Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Direct Challenge to Western Retailers

Sometimes online shopping can be a very stressful experience. You might not know who the retailer is or if the goods that you are receiving are up to par. Richard Liu Qiangdong has been very aware of this problem in the Chinese online retail market. That is one of the reasons why he founded with such a strong moral objection to the production or distribution of inauthentic goods. This business method has been very useful in the expansion of Instead of making customers feel uncertain about their purchases, has become a beacon of safety for them in a rather tumultuous market.

Richard Liu Qiangdong discussed the success of with David Rubenstein and His work with the company has been nothing short of miraculous. In 2005 his company Jingdong Mall needed to switch up their business plan because of the impending SARS epidemic. When he looked at an online retailer option he immediately saw some of the drawbacks is that customers had to shop online at the time. Richard Liu looked at this as a challenge and decided that would set a new standard for this type of approach. still has a lot of growing to do but they have also secured themselves as one of China’s top retailers online. It is an exciting time for Richard Liu in the company.

While has experienced a lot of growth, they are still not as recognizable as companies like or Walmart. Richard Liu Qiangdong tells David Rubenstein that this is one of the reasons why he is looking into a direct global competition between his company and those other retailers. While he has done a lot of good for the Chinese economy it will be interesting to see how he takes on these companies in the future. His work is indicative of a man who is willing to pour himself into his projects but there are also strengths available in these other companies that will directly challenge his ability to adapt. continues to remain a very effective retailer in the Chinese economy but it is possible that it will become more apparent to Western choppers in the future.

Jacob Gottlieb: One Medical Venture at a Time

Our health is one of our critical assets in the entirety of our lifetime – without good health, we don’t live a long, full life. The main threats to our health is mainly sickness and diseases. Diseases have been the number one cause of human casualty for millennia. Plagues have wrecked havoc, epidemic have caused world wide panic, and all have taken their own shares of human life.

The key to the survival of human kind through all these years are human kind as well. As fast as these sicknesses pop out, our experts in the medical field get right on it on finding the cure to these sicknesses. Through research and technology, we have erased plagues and have cured lethal diseases. But there are still sicknesses that are fatal to humans that we have not yet found a solution to.

Jacob Gottlieb, a giant in the financial management world and a well-known philanthropist, is well aware of the fact that diseases evolve and so shall our technology and research to keep up with it. And those weapons against diseases need funding to roll on and on. Which is why Jacob Gottlieb’s newest financial venture, Altium Capital, is focused completely on this aspect.

Altium Capital, though based in. New York, has worldwide plans for the medical health care industry. Jacob Gottlieb’s vision for Altium Capital is to help propel the entire medical community forward with their medical advances in ultimate service to the whole human race Altium Capital was made for the sole purpose of getting investments for medical experts, research and practitioners to keep their work alive and running.

Some of the recent ventures of Altium Capital is Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation – both of which are research and technology companies that are focused towards specific and specialized medicine – which are now running under Jacob Gottlieb’s help.

Steve Richie: Moving Forward

Big changes have occurred at Papa John’s Pizza, most notably the appointment of a new CEO. Papa John’s will now be under the leadership of, Steve Richie, a long time employee of the company and a proven leader. Steve Richie first joined the company in 1996 as an hourly wage customer service representative, later, Richie would find himself owning and operating his own Papa John’s franchise which would see him actually delivering his own pizzas. The board noticed Richie’s hard work ethics and integrity leading him to climb the ladder of success and eventually become the president of the company.

Steve Richie’s first order of business is something that not many CEO’s have to do, however, Steve deemed it necessary for his words to be his own. In fact, prior to his letter, a generic version was sent out, however, Steve hated it, it showed no empathy or call to action anywhere in the letter. The new version of the apology letter written by Steve Richie himself to customers denounces any offensive words that might have come from a person in the company. He is quick to remind customers that Papa John’s is not one individual, but a collection of employee’s and staff all across the country and some who may even be part of their own community. Steve would acknowledge that words are simply not enough in this matter, action must be taken and it will begin by hiring a team of experts to audit the company’s culture in order to find it’s weaknesses and strengths. In addition, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has promised to have his team including himself travel across the country to better understand the different viewpoints of employees and customers alike. This letter and call to action by Steve have been a glimpse of the bright future that Papa John’s is sure to see again.

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Shervin Pishevar supports cryptocurrencies in a 24-hour tweet storm

When it comes to matters of the US economy, not many people can match the knowledge of Shervin Pishevar. He has experience of many years as a venture capitalist and angel investor. He has supported and nurtured some of the greatest startup ideas in Silicon Valley. It is through his efforts and that of others that Silicon Valley exists as a hub for startups.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar went onto a 24 hours tweet storm that comprised of 50 consecutive tweets on the future of the US economy and others finance related topics. In his tweets, Pishevar painted a sad state of affairs for the economy. The decline in growth of the US economy is imminent unless drastic measures are taken. He has pointed out to the drop recorded in the stock market as a good indication of things going wrong for the economy. The market had in a matter of a few days erased all the gains of early 2018. The drop according to Shervin Pishevar would continue until the benefits of 2018 are eliminated.

Apart from the sentiments about the US economy, he also touched on the performance of gold and cryptocurrencies. Shervin Pishevar indicated that gold would rise as a response to the falling stock market and increasing inflation. On cryptocurrencies, Pishevar has noted that bitcoin will see a sharp incline in coming days, but it will first fall to the $2-5k range. Despite the challenges facing cryptocurrencies, he supports their presence in the economy in what he describes as “perfectly efficient and friction-less economy.”

Another point that Shervin Pishevar pointed out is that the Silicon Valley of today has lost its competitive edge to the rest of the world. Pishevar knows the Silicon Valley perfectly well since it is here that he made his name as an entrepreneur by supporting brilliant tech ideas. He has also been part of the team that has supported the luster it has held up to date. He has however pointed out that Silicon Valley is doing a great disservice to itself by ignoring immigrant talent. He believes that the world is now a global village and the country should open up its doors to immigrant talent or risk losing its competitive edge.

Felipe Montoro Jens: The CNI Report on Brazil’s Delayed Construction Projects

The recent interruption of 2,776 buildings is a great blow to Brazil. It is also a huge concern for Felipe Montoro Jens since 517 of these buildings lie in the infrastructure sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens goes ahead to analyze and report on the CNI (National Confederation of Industry) study regarding the paralysis of construction work. According to Felipe, the sanitation area of infrastructure is the most affected with a total of 447 enterprises crippled during their stage of implementation.

The CNI report highlights that Brazil plays a considerable range of resources despite the fact that only 2% of the country’s GDP is allocated for infrastructure. The ongoing interruption of works in many buildings leads to extensive consumption of resources without the generation of any benefits to the public. As such, it is clear that more work needs to be done in the execution of projects in the public sector. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens continues to cite that many facilities in educational units such as day-care centers, pre-schools, and sports avenues were also paralyzed. This is as signaled by the CNI report which terms these facilities as simple and cheaper. The interruption of construction work in these buildings is majorly associated with technical issues and poor planning. Some companies also tend to opt out in the middle of a project; hence significantly crippling the works. Additionally, problems in budgetary allocations and inadequate finances greatly hinder the completion of the projects. Issues concerning the ownership of land and expropriation also contribute to the stoppage of works.

Moreover, Montoro Jens associates the interruption of construction with the ongoing economic crisis in Brazil. The crisis is one major reason for restricting spending on development projects. As such, the federal government plays a significant role in the crippling of vital infrastructure projects in the country.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a skilled expert in the field of infrastructure projects in Brazil.

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Jeff Aronin Driving Paragon Biosciences To Unprecedented Heights Through Medical Research

Jeff Aronin, the founder, and CEO of Paragon Biosciences has spent the past 20 years of his life trying to conceive new ideas in biotechnology that would help save lives. The philanthropic CEO and his company are helping spearhead the area of scientific research while focusing on finding a cure and remedial measures to alleviate and address chronic diseases whose treatment does not exist today. Aronin makes use of innovation and research to pioneer new medical solutions, an area that he is highly gifted in.


Jeff Aronin’s dedication to the area of research has in the previous decade borne much fruit as the CEO has, through his company, championed to acquire FDA approval for 13 new medications developed from the ground up. Whereas such some approvals may not seem much, it is a number that most big pharmaceutical companies strive to achieve on a decade basis.


Much of Aronin’s success in the area of biotechnology research is owed to the fact that the company has been working relentlessly with patients with the aim of accelerating and achieving a breakthrough in medical solutions. Much of the company’s efforts are designed to address contemporary challenges that patients face, therefore ensuring that all research is proactively backed with an existing market need for which no medication exists. Using this problem-solving business model, Paragon Biosciences has earned a place in the medical research field for its proactive findings.


His personal attributes are also of significant aid to the area of his profession. Jeff Aronin is known not only for his professional approach in his career but also for having a huge sense of compassion upon patients. This drives his passion for finding medical solutions that would alleviate their suffering. In addition to his 20 years of experience, Aronin has at his disposal skilled groups of researchers who work hand in hand with him in helping drive the company’s vision and mission.


Jeff Aronin’s professionalism has helped steer Paragon Biosciences in the right direction as far as patient services are concerned. Using his compassion as an asset, Aronin identifies each patient as an important entity and not a statistic. This ensures that each patient is handled to the specificity of his needs as far as medical attention is concerned.

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Hussain Sajwani the “One Million Arab Coders” Initiative Supporter and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was born in 1952 in the Emirates. He is a billionaire who ventures in property development. In 2017, Forbes ranked DAMAC Properties as number one out of 2000 companies. The fastest growing companies globally are featured on the list, and it is from the revenue growth rate between 2013 and 2016. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani studied and graduated from the University of Washington (UW). Hussain Sajwain began his career in GASCO as a manager overseeing contracts. He worked for a few years and started his business in 1982. The business was a catering venture targeting customers from the US military. The company is still operational to date and operates by the name Global Logistics Services.

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. He is the chairman and a significant shareholder of the company. DAMAC Properties provides luxury experiences in the real estate business. The company offers high-end luxury projects that compete with other companies venturing in the same industry.

DAMAC Properties has managed to grow and become one of the best in the luxury property development business. Most of the company’s projects have been adopted in the GCC, The United Kingdom, and the broader Middle East. The company has a passion for high quality and eye-catching designs. DAAC Properties has built a reputation for designing iconic properties in the Middle East.

The “One Million Arab Coders” Initiative

In 2017, The DAMAC Foundation, sponsored by Hussain Sajawani aims at empowering people in the Arab region through supporting the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative. The programme is an education initiative with the aim to empower more than 1 million Arabs by equipping them with technical skills and expertise that prepares them for the future technological advancement. Software development is one of the free training offered through the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative.

Nine Elms Property Limited is Part of DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC owner through his company got into a joint venture with Dubai Co PJSC, and they came up with Elms Property Limited. DAMAC Properties owns 80% of the company. Elms Property Limited has ventured into London and is set to establish itself in the United Kingdom.

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Robert Ivy: An Award for a Wonderful Reputation

Robert Ivy is the outspoken chief executive officer and executive vice president at the American Institute of Architects. His career history dates 1996 as the year he became the editor in chief of the renowned Architectural Record. Ivy worked hard in this unique division to see that it becomes a great and influential architectural journal of all time. Later on, Robert Ivy was the editorial director and vice president of the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Between the year 1981 and 1996, Robert Ivy served as the principal at the Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy. He was also actively involved is a critic for a number of the national publications. While at his editorial position, Ivy enabled the Architectural Record to gain great publishing honors in the industry. These included various awards like the premier magazine journalism award among many others. Following his wonderful successes and accomplishments, Robert Ivy was voted as a Master Architect. Alpha Rho Chi named him to recognize him for the effective communication and valuable design embraced. Learn more about Robert Ivy on Steel Institue of New York

It is not enough to allow the great accomplishments of Robert Ivy pass without recognizing. That is why he is set to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy is a committed and dedicated art patron and artist in Mississippi. He will be the first of the kind to receive such an award in Mississippi. Among the people that gave comments includes the President of AIA, Carl Elephant. Carl emphasized that Robert deserved the honor due to his loyalty in his profession. An award that will greatly mark and crown Robert over his both professional and personal achievement as a person hailing from Mississippi. Carl congratulated Robert for the wonderful pursuit and success. Robert set a good and remarkable pace for the future generation.

Robert has won various awards and accolades over the time. This includes the Master Architect award that was a crown from the national architecture industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be another award that will crown him for his wonderful services and excellence. Robert is set to share big awards with other top individuals. See more:


Succeeding Like Market America by Focusing on the Heart of Business

When people start a business, they have to figure out a lot of different aspects of the business. However, there is one aspect of business that Market America and other successful businesses focus on. It is the customer. Market America makes sure that they are serving the customer by doing more than providing them the best products. They also make sure that they are saving them money with all of the coupons and different programs. In this case, they are taking on two different aspects of business. This is one of the most innovative approaches of business. This is the difference between the success and failure of this unfranchise.

There are many ways to meet the needs of the customer. One of the ways is by making sure that the customer is aware of all of the features of a certain product. One thing that is important to a customer when he buys the product is that he knows what to expect from it. The description and the marketing of the product should leave very little room for surprises. Market America knows that even a pleasant surprise is not going to work well in its favor in some cases. Therefore, Market America makes it a point to be upfront about its products and services.

Another thing that Market America does that some other businesses don’t do is make sure that the customers are aware of every bit of important information. While many companies urge customers to read the fine print, they should know that not all customers are going to read the extra bit of information. Therefore, Market America goes out of the way to make sure that all of the important information about a promotion is on display for people to easily see so that they will not run into any surprises.

Susan McGalla Wants More Companies to Start Mentoring Program for Women

Susan McGalla is known to be one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the United States, and she has headed companies like Wet Seals and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. At the time when she was leading these companies, the revenue of these companies grew exponentially, and it also helped the people to understand the role of a woman in the corporate world.

There are many companies these days that are giving equal opportunity to women to earn better and higher roles in the executive position. Susan McGalla has studied marketing and business from the Mount Union College. Susan McGalla was always entrepreneurial in her nature, and her parents have always supported her ventures from the very early age. The fact that they never differentiated her from her brothers is what helped her believe truly that she can do anything that her male counterparts can do. She too wants people to support their spouses and their daughters to help them achieve whatever they want to without asking questions.

Susan McGalla said that the corporate world is changing drastically and the transformation that has happened in the last few years has made it possible for the women to bag executive roles in the companies. The companies these days should have mentoring and sponsorship programs for women as it would help guide them and give them the means to achieve their professional goals. These programs will help the company get the best people for their business and also make them quite popular with their customers.