to compete.In addition to being part of the technological revolution, Serge Belamant is a strong believer that any inventor has a right to protection. The right to protection from unseen circumstances will redefine the future of invention.

Steve Richie: Moving Forward

Big changes have occurred at Papa John’s Pizza, most notably the appointment of a new CEO. Papa John’s will now be under the leadership of, Steve Richie, a long time employee of the company and a proven leader. Steve Richie first joined the company in 1996 as an hourly wage customer service representative, later, Richie would find himself owning and operating his own Papa John’s franchise which would see him actually delivering his own pizzas. The board noticed Richie’s hard work ethics and integrity leading him to climb the ladder of success and eventually become the president of the company.

Steve Richie’s first order of business is something that not many CEO’s have to do, however, Steve deemed it necessary for his words to be his own. In fact, prior to his letter, a generic version was sent out, however, Steve hated it, it showed no empathy or call to action anywhere in the letter. The new version of the apology letter written by Steve Richie himself to customers denounces any offensive words that might have come from a person in the company. He is quick to remind customers that Papa John’s is not one individual, but a collection of employee’s and staff all across the country and some who may even be part of their own community. Steve would acknowledge that words are simply not enough in this matter, action must be taken and it will begin by hiring a team of experts to audit the company’s culture in order to find it’s weaknesses and strengths. In addition, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has promised to have his team including himself travel across the country to better understand the different viewpoints of employees and customers alike. This letter and call to action by Steve have been a glimpse of the bright future that Papa John’s is sure to see again.

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How The DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Started His Career

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the global property development company DAMAC. The DAMAC Owner has been listen a number of times among the top 100 most influential Arabs as a result of his success with DAMAC Properties and other businesses. His company has been ranked by Forbes in 2017 as the number one fastest growing global company, part of the publication’s Global 2000 list. In addition, Forbes ranked Hussain Sajwani as the 4th richest Arab in the world, having a net worth of $4.1 billion.

Despite the fact that he is associated with DAMAC, the company is not Sajwani’s first success as an entrepreneur. He helped his family business while he was still in school, an experience that he stated was crucial for him. He studied in the United States after becoming one of the first students to obtain a government scholarship and sold timeshare apartments during his studies in the country. He studied Economics and Industrial Engineering, graduating from the University of Washington.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani worked for 2 years in the finance department of a big company, being directly involved in processing payment for contracts. In 1982 he opened a catering business, a venture that became a market leader, serving more than 150,000 meals every day while managing over 200 projects. Despite the success of his business, he saw opportunity in the real estate market and decided to be a part of it.

He started developing small hotels and ended up being part of bigger projects down the line, such as developing towers in important areas of Dubai. As UAE opened up the market in early 2000s, he seized the opportunity and thus DAMAC was created. His company grew and is no longer limited just to Dubai. Nowadays, they are a part of other countries in the Middle East, and the United Kingdom as well.

DAMAC’s development portfolio includes more than 44,000 units and 17,900 homes. The DAMAC owner stated that the company reached a size and a level of maturity which enables it to expand beyond the region, pointing out that they delivered more than 20,000 homes, an achievement which only a handful of Middle East developers have.

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The Success Of Dr. Carlos As An Entrepreneur

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade born in the capital State of Paraíba, Joao Pessoa in Brazil, is a medical doctor who became a respected physician throughout both the North and Northeast of Brazil when he was still practicing medicine. About 4 decades ago, his career veered towards a Brazilian distributor and carmaker – CAOA. Currently, he is the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

Back in 1979, the respected doctors became an entrepreneur, when he purchased a Ford Landau. Before the car could even be delivered to Dr. Carlos, the dealership declared bankruptcy, but the doctor seized the opportunity and proposed that the dealership get passed to him in order to compensate for the pre-payment made for the Ford Landau. The two entities ended up striking a deal and thus CAOA was created. Dr. Carlos became an entrepreneur and managed to turn his new company into the largest Ford dealership in the country in less than 6 years.

In 2007, as a result of a partnership between his company and Hyundai, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade managed to build an auto manufacturer. He ended up spending $600 million of his money and created CAOA Automobile S/A, located in the State of Goiás, which is the first Hyundai factory in the nation. Dr. Carlos picked Goiás to be the factory’s headquarters as the state is located on the map both for distributions of vehicle in the country and its neighbors and for development of a large supply chain. His work towards building his own factory earned Dr. Carlos the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry”, given in 2007 by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine.

Besides his Entrepreneur of the Year award, he and his company earned various achievements throughout the years. In 2010, his company was titled “Good doer Company” by IstoÉ Dinheiro, as a result of the company’s plan to reuse waste from vehicle production and also to participate in the reforestation of Brazil’s Midwest. In 2012, he earned the “Distributor of the Year” award given by the parent company of Hyundai, making him the first distributor located outside of Europe to receive the award.

Media Expert Victoria Doramus Shares Her Favorite Tech

Victoria Doramus has been a professional in the media industry for several years. She is highly skilled at both digital and print media as well as communication, advertising, branding, and being a consumer brand trend analyst. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism and mass communication by attending the Denver campus of the University of Colorado.

One of the companies Victoria Doramus has worked for is Trendera. In her position with this company, she focused on branding and advertising. She has filled similar roles with other media firms as well including Mindshare and Creative Arts Agency. She also once worked for Stila Cosmetics. Peter Berg is a film director and producer. She once worked for him as his personal assistant, taking care of many things in his personal life so that he could focus on his career.

Victoria Doramus is also very dedicated to doing charity work. She volunteers a great deal of time to four nonprofits which are Room to Read, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, and the Women’s Prison Foundation. She says she feels very grateful to be able to help women, children, and pets. She is passionate about doing her part to keep younger people away from drugs at The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

She is very much into tech devices, as many people are nowadays. While she used to use a laptop throughout the day Victoria Doramus says that now she completes tasks using her iPhone X. She stays highly productive by using mobile apps with her favorite ones being Cavier, Postmates, and Pink Cloud. She also uses a number of nutritional and exercise apps so that she can live a healthy lifestyle. She owns an Apple Watch and uses it to keep track of how many daily steps she takes, her heart rate, sleep cycle, and other data.

She is old school when it comes to her to-do list, though. Victoria Doramus says she needs to physically write down her tasks because this is the way that ensures she will follow through on them. She really enjoys crossing things off because it makes her feel more productive and like she is getting things done. Follow Victoria on Facebook.

Guilherme Paulus Over 35 Years In Tourism Industry

Founded in 1972, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. has grown to become one of the largest tourism firms in the world. With locations in 23 Brazilian states and international countries, including France, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

CVC Brasil’s leader and its co-founder Guilherme Paulus is considered one of the most liked and respected businessmen in Brazil and has lead the firm since 1974 after his co-founder Carlos Vicente Cerchiari sold his ownership. The business graduate interned at IBM before he was the age of 20 before entering the tourism industry.

Today, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A has over 3200 employees with operations that interact with over 1000 suppliers. An international firm with operations in Brazil, France, Argentina, Chile and Uraguay, Guilherme Paulus has increased the standards of living for many Brazilians, a fact recognized in 2017 when he was the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the year by Money magazine. Four years prior to being recognized by Money Magazine, Paulus joined Forbes list of billionaires.

Back in 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts. After investing nearly $600 million in building new hotels and was able to capitalize on the World Cup and Summer Olympics in 2014, and 2016 respectively. Today GJP Hotels and Resorts, known also as the GJP Group Is comprised the three major hotel chains, the three-star Lynix Hotel Group, the four-star Prodigy Hotel Group and the five-star Wish Hotel Group. The GJP Hotel Group employees 1.9 thousand Brazilians.

Guilherme Paulus would eventually sell the majority of his share of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A for about $750 million. Mr. Paulus still owns 8% of the company he co-founded back in 1972. Mr. Guilherme Paulus has been a member of the National Tourism of Council for more than 15 years named by the Republic’s president.

A Look Into How Guilherme Paulus Established His First Business

Since 1972 Guilherme Paulus has been an entrepreneur working out of Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. He started out in the tourism industry and after building the most influential firm in that industry in South America he started a chain of hotels.

His first company was CVC Tours which he started with the idea of providing a way for foreigners to travel around Brazil in a worry-free way. His chain of hotels is called GJP Hotels & Resorts.

When he first started out his career Guilherme Paulus started out as an intern at IBM. He decided that career wasn’t for him and started looking around for something else to do. He met one of Brazil’s state deputy’s, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, during a trip and they talked about opening a tourist agency. He says that he didn’t have any money to invest in this venture but Cerchiari did. Their first location was right next to the exit of a movie theater which is where most of the foot traffic came from. He says that he and Cerchiari were partners for four years after which time he was on his own.

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Guilherme Paulus says that he tells people who want to become entrepreneurs like him that they need to be passionate about what they do. This is necessary if they want to turn their dream into a reality. He says they also need to pay attention to changing consumer tastes and behaviors so that they can react to new trends. He says that too many business owners don’t do this and this results in their company being passed by its competitors and ultimately collapsing.

He has used his success in business to help others. Guilherme Paulus says that social accountability is a very important concept to him. He has helped out a number of nonprofits such as the PIET project. This project, which is located in Foz do Iguacu, is providing an education to young people who want to work in the tourism industry. Other nonprofits he has supported over the years are the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism and the Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution.

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Mike Baur On Sharing Business Ideas

Mike Baur is the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, a company that helps out young people who are trying to start successful businesses.


He was interviewed by Red Bull, a German newspaper online. He was asked during the interview whether he thinks that it is a good idea to share your business ideas with others. After all, perhaps you should try to protect your business ideas and keep them a secret. This way, you do not have to worry about someone else stealing your idea and starting a business in the same field.


Mike Baur answered that you should always share your business ideas. He stressed the word always. There are many reasons for this, besides that you want to be someone with a good character and who wants to inspire others. He said that if you are able to share your ideas with others, you will be able to get feedback from them. Someone else will be able to tell you what their own perspective of the idea is. You may have missed something that could change the entire business plan you had in your mind. It may be something that you missed that would ruin your business plan. It may also be something that you missed that would have been able to double your profits. You do not know. Therefore, always share your ideas with other people. Another reason why you should share your ideas is that you may inspire other people and get them to be passionate about your business idea. Do not be cynical and think they will try to compete with you. You can get them on your team instead. They will be able to work with you and help you succeed. Do not underestimate the value of a team. Teamwork is great because two people can get more done than one person. There is another benefit, and that is the value of networking. Networking and having a wider network is always beneficial.


Mike Baur added that if you start a business, you will fall at some point or another. That is good. If you fail, you learn something and you are able to do something that is much better than what you did before. You have to analyze your mistakes and get ahead by changing things the next time that you try to build a business.


Sham Adramngi’s contribution to the world of investments

Ask anyone who has achieved financial freedom, none of them achieved it through employment. They did it through investment. Some business teachers refer to it as letting your money work for you. Since many who are employed desire this, they try investing in one company after the other. Some become successful and rich in no time while others fail terribly.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is in the information they receive. In order to decide which company to invest in, an investor needs to have information about the company. For instance, what is their financial strategy? What are their fundamentals? What is their payment strategy?

Some companies intentionally deceive investors by feeding them wrong information. Instead of giving potential investors information on how they will profit from their investment, they hype the profits investors will be able to gain from the investment. This is misleading. If the company does not have good strategies, the investment will not be profitable in the long run.

Sahm Adrangi is an investment manager who focuses on fundamentally oriented investments. He is the founder of Karissdale capital, an investment firm based in New York. Kerrisdale focuses on long term investments and event driven situations. They also share investment insights with their clients through their website. As of December 31 2008, Kerisdale manages assets worth over 1.2 billion US dollars.

Mr Sahm Adrangi is known to publish negative reports on companies that over hype their investments. Every time he declares his short stand on a company and its price falls, his company stands to gain. His main aim in doing this is to save the investor from losing money in the long run. The negative report he gave on Kodak at the beginning of the year for instance, explained the flaws in the information given to investors. Since the company lacked good fundamentals, those who invested would suffer loss in the end. Recently, Mr Sahm Adrangi issued a negative report concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

In issuing negative reports on companies that overhype their stocks, Sahm Adrangi has been a great help in streamlining the investment industry. Companies and stock brokers now have to be keen on the information they give their potential investors. Other that just talking about the money investors may make, they have to take care of how the investors will benefit in the long run.

How Louis R. Chênevert Became A Catalyst For Change At UTC

Louis R. Chênevert will never forget the worst job he ever had. That job, a line supervisor in a General Motors assembly plant, was the foundation of what would become an impressive career.

Louis Chênevert spent 14 years climbing the ranks at GM. Chênevert was also the President of aerospace company Pratt and Whitney for nearly seven years, but he’s best known for being the driving force behind United Technologies Corporation.

United Technologies Corporation(UTC) specializes in the research, development and production of everything from aerospace technologies and aircraft engines to escalators and fire systems. The Connecticut company also handles several government contracts.

Chênevert credits his success in part to his razor-sharp focus and ability to think outside the box. Louis Chênevert has also demonstrated exceptional foresight throughout his career. While acting as President of Pratt and Whitney, a subsidiary of UTC, Chênevert recognized the potential of the GTF jet engine. His success at Pratt and Whitney earned him the President and CEO position at UTC, and he pushed for further research and development of the GTF engine. Because of his passion and perseverance, the GTF engine eventually changed the way the industry looked at jet engines.

The GTF engine wasn’t the only game-changing development attributed to Louis Chênevert. Chênevert also oversaw the acquisition of the Goodrich Corporation. In an $18 billion deal, UTC purchased the aerospace manufacturing company, allowing UTC to significantly reduce production costs and evolve into a multinational conglomerate known as UTC Aerospace Systems.

While Chênevert no longer acts as President and CEO of UTC, he still finds the rapid rate of growth in technology exciting. He advises young entrepreneurs to surround themselves with the right people and to put the main focus on the customer.

Louis R. Chênevert is now semi-retired but has remained active in the business world as the Senior Industry Advisor of Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, a member of Board of Directors of Cargill, Chairman of Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. The Canadian born businessman is proud to have been inducted into the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.