Freedom Checks: An Addition To A Retirement Plan

If you are close to retirement age, you may be worried whether your 401 (k) will be able to fund you for the rest of your life. A 401 (k) does have many advantages, but you still will be subject to taxation when you start drawing from it. Freedom Checks may be a great addition to one’s retirement plan. This investment strategy is no longer a secret, however, many individuals will probably fail to capitalize on this unique investment method. There are numerous reasons to add Freedom Checks to your financial portfolio.Freedom Checks provide an individual with a residual income stream that is tax free investment.

This is one of the reasons that this best investment strategy was first considered a complete fraud. However, all one must do is examine the tax code to realize that this is perfectly legal. In the 1980s, Congress passed laws that would make it lucrative for companies to engage in natural resource operations here in the United States. These companies are called “Master Limited Partnerships” and they don’t pay any federal income taxes. Individuals who invest in these companies receive Freedom Checks on a regular basis and do not have to pay taxes on the payments. This is better than a 401 (k) or a social security payment, both of which can be taxed. Being able to forego tax payments make this a rather rewarding investment option.

Another major advantage of this investment option is that investors enjoy some of the highest dividend returns in the stock market. MLPs are required to pay most of their earnings to their shareholders as a condition to avoid paying taxes. This is perfect for individuals in retirement who need an income stream, and some of the yields offered by MLPs can be as high as ten percent. Some of us don’t have long before we hit retirement age. To supplement a 401 (k) or a social security payment, it may be wise to consider adding an investment option that can provide a tax-free income for many years. This lucrative investment opportunity may be the secret to an amazing retirement.

The Oxford Club Investment Strategies

This is an independent international network of investors and entrepreneurs club. It has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. It offers members investment strategies.

With almost 30 years of experience, the Oxford Club’s team perform research on different classes of assets to identify the investment opportunities that have the highest returns with least risks. The club traces its success to the sound principles as well as the comprehensive strategies.

Even though investment is not guaranteed, with the club’s strategies, you can earn higher returns this year. The Oxford Club relies on this four investment strategies:

  • Well-balanced investment diet

Many investors know that diversification is crucial to long-term investment, so most of them think that this means acquiring a different basket of stocks which is not right. The Oxford Club advice that you diversify on the number of stocks, sectors and the level of risks. Additionally, the club recommends the diversification when it comes to assets classes.

  • You should have an exit strategy

Provided anyone can buy bond or stock in the financial market, the best investors are the ones who know when to sell. At Oxford Club, you are given a buying recommendation that is alongside a clear exit strategy. You always have to plan on how to sell before buying. With this strategies, it eliminates the possibility of the guesswork out of investment which gives you a guarantee that your principle, as well as the profits, are safe.

  • Size matters

As the position sizing is key to investment, the Oxford Club employs the position-sizing formula to determine on how much to invest in many different classes of assets.

  • Cut your investment costs

There are fundamental steps you can take to get most out of your portfolio. One of them is to stiff-arm the fund managers. At the Oxford Club, it avoids fees, and surrender penalties. When these expenses are cut down, net returns are increased.

US Money Reserve: Precious Opportunities

$200 Billion damage and over 80 fatalities, leaving many people in anguish. At the peak of it on September 1st, a third of Houston was under water. In the end, 39,000 people were left homeless. To meet the high financial demands of restoring the community, the Austin Disaster Relief Network needed all the assistance it could get. The US Money Reserve stepped in to help through their YouCaring page. Quick relief was necessary for the affected families, and the company pledged to match donations made. The amount raised was more than $215,000. All that cash went towards relief for the Hurricane Harvey victims by restoring joy in their hearts.



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The United States Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of US government issued precious metals. They provide avenues for people to diversify their assets through gold, silver and platinum coins. The company boasts highly skilled coin research and numismatic professionals. They strive to ensure the client is matched with an appropriate product with the highest profit potential. The company staff goes beyond industry standards to provide the clients with an armory of information to navigate the precious metals market successfully. United States Money Reserve professionals give unrivaled services coupled with the highest quality and purest metals. US Money Reserve has served 400,000 customers to date with a range of products from bullion coins to bars. With fairness, competence, and knowledge, the company earns the customer’s trust first before getting to business.



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US Money Reserve is the only gold company with a former United States Mint Director at the helm. Mr. Philip Diehl carries with him unmatched experience and expertise. He has spent many years intersecting public service and financial freedom. He brings those same values to the company, thus the outstanding financial services and customer-centric approach to business. In the same spirit of public service, United States Money Reserve has maintained its culture of charitable giving. The company has donated to more than 70 non-profit organizations to benefit different causes since its inception. Everything from art to cancer to children has had support from US Money Reserve. What more could the world ask for? The company has been utterly dedicated to quality delivery and ensuring the wellness of others, which is the reason why it was launched. Learn more: