Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Ranks Highest in Communication Products

Talk Fusion recently won the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award for their Video Chat product. This prestigious award is given to those companies who have shown that they have what it takes to make a difference in the world of technology. Talk Fusion has worked hard over the years to perfect this product to be what it is today. Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has always said that the harder you work, the greater your responsibilities become. He is always striving to give back to others, which is why he has come up with a communication product that has changed people’s view on how to communicate with others. By winning this award, Talk Fusion Associates can celebrate the victory that worked so hard to achieve.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat won this award just after one month of it launching. With this communication solution, Video Chat allows users to communicate face-to-face more effectively with anyone at anytime around the world. What is also great is that Talk Fusion’s products are user-friendly and are compatible on all mobile devices. This is wonderful as you do not have to be restricted to using a computer.

Bob Reina is proud of his IT team as they have worked so hard on making this the best communication product out on the market today. Soon, Talk Fusion will begin to launch 30-day free trials where users will have full access to all of what Talk Fusion has to offer and see if their products are a right fit for you and your business (

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution. Besides Video Chat, they also offer products such as Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings. These products are guaranteed to help make your business stand out from others and help get you noticed. These products are great for spreading your message to those around the world about upcoming charity events, adoption events, promotions and sales, and even business meetings. Whatever you need, Talk Fusion is there to lend a helping hand to help grow your business and help you live out your dreams.

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I Have Used Eric Pulier’s Innovations Since They First Appeared

The first appearance of enterprise cell phone and computer systems occurred during the Clinton administration, and I read about it when seeing that Eric Pulier was named to the Y2K transition committee. I did not envy him at all, but I was quite pleased to find his enterprise technology. Our company was one of the first in our industry to implement the technology, and we ensured that everyone at our company was connected. This article explains how I have followed Eric’s career with great interest since the beginning.

#1: I Remember His First Enterprise System

I remember the first enterprise system we installed, and I was pleased to see something that seamlessly integrated something that was once expensive and difficult to manage. I hired several people to watch over our company’s communications, and we were drowning before Eric came along. We have upgraded with every new improvement, and I could not be more grateful.

#2: Eric Moved On

I have to admit I was impressed with Eric moved into entrepreneurship, consultancy and advocacy. I have seen reports of the X Prize committee where Eric serves, and I am quite impressed with the technology he oversees at every meeting. I once saw that he asks every presenter to explain a real-life application for their work, and he runs a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs get their ideas to market quickly.

#3: Beginning By Helping Kids

I read long ago that Eric started out in technology as an advocate for children with disabilities. Our family has been blessed with good health, but it warmed my heart to see devices helping children instead of businesses. We will make money every day, but I enjoy seeing children learning no matter what their shortcomings are.

Following Eric’s career was a wise choice on my part. I am learning every day from a man I have never met about expanding my career far beyond the singular point where I started.

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John Goullet Leading innovative Staffing Solutions for the IT Industry Through Diversant LLC

John Goullet is currently the principal of Diversant LLC. This is after merging his Info Technologies Company with Gene’s, Diversant Inc. Before merging the two companies, Goullet was the CEO of Info Technologies which was one of the leading IT companies in the country.

Before switching to an IT staffing career, he worked as an IT consultant for various companies. This was shortly after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Ursinus University in the year 1983. Later on, he went ahead to gain his master’s degree in Computer Science from the same university.

Diversant LLC is one of the top-rated minority owned businesses. It is known to be the biggest IT company in the United States that is owned by an African American. The company was founded in the year 2010 and has since then been rising to new heights of success.

The Diversant Group provides IT staffing solutions in a number of ways including staff augmentation and direct hire. The company helps their clients tap the best talent in the market. The same goes for applicants. They help IT employees land the best jobs in the industry. This is by creating innovative recruitment strategies, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction is achieved on both ends.

There are three major founding principles that are attributed to the massive success that Divergent has gained over a short while. First, the company strongly believes and upholds teamwork. The company uses a team approach to achieve success for their clients. Secondly, they greatly value their customers. Hence, every product or service is provided with the aim of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. This can be seen through their effort to maintain an excellent customer support system. Lastly, is diversity. Diversant, as the name states, is built on diversity. Through diversification of everything, including techniques, products and experiences, the company is able to reach a wider market. therefore, the company designs their products and services to match the different requirements of different market niches.

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James Dondero’s Method For Maximizing Charitable Giving

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management are a formidable financial institution in Dallas, Texas, and the firm has a sizable amount of money set aside every year for giving. Giving money away is not an act that should be taken lightly, and James Dondero has chosen to partner with a civic leader in Dallas by the name of Linda Owen. This article explains how Linda provides the finest giving advice to large donors such as James and HCM.

#1: Where Is Giving Best Offered?

Giving may be done in a number of ways, but the majority of large donors write single checks to charities. The charities are often selected due to a personal connection with the donors, but donors are not often involved in the charity scene. Linda is a member of the charity circuit where she has come to know quite a few people. Her extensive knowledge of the Dallas area leaves her uniquely-qualified to assist James and HCM.

#2: Targeted Giving Through HCM

The accounts used for charitable giving at HCM has projections that are met every year, and HCM may share predictions with Linda before offering any money. Linda will look around to find the best opportunity to reach the largest amount of people, and she will direct HCM to give in those areas. More citizens in Dallas are touched by the money in this way, and James need not spend all his time searching for better methods of offering cash donations.

The connection between Linda, James and the city of Dallas is quite real, and the three of them together may offer the greatest hope for people in dire need. Everyone who gives with the direction of Linda Owen is far more likely to reach the people who need it the most, and James’ partnership with Linda proves he takes giving seriously.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Data Featured Online With Interesting Details


There is numerous online data about famed Coriant CEO Shaygan Kheradpir. In fact, Kheradpir is one of the trending business and technology executives credited with being bullish when it comes to delivering new technology products on schedule. The executive holds a doctoral Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University; while also completing both a bachelor’s and master’s in engineering specialties that focus on today’s digital communications industry. Thus, it is no surprise that Kheradpir once served as president of Verizon’s e-business division.

Shaygan Kheradpir viewed as a tech pioneer

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of London born engineer Shaygan Kheradpir, Verizon’s FiOS fiber optic video and related DVR technology was created by this Kheradpir’s team; while other Verizon’s other core technology systems are also credited to this visionary. For instance, there are glowing testimonials about Kheradpir’s work online at the Forbes magazine website, on Twitter and numerous other technology sites. At the same time, the Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and GTE web pages also highlight the ground-breaking electrical engineering work of Kheradpir’s as a standout when it comes to various information technology software and hardware breakthroughs.

Kheradpir, 55, is also featured on his own website that presents this tech genius as currently a “business and technology executive” who continues to contribute his ideas for information technology product development. His famed cost-cutting initiatives are legend in various electrical engineering circles because Kheradpir “is a respect technology visionary,” state technology blogs that focus on network routing and communications management efforts put forth and even created by Kheradpir during his career as one of the world’s most respected technology innovators.

Praise for Kheradpir focuses on pushing new technologies

There are many interesting stories about Kheradpir online. For example, there are several websites touting how Kheradpir’s life in technology has the makings for a great book or even a movie about how this computer engineer developed such keen a entrepreneurial “genius” for what has become standard communication engineering protocols for many of today’s top information technology programs.

Overall, there are many high tech systems engineered by Shaygan Kheradpir that have literally changed the way people worldwide communicate online.


Women Only Ride Shares Discriminate?

The news is filled with stories about women that take those share rides alone and end up being assaulted by the male driver. More women than you might imagine are very hesitant to take those share ride, especially at night. A former Uber driver and his wife decided to start a women only share ride company. Their desire to start this type of business directed at women only created a lot of discussion about discrimination against men. The former Uber driver, and his wife believe that their idea is perfectly legal. However, they are delaying plans to start the business, until they work out a few problems with an app.

High Demands
Michael Pelletz, is the name of the former Uber driver with big plans to start a ride share company that is directed at women. The idea is to provide a safe ride and environment for women that want to share rides. He states that the app created to handle the ride share program for his company is not able to handle the high demand. They are currently working with the app, making sure it meets the demands. He believes that he is meeting a need and protecting fundamental rights of the individual. A few other people across the country have also attempted to start women only ride shares like Uber. However, they have delayed plans because of legal complications. Some activists believe that they are discriminating. However, others say that it is a service that is needed and is a way to create peace of mind for women and their families.

Ross Abelow
Ross Abelow is a lawyer that resides in New York City. Ross Abelow is the one that people all over the city contact to handle their cases. They know that he is the legal professional with the experience, skill, and knowledge to win their case. Abelow specializes in several areas. They include matrimonial law, commercial law, family law, and litigation law.

Ross Abelow attended NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Clients are assured that their lawyer has the best of education and training to pursue their cases for them. Ross Abelow is the lawyer to contact to handle any case that involves matrimonial, commercial, family, or litigation law in the city. On another note, Ross Abelow is a person that believes in giving back to the community. He is known for supporting various causes that pursue the social good.

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Giving All To a Particular Course

The best thing you can ever give any start- up individual on any particular field is information, motivation and inspiration. This is what great entrepreneurs offer given the portfolio that Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio has offered them. In a recent interview, Autism Rocks and Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah shares with Radio host Eric Dye on her entrepreneurial success.

He is a philanthropist and a great entrepreneur. He is an addict, addicted to pursuing opportunities in areas of entrepreneurship, accounting and philanthropy. He owns other companies in The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Malta, and the Cayman Islands and in Luxembourg.

However, he did not begin his career in the financial and investment industry. His journey started with studying medicine from where he shifted into accounting; working with numerous investment banks amongst which are Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse, after which he started his own brokerage firm- Solo Capital. He is also a trustee with Autism Research Trust that offers contributions to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre where he is entrusted with the docket of Director.

Humanity matters because it transcends what we choose to do and highlights what we ineluctably are. Shah chooses responsibility and service to humanity and he believes that there is nothing as satisfying as giving all to the service of mankind.

Autism Rocks is a charity organisation from where autism research gets its funding. The funding is also meant to create and develop awareness for the life- changing neurological disorder. Researchers are opening more doors to understanding the disorder. The creation of this organisation was however inspired by the realization that Shah’s child was diagnosed with the neurological condition. Coupled with his belief that everybody deserves access to better healthcare, this great organisation was born.

Solo capital came prior to the founding of Autism Rocks. It is a brokerage company based in London, England and is regulated in the United Kingdom. It is an active organisation with currently three directors. The company specialises in professional sport investments, consulting and in proprietary trading. It is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. It is therefore a financial services company.

Sam Tabar Joins New Energy Fund

Sam Tabar is a successful attorney and businessman with more than 15 years of professional experience. Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University in 2001 and then immediately went to Columbia Law School, where he was the associate editor for the Columbia Business Law School’s editorial.

Once he finished law school at Columbia, Tabar had a number of different employment options to choose from. In his first role after law school, he accepted a position as an associated at a prominent law firm that focused on providing services to hedge fund and private equity funds. He was heavily involved in the formation and structuring of new funds, creating legal management agreements, and providing consultation to clients.

After getting a few years of experience, Tabar moved on to PMA Investment Advisors where he initially was internal counsel. He later became the head of business development where he helped to establish a $2 billion hedge fund. After spending seven years at PMA Investment Advisors, he took a position working for Bank of American Merrill Lynch. While at Bank of America, he was the head of capital strategy for the company’s Asian region. He provided a number of different legal and consultation services while also providing Bank of America with access to a meaningful amount of contacts in the industry.

Tabar ended up reentering the law world when he jointed a major law firm as a senior associate. While at his new law firm, he provided hedge funds with a variety of consulting and formation legal advise. After a short period of time, he was given another opportunity in the business world when he was hired as the Chief Operating Officer for a new energy fund.