ClassDojo Now Giving Students The Opportunity To Tell Stories Of Their Work To Parents

ClassDojo is a classroom assistance app that is doing wonders for teachers, students, and parents. The app makes for a much more connected network between the three instead of isolating them, and ClassDojo has been commended for helping to bring a more positive environment for learning. According to, ClassDojo has integrated a storyline feature into their platform. Now whenever students are completing a classroom activity, they can take photos of their work and immediately post it to their ClassDojo storyline, similarly to how you might post pictures to a Facebook timeline, and teachers can edit and finalize the story posts for parents to see. This has helped students become proud of the work they’ve done and given parents a live look-in on class activities.

ClassDojo was started several years ago by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, two grad students from the UK who had relocated to San Francisco. Don and Chaudhary were not happy with the direction that both the US and UK’s education system was headed in, so they decided to try something different that could change the course of classrooms. ClassDojo kicked off from there and raised about $1.6 million initially, and after a large $20 million boost in fundraising at the end of last year, ClassDojo has raised over $30 million to date. The app is downloadable free of charge from both Google Play and the Apple App Store, and the service is going to remain free, though Chaudhary and Don plan to add premium features in the future.

ClassDojo has produced some animated short video series that show how students can learn subjects that may not be their strengths. Chaudhary and Don believe that all students can do well when given a push in the right direction, and the videos are designed to stretch their imaginations. Because teachers can send constant updates to parents about students learning abilities and behavioral progress, schools have been able to phase out parent-teacher meetings over time. The app is becoming popular enough now that 2 out of 3 schools in the states now use ClassDojo, and school administrators have easy access to each classroom’s profile.


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