OSI’s Quest For Sustainability With David McDonald

David McDonald’s job as the president and COO of OSI group has not been an easy task, but he has found a way to carry out these tasks leading to the success of the company. One of the ways he has done so is by aiding the sustainability of OSI group. An international company OSI Group needs to stay on its mission and meet the demands of the many people that depend on it. Other food companies like Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway are some of OSI’s clients that keep it on its toes with the rising demand for meat products.

To see this through, David McDonald has laid out and implemented some strategies to secure OSI’s vision. As the president, David has driven the company into expansion to penetrate and serve bigger markets. OSI has expanded the OSI food solutions in Spain to meet the ever-rising demand for poultry and now has entered the Geneva and Hungarian market. He has overseen the construction of processing plants in India and Poland as well.

Furthermore, David McDonald knows the growing need to reach new markets broadening their service delivery. To do this, OSI has acquired Baho Foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson Foods. These acquisitions have not only improved service delivery but also given these companies a chance to share OSI resources to bring customers quality products. The move has been part of OSI’s strategies to create a presence in new markets such as Europe without many inconveniences.

David McDonald efforts have been accompanied by support from his employees. OSI group has to meet the set standards and cater for the diverse cultures and taste. Collaborating with regional managers and the in-house team, David has helped introduce products that are up to standards. Information collected by the local managers assists the in-house team in designing products that customers prefer according to their tastes and culture. The cohesion has seen OSI rise to international levels.

To ensure OSI continues serving as the biggest suppliers in food industry, David McDonald has paved the way for new technology aimed at increasing the efficiency and quality of their products. This is evident in the expansion of one of their facilities based in Toledo Spain, which will see their production double in size. New production lines and new research areas prolong sustainability efforts.

McDonald’s education and years of service at OSI group also play a part in the sustainability efforts since he knows how to deal with challenges turnings them to opportunities.

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