A Look at Queens of Drama Pop Show and its Stars

Traditionally, the United States soap operas had a realistic storyline, but after few decades, aspects of fantasies like characters resurrecting, myth stories, and vampires have been introduced. The realistic storytelling seemed to propel the soap operas to a greater level. However, incorporation of other aspects may be the cause of the decline in ratings and popularities of soap operas in the US and across the globe. The introduction of new generation Pop series known as “Queens of Drama” is transforming the film industry for the better. The story line of the pop series is that former soap opera stars come together to establish a company that will develop a new series for television.

The first three episodes of the pop show are full of drama and entertainment. The actors play version of themselves to perfection making it easy for the viewers to understand them within a short period. The viewers are left to doubt whether the actors will be able to continue with the act towards the end of the show.

About Lindsay Hartley

Lindsay acted as Theresa Lopez on popular soap opera “passion” that aired on NBC from 1999 to 2008. She proceeded to join NBC’s “Days of our Lives” playing the role of Arianna Hernandez in 2009. In 2010, she appeared on “All My Children” as Cara Castillo. Lindsay has played roles in top series such as “Smallville” and guest starred on “Crime Scene Investigation”.

Donna Mills

Donna Mills played fictional characters in two shows such as The Secrete Storm, and the popular “Love is a Many Splendored thing”, after venturing into the acting career. She has been a guest on popular TV shows.

Chrystee Pharris

She appeared on “Passions” as Simone Russell. She played a major role in the casting of award-winning “scrubs”.

Hunter Tylo

She has played as Dr. Taylor Forester on the Bold and the Beautiful for over 23 years. She has made guest appearances on shows such as The Nanny, Zorro, and Diagnosis Murder.

Details on Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt brings out the true version of herself on the Queens of Drama show. She is vocal in all the episodes. During the show, CrunchBase identified Hunt owns a pet boutique based in Clearwater, Florida. Her business skills, as well as creativity, are portrayed are clearly portrayed on the show.

Crystal Hunt’s acting career brightened at a tender age of 17 years, after playing a fictional character of Lizzie Spaulding a distressed and misguided teen on “Guiding Light” CBS series. She appeared on ABC’s “One Life To Live” series as a stripper called Stacy Morasco. She is a resident of Florida, USA.  Follow Crystal Hunt on her official Facebook page.