OG Juan- The Bro Talk

OG Juan Perez is worldly recognized as an icon in the music industry. He is the president of the label record Roc Nation. OG Juan and Jay Z are exceptional friends, and they go way back to 1996 when they met. Jay z was still new in the music industry, and OG Juan played a significant role in the success that he has become a hip-hop icon. They are also great family friends and on certain occasions have been spotted together. OG Juan recently turned 50 and to celebrate his birthday Jay Z threw him an extravagant party celebration where they spent loads of money. The total amount for the birthday celebrations amounted to $113000.

The party consisted of Jay Z, his wife, OG Juan Perez, and his wife along with some close friends and executives of Roc Nation. The celebrations began at a top-notch restaurant named Zuma located in Midtown where they spent $13000 on food. They were treated to a spread of lobster, steak, and sushi. The group then moved on to a famous restaurant and nightclub spot located in Inwood called Made in Mexico. Here, they spent close to $9000 on drinks specifically D’USSE Cognac which is a brand that Jay z is a partial owner of.

The party soared at around midnight when the group moved on to Playroom Nightclub. They spent $91000 on drinks, however, after the first round, the group split. The remaining masquerade consisted of Jay Z, OG Juan Perez, and his wife and four other friends. They partied on well into the night and ordered lots of Ace of Spades which is also a brand that Jay Z owns. This was a smart move, as the family was splurging money on family-owned businesses, therefore, keeping it in the family.

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