Hussain Sajwani the “One Million Arab Coders” Initiative Supporter and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was born in 1952 in the Emirates. He is a billionaire who ventures in property development. In 2017, Forbes ranked DAMAC Properties as number one out of 2000 companies. The fastest growing companies globally are featured on the list, and it is from the revenue growth rate between 2013 and 2016. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani studied and graduated from the University of Washington (UW). Hussain Sajwain began his career in GASCO as a manager overseeing contracts. He worked for a few years and started his business in 1982. The business was a catering venture targeting customers from the US military. The company is still operational to date and operates by the name Global Logistics Services.

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. He is the chairman and a significant shareholder of the company. DAMAC Properties provides luxury experiences in the real estate business. The company offers high-end luxury projects that compete with other companies venturing in the same industry.

DAMAC Properties has managed to grow and become one of the best in the luxury property development business. Most of the company’s projects have been adopted in the GCC, The United Kingdom, and the broader Middle East. The company has a passion for high quality and eye-catching designs. DAAC Properties has built a reputation for designing iconic properties in the Middle East.

The “One Million Arab Coders” Initiative

In 2017, The DAMAC Foundation, sponsored by Hussain Sajawani aims at empowering people in the Arab region through supporting the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative. The programme is an education initiative with the aim to empower more than 1 million Arabs by equipping them with technical skills and expertise that prepares them for the future technological advancement. Software development is one of the free training offered through the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative.

Nine Elms Property Limited is Part of DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC owner through his company got into a joint venture with Dubai Co PJSC, and they came up with Elms Property Limited. DAMAC Properties owns 80% of the company. Elms Property Limited has ventured into London and is set to establish itself in the United Kingdom.

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Robert Ivy: An Award for a Wonderful Reputation

Robert Ivy is the outspoken chief executive officer and executive vice president at the American Institute of Architects. His career history dates 1996 as the year he became the editor in chief of the renowned Architectural Record. Ivy worked hard in this unique division to see that it becomes a great and influential architectural journal of all time. Later on, Robert Ivy was the editorial director and vice president of the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Between the year 1981 and 1996, Robert Ivy served as the principal at the Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy. He was also actively involved is a critic for a number of the national publications. While at his editorial position, Ivy enabled the Architectural Record to gain great publishing honors in the industry. These included various awards like the premier magazine journalism award among many others. Following his wonderful successes and accomplishments, Robert Ivy was voted as a Master Architect. Alpha Rho Chi named him to recognize him for the effective communication and valuable design embraced. Learn more about Robert Ivy on Steel Institue of New York

It is not enough to allow the great accomplishments of Robert Ivy pass without recognizing. That is why he is set to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy is a committed and dedicated art patron and artist in Mississippi. He will be the first of the kind to receive such an award in Mississippi. Among the people that gave comments includes the President of AIA, Carl Elephant. Carl emphasized that Robert deserved the honor due to his loyalty in his profession. An award that will greatly mark and crown Robert over his both professional and personal achievement as a person hailing from Mississippi. Carl congratulated Robert for the wonderful pursuit and success. Robert set a good and remarkable pace for the future generation.

Robert has won various awards and accolades over the time. This includes the Master Architect award that was a crown from the national architecture industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be another award that will crown him for his wonderful services and excellence. Robert is set to share big awards with other top individuals. See more:


Succeeding Like Market America by Focusing on the Heart of Business

When people start a business, they have to figure out a lot of different aspects of the business. However, there is one aspect of business that Market America and other successful businesses focus on. It is the customer. Market America makes sure that they are serving the customer by doing more than providing them the best products. They also make sure that they are saving them money with all of the coupons and different programs. In this case, they are taking on two different aspects of business. This is one of the most innovative approaches of business. This is the difference between the success and failure of this unfranchise.

There are many ways to meet the needs of the customer. One of the ways is by making sure that the customer is aware of all of the features of a certain product. One thing that is important to a customer when he buys the product is that he knows what to expect from it. The description and the marketing of the product should leave very little room for surprises. Market America knows that even a pleasant surprise is not going to work well in its favor in some cases. Therefore, Market America makes it a point to be upfront about its products and services.

Another thing that Market America does that some other businesses don’t do is make sure that the customers are aware of every bit of important information. While many companies urge customers to read the fine print, they should know that not all customers are going to read the extra bit of information. Therefore, Market America goes out of the way to make sure that all of the important information about a promotion is on display for people to easily see so that they will not run into any surprises.

Susan McGalla Wants More Companies to Start Mentoring Program for Women

Susan McGalla is known to be one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the United States, and she has headed companies like Wet Seals and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. At the time when she was leading these companies, the revenue of these companies grew exponentially, and it also helped the people to understand the role of a woman in the corporate world.

There are many companies these days that are giving equal opportunity to women to earn better and higher roles in the executive position. Susan McGalla has studied marketing and business from the Mount Union College. Susan McGalla was always entrepreneurial in her nature, and her parents have always supported her ventures from the very early age. The fact that they never differentiated her from her brothers is what helped her believe truly that she can do anything that her male counterparts can do. She too wants people to support their spouses and their daughters to help them achieve whatever they want to without asking questions.

Susan McGalla said that the corporate world is changing drastically and the transformation that has happened in the last few years has made it possible for the women to bag executive roles in the companies. The companies these days should have mentoring and sponsorship programs for women as it would help guide them and give them the means to achieve their professional goals. These programs will help the company get the best people for their business and also make them quite popular with their customers.

Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA, or the American Institutes of Architects has just received the prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is an award given to Mississippi living artists and art patrons who contribute a lifelong achievement of high-quality art to the city and throughout the US, sometimes even worldwide. Ivy is one of just several who have received the award, other notable people who have received this great honor include Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, and Shelby Foote. Ivy stands out among the group as he is the first architect being honored by the award, setting a new standard for all architects out there.

Ivy’s experience and career as an architect, as well as a writer and commentator on the subject sets a blueprint for new and aspiring architects who want to one day become as successful as him. Many claim that it is about time Ivy received the award, as he has achieved above and beyond in architecture. AIA President Carl Elefante stated that no other architect from Mississippi can do what he does, in making architecture more easily “accessible for the general public.” In other words, Ivy sets out on a new architectural project or blue print with the public and people’s ease at mind. He wants to make architecture a tool for people to become easily accessible in their day to day lives, and to help them achieve a more convenient commute.

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Ivy received his higher education from a couple institutions. Firstly, he received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South, and later received Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. In addition, to add to his outstanding resume, Ivy was also a serviceman, prior to joining the architecture field, where he served as a United States Navy officer.

In addition to this prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Ivy was also recently awarded the title of having a profound effect in “communicating the value of design” to his peers by America’s architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.

In addition, to add to his impressive resume, Ivy also served as the former Editor-in-Chief of McGraw-Hill’s magazine/journal, Architectural Record . This was before Ivy joined the AIA in 2011, as its CEO and Executive Vice President. While Ivy served as the Editor-in-Chief for the journal, it was awarded a lot of awards, one which especially stands out is the title of: “the National Magazine Award for General Excellence.” Ivy is an outstanding architect, who stands with the people, and is rightfully being honored for it, with this award.

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Sham Adramngi’s contribution to the world of investments

Ask anyone who has achieved financial freedom, none of them achieved it through employment. They did it through investment. Some business teachers refer to it as letting your money work for you. Since many who are employed desire this, they try investing in one company after the other. Some become successful and rich in no time while others fail terribly.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is in the information they receive. In order to decide which company to invest in, an investor needs to have information about the company. For instance, what is their financial strategy? What are their fundamentals? What is their payment strategy?

Some companies intentionally deceive investors by feeding them wrong information. Instead of giving potential investors information on how they will profit from their investment, they hype the profits investors will be able to gain from the investment. This is misleading. If the company does not have good strategies, the investment will not be profitable in the long run.

Sahm Adrangi is an investment manager who focuses on fundamentally oriented investments. He is the founder of Karissdale capital, an investment firm based in New York. Kerrisdale focuses on long term investments and event driven situations. They also share investment insights with their clients through their website. As of December 31 2008, Kerisdale manages assets worth over 1.2 billion US dollars.

Mr Sahm Adrangi is known to publish negative reports on companies that over hype their investments. Every time he declares his short stand on a company and its price falls, his company stands to gain. His main aim in doing this is to save the investor from losing money in the long run. The negative report he gave on Kodak at the beginning of the year for instance, explained the flaws in the information given to investors. Since the company lacked good fundamentals, those who invested would suffer loss in the end. Recently, Mr Sahm Adrangi issued a negative report concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

In issuing negative reports on companies that overhype their stocks, Sahm Adrangi has been a great help in streamlining the investment industry. Companies and stock brokers now have to be keen on the information they give their potential investors. Other that just talking about the money investors may make, they have to take care of how the investors will benefit in the long run.

How Louis R. Chênevert Became A Catalyst For Change At UTC

Louis R. Chênevert will never forget the worst job he ever had. That job, a line supervisor in a General Motors assembly plant, was the foundation of what would become an impressive career.

Louis Chênevert spent 14 years climbing the ranks at GM. Chênevert was also the President of aerospace company Pratt and Whitney for nearly seven years, but he’s best known for being the driving force behind United Technologies Corporation.

United Technologies Corporation(UTC) specializes in the research, development and production of everything from aerospace technologies and aircraft engines to escalators and fire systems. The Connecticut company also handles several government contracts.

Chênevert credits his success in part to his razor-sharp focus and ability to think outside the box. Louis Chênevert has also demonstrated exceptional foresight throughout his career. While acting as President of Pratt and Whitney, a subsidiary of UTC, Chênevert recognized the potential of the GTF jet engine. His success at Pratt and Whitney earned him the President and CEO position at UTC, and he pushed for further research and development of the GTF engine. Because of his passion and perseverance, the GTF engine eventually changed the way the industry looked at jet engines.

The GTF engine wasn’t the only game-changing development attributed to Louis Chênevert. Chênevert also oversaw the acquisition of the Goodrich Corporation. In an $18 billion deal, UTC purchased the aerospace manufacturing company, allowing UTC to significantly reduce production costs and evolve into a multinational conglomerate known as UTC Aerospace Systems.

While Chênevert no longer acts as President and CEO of UTC, he still finds the rapid rate of growth in technology exciting. He advises young entrepreneurs to surround themselves with the right people and to put the main focus on the customer.

Louis R. Chênevert is now semi-retired but has remained active in the business world as the Senior Industry Advisor of Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, a member of Board of Directors of Cargill, Chairman of Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. The Canadian born businessman is proud to have been inducted into the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Robert Ivy is the Force behind the Success of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy is a famous architect who is working with the American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy is currently the chief executive officer of the organization, a position he took more than six years ago. Ivy was born and raised in Mississippi. After finishing his high school studies, Robert enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in English from one of the local universities. Ivy felt that he wanted to further his studies, and this motivated him to go to Tulane University where he got a master’s degree in architecture. The skills he acquired at this learning institution have played a considerable role in his successful career.

Robert Ivy popularity rose when he started working as the editor in chief for an institution called Architectural Record. The magazine became one of the best in the entire world due to Robert’s hard work and dedication. The businessman had an opportunity to work as the editorial director and vice president of an institution known as McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Robert Ivy played a huge role in the success of the organization.

Robert Ivy numerous accomplishments have enabled him to receive several awards. In 1998, the successful architect was given the McGraw-Hill award; thanks to his excellence in management. Ivy was also given the Crain Award in 2009.

As the chief executive officer of the professional organization, Robert Ivy has numerous responsibilities. AIA is a professional group that is formed by architects living in the United States. The institution has been in the market for a long time, and it has made an enormous impact on the lives of architects and Americans. The headquarters of the company are found in Washington. AIA specializes in government advocacy, redevelopment, public outreach and many other activities. The most significant responsibility of the firm is to ensure that the image of the profession is protected.

The American Institute of Architects works closely with various design agencies and construction companies to develop the competitive department. The group has been very successful in most of its operations and won the hearts of many people in the country. Robert Ivy has been instrumental in the success of this institution. The members of the organization follow all the guidelines set by the authorities so that the professional standards are not compromised. Although AIA has only been in the market for a short time, it has many members from different parts of the country.

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How The American Institute Of Architects Cleaned Up The Profession

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional organization that is based in Washington, D.C. Architects across the United States are members of this organization which upholds the standards that professional architects should meet. The top executive of this organization is Robert Ivy who is the chief executive officer and executive vice president. The other top leader is Thomas Vonier who is its president.

Many years ago anybody could proclaim themselves to be an architect. As such people didn’t know if the architect they were considering for a project was qualified for it or not. Many people with no background as an architect would say they were one just to get a job. As this situation was intolerable everyone it was in 1857 that a group of 13 real architects met in New York City in order to bring respectability to the profession. They ended up organizing the American Institute of Architects which had as its mission elevating the architect profession and ensuring that those who called themselves an architect were held to the highest professional standards.

Robert Ivy oversees an organization that has 250 chapters across America and over 90,000 members. His role is to advocate for the profession and educate the public about what architects do. He also heads lobbying efforts on behalf of those who are members of the American Institute of Architects. He took over his positions with this organization in 2011.

During his time with this nonprofit organization Robert Ivy has led a number of initiatives. He was able to streamline the decision-making process that is used by those governing AIA use. He was also responsible for moving the AIA’s resources to those issues that architects consider their highest priorities. Among these are how design affects human health as well as sustainability and climate change issues.

For many years Robert Ivy was one of the top executives at McGraw-Hill Construction where he was the editorial director and a vice president. He also worked for Architectural Record, one of the most prominent magazines in the field of architecture. He was this magazine’s longtime editor-in-chief and led it to several journalism awards.

Among the awards that Robert Ivy has earned during his distinguished career is being designated as a Master Architect, a claim that only six other people have earned. This designation is awarded by Alpha Rho Chi, an architecture fraternity. Learn more:


The Legacy Left by Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

Since he joined the United Technologies Company, Louis Chenevert made an impressive achievement in building the company to become one of the leading manufacturing companies in the US. He led the company to grow significantly within a short period considering he was appointed as the CEO when the world was facing hard economic times during the recession. Louis Chenevert dedicated himself to work wholeheartedly to ensure the company achieved its objectives as expected. He could never bear the situation where companies had to lay off some of their employees to battle the secession crisis. He moved some of his aerospace engineers to Connecticut division where they could engage in any available work to avoid layoffs.

Louis Chenevert continued the company’s efforts in diversifying investments concentrating on two broad markets in building commercial technologies and aerospace where this diversification of businesses has made the company to accumulate more assets and wealth in skills and expertise. The aerospace division has been able to deliver world-class airplanes in commercial and military sectors which have been achieved with the application of Louis Chenevert’s strategies. He adopted the complimentary technologies system which drives the company in delivering customer satisfaction. He likes to seek balance in the business portfolio as demand sometimes varies and when there is a downfall on one side, they can be able to compensate on the other side.

Louis Chenevert combined long-cycle technologies to produce and market high-quality commodities through observing high levels of discipline to compete with ever-changing technologies in every sector in the worldwide market. Chenevert said that knew discipline was the only thing that would help them achieve their vision by keeping track on a long-term market strategy. Therefore he developed a strong sense of imagination and success which he knew it was not easy to realize within the same cultural organization but only with a dedicated team. Louis Chenevert ensured his employees were happy and enjoyed their job by encouraging them to produce revolutionary products and this is how the company was able to develop the commercial jet engines which ranked as the friendliest and fuel-efficient engines ever produced up to date.