Guilherme Paulus: Brazilian Hotel And Resort Expert

One of the toughest industries to find success in is the hospitality business. In particular, the hotels and resorts sector of the industry sees more expensive failures than all the rest. Some investors pour hundreds of millions into a single property, and the business still fails.

Unlike other sectors, the hotels and resorts sector require more creativity and faster flexibility. Customer needs and market trends shift much quicker and require specific-minded leaders. Guilherme Paulus has such a mind, and it shows in the success of CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts, both owned and operated by Guilherme Paulus.

Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a former state deputy. They met on a business cruise and discussed opening a tourist agency together. Cerchiari mentioned that he always wanted to open a little store in Santo Andre, and Guilherme Paulus was up for a new challenge.


Since opening that little store on a little street in Santo Andre, CVC has grown into a shining jewel in Paulus’s portfolio. While he does operate GJP the same way, his attention to CVC inspires thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, through interviews and blogs, he offers advice and explains how the industry works and how it’s changed over the years.

Moreover, he talks about the importance of staying close to his companies through hands-on management and technology. Technological advances have helped many industries, and Paulus uses those advances to keep up with him more than 20 hotels and resorts while still overseeing CVC.

Using technology to his advantage, he’s able to travel and stay on top of things from anywhere. He also remains close to his employees and keeps them up to date on changes that need to be made to adapt to market trends and customer needs.

When asked if there were anything he’d tell his younger self, he said he’d say to himself to listen more. Too often, young entrepreneurs get caught up in their own mind and don’t hear what others are saying.


The Reality Dream of Guilherme Paulus

The Reality Dream of Guilherme Paulus

Many entrepreneurs have not majored in hotel and accommodation business because it demands a lot of patience and strategy most of which many businessmen are not willing to invest in. According to the numerous statistics that have been conducted, hotel investment is one of the investments that need a lot of patience since it takes a long time before picking depending on the type of marketing strategies one uses. Since time is a precious commodity in business, most people are not willing the chance of investing both time and resources on a business that is not certain to pick up.

Besides all the difficulties involved in Hotels and Resorts business, Guilherme Paulus has been able to invest in the business successfully for many years. Paulus is a Brazilian entrepreneur who is the head of the Brazilian tour company CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels. The CVC and GJP have several hotels and resorts in many parts of Brazil and all of them are under Guilherme Paulus’ management.

Paulus has been able to run all his hotels which are situated all over the country successfully with the help of over 5000 employees. He has a track record of treating his employees with respect by inspiring to work harder every day with minimum supervision. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

The Background Information of Guilherme Paulus and his Investments

Guilherme Paulus opened his first hotel in 1995 and because of his experience and dedication I the business, his hotels has hosted more than ninety-five thousand customers. He first heard the idea of CVC from Carlos Vicete Cerchiari his friend who was then the state deputy. By the time he heard of the idea he was working in Sao Paulo and he had no funds to start a hotel investment at the time since he was still a young man.

Despite the challenges, he encountered especially because of lack of capital when he was starting Paulus was determined to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur. Up to date, Paulus still insists that he has been able to achieve all his success in the hotel and resorts business by using the right strategies. He has always insisted that business should be a combination of hard work and use of the right strategies.

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