Fortress Investment Group Looks to Disrupt the Market with Virgin Partnership

Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, recently announced a partnership with the billionaire, Richard Branson’s, Virgin Group, regarding his budding rail-service, Brightline. Wes Edens, who became the head of the United States’ only privately-held passenger train service, discussed the partnership in a limited fashion, launched Brightline in the Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach areas, with plans of extending the service to Orlando and Tampa. He also discussed future plans to create a line that will connect Las Vegas to Southern California, undoubtedly, after some time after the partnership is finalized. Prior to the launch of Brightline, Amtrak, which is a government-subsidized brand, held a virtual monopoly on passenger rail service. This was a major topic of discussion when Wes Edens met with Branson last year at the company’s Miami-based station. Read more on

Through Virgin Group, Richard Branson has connected a number of industries, including music and entertainment, as well as telecommunications and transit. Virgin Trains has been in existence for over twenty years in the United Kingdom, and Mr. Branson cited his latest maneuver, which will lend the Virgin brand to Brightline, as an opportunity that has long been a goal of his. In 2019, Brightline will be rebranded, Virgin Trains USA. Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group feel that the vastness of the Virgin brand will allow Brightline to grow exponentially in the near future, with industry-disrupting potential.

Although specific details of the impending rebranding are scarce, an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, which currently manages Brightline, will continue to garner the lion’s share of the holdings. The existing management team at Fortress Investment Group will also remain unchanged and will continue handling the daily operations, as well as strategy and business development. In 2019, upon closing, an affiliate of Virgin Brand has also pledged to take a minority stake in the business. The UK-based, Virgin Trains, released the statistics regarding their West Coast Main Line, revealing that 38 million trips were taken last year in this sector alone, further emphasizing the tremendous expectations held by Wes Edens and Richard Branson.

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Madison Street Capital Appoints New Technology Executive

Lawrence Alioto is the new Madison Street Capital Managing Director. Madison Street Capital is one of the middle market investment banking companies. The company commits itself to proper service, ethical leadership, integrity, and excellent service delivery to its clients. Some of the services provided by the company include mergers and acquisitions advice, financial opinions and guidance, corporate advice to financial matters and evaluation in both private and public companies. The company needed a person like Lawrence Alioto to offer credible advice to Madison Street Capital customers on technology regarding corporate financial activities, and Merger and Acquisitions.


The Chief Executive Officer of Madison, Charles Botchway noted that Lawrence fitted the appointment because of his expertise in technology to keep the company updated. Additionally, Charles pointed out that Madison Street Capital is extending its services to Austin and Lawrence would advise the company on the same. The new Managing Director is an expert in technology and finance having worked in different institutions. He worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a trader in options and currency features. He later moved to San Francisco as a registered representative at PaineWebber. Lawrence moved to California in the late 1990’s and specialized in business development and private equity finance. Alioto founded VeriTainer Corporation in 2004 and worked as the principal and President for nine years. The company specialized in anti-terror development of maritime container radiation scanning systems.


In his acceptance remarks on the appointment to serve Madison Street Capital, Lawrence Alioto pointed out that he was ready to help the company in mergers and Acquisitions. He added that many companies face many challenges in these transactions because of the changes in technology. Lawrence acknowledged the work done Madison Street Capital in helping middle market companies to grow to reputable companies in the world of technology. Lawrence currently serves as one of the board members of Kaizen Oil Corporation. Through an asset acquisition model, the company specializes in advanced oil recovery solutions. Due to its high-level technology assistance in helping many companies succeed in the technology market, clients across the world trust Madison Street Capital in the way it handles its operations.


Madison Street Capital reputation marks a rise in the corporation. Madison Street Capital comprehends the time sensitivity when it comes to corporate finance. It can react and respond tenaciously and quickly to the various opportunities that it comes across. Their strategy when it comes to handling their endeavors generates financial transactions where investors and business owners benefit mutually. They have the knowledge and vast experience as well as connections that match their sellers and buyers. This also maps the appropriate financing and capitalization structure to every outstanding situation of any of their clients.


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Shervin Pishevar supports cryptocurrencies in a 24-hour tweet storm

When it comes to matters of the US economy, not many people can match the knowledge of Shervin Pishevar. He has experience of many years as a venture capitalist and angel investor. He has supported and nurtured some of the greatest startup ideas in Silicon Valley. It is through his efforts and that of others that Silicon Valley exists as a hub for startups.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar went onto a 24 hours tweet storm that comprised of 50 consecutive tweets on the future of the US economy and others finance related topics. In his tweets, Pishevar painted a sad state of affairs for the economy. The decline in growth of the US economy is imminent unless drastic measures are taken. He has pointed out to the drop recorded in the stock market as a good indication of things going wrong for the economy. The market had in a matter of a few days erased all the gains of early 2018. The drop according to Shervin Pishevar would continue until the benefits of 2018 are eliminated.

Apart from the sentiments about the US economy, he also touched on the performance of gold and cryptocurrencies. Shervin Pishevar indicated that gold would rise as a response to the falling stock market and increasing inflation. On cryptocurrencies, Pishevar has noted that bitcoin will see a sharp incline in coming days, but it will first fall to the $2-5k range. Despite the challenges facing cryptocurrencies, he supports their presence in the economy in what he describes as “perfectly efficient and friction-less economy.”

Another point that Shervin Pishevar pointed out is that the Silicon Valley of today has lost its competitive edge to the rest of the world. Pishevar knows the Silicon Valley perfectly well since it is here that he made his name as an entrepreneur by supporting brilliant tech ideas. He has also been part of the team that has supported the luster it has held up to date. He has however pointed out that Silicon Valley is doing a great disservice to itself by ignoring immigrant talent. He believes that the world is now a global village and the country should open up its doors to immigrant talent or risk losing its competitive edge.

Fortress Investment Group Takes On Its First Venture after Its Acquisition

In the month of May 2018, Fortress investment group launched the Brightline Train. Brightline is the first passenger train system in the United States to be owned and operated by a private entity. Initially, the train was scheduled to go through the routes between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. However, following the tremendous reception that commuters in the southern region of Florida have has to the train, the company has made plans to increase the route that the train makes in order to cover more distance. This means that the train will be able to cover the entire Florida rail route. In order to do this, Fortress Investment has been on a mission to get funding for the project. It was recently announced that the company has received a 1.15 billion dollar funding from the Florida Development Corporation that has decided to back this project. This funding comes as good news for the company that is striving to get back into business after its acquisition by a Japanese conglomerate.

About Fortress

In December 2017, it was made public that Fortress Investment Group was no longer a public company. the company had been acquired by SoftBank; a company from Japan which also acquired all the shares of the company and struck them from the Stock Exchange Market. The sale was completed for 3.3 billion dollars. However, the leadership in the company remained as the company continues to operate as an independent entity within SoftBank.

Fortress is an asset and investment management firm that manages more than 70 billion dollars’ worth of investments from corporate and individual clients around the globe. The company was founded in the year 1998 by three businessmen and financial experts by the names’ Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wesley Edens. The company that started out as a hedge fund and an investor in the real estate business went public in the year 2007 when its stakes began trading in the stock exchange market. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is ranked as the leading asset management firm in America. Despite SoftBank being its parent company, Fortress Investment Group retains its headquarters in New York.

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Benefits Of The Deal Between Fortress Investment Group And IPass

Fortress Investment Group has started to broaden its Investment strategy to ensure that they offer a secure form of Investment to its Investors. Therefore, in accomplishing this objective the other day they contracted iPass to incorporate it in their system and under the agreement it has been stipulated that they only permit it $10 million immediate access. Thus, this becomes golden chance for Fortress to be related with elite firms that have already invested in this strategy which is a cloud-based SaaS. Also, 1998 was the year when colleagues joined hand to work as one team to bring Fortress to the existence, and these fellows were Randal Nardone its current Chief Executive Officer, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman.

Well, putting a record to be looked upon by others is not an easy thing, but Fortress Investment Group achieves one by being the first private equity company to be publicly traded as well as being listed in the Stock Exchange Market of New York City. It has also ensured that it invests in sectors that its investors tend to be exposed to risk-adjusted returns for robust investment strategies thus this preference renders it to be a trendsetter. Fortress Investment Group is assured that the contract is secure by iPass property and patents being used as collateral. Their client enjoying the best nomadic experience is one way of telling that it was indeed a wise decision to use its investment capital in support of this technology. It has its headquarters located in New York City with its prime role being assets management which is worth more than $40 billion in the form of private equity. Also, these assets belong to investors who exceed 1750 by count.

Finally, Fortress Investment Group has experienced staffs who have led to its success to the extent of being honored globally and being awarded on several occasions. For example, it featured in a magazine dated June 30, 2014, where Institutional investors named it as the year’s Hedge Fund Manager. Also, it has received many other forms of accreditation from the financial sector peers. The deal between Fortress and iPass was an all-inclusive beneficial because it will lead in improving the two parties profiles as well as yielding permanent dividend to its investors. The main focus of Fortress Investment Group through its leadership is to ensure that the investors get the best investment deals that may be available in the market at any given time.

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Successes of Peter Briger

As a successful businessman and co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has acquired an excellent reputation for the notable developments he has brought in the firm. He flaunts a vast experience in asset management, and for over two decades, he has been serving various roles in investments firms. The fast growth of the Fortress Investment Group has been associated with his ability to adopt the use of unique strategic approaches towards the accomplishment of the firm’s goals. Elected in the board of directors of the firm in 2009, Peter has led the Fortress Group towards excellence since 2002.

His primary role in the firm is to handle both credit and fund matters. His vast knowledge of asset management has seen him offer competent advice and assistance to the firms clients concerning the tips they can adapt to avoid bankruptcy. Many entrepreneurs that have paid heed to his counsel have achieved success in their firms and as a result, seen an increase in their total revenue. Additionally, Peter Briger has focused career on distressed debts and illiquid investment. He has helped bankrupt solve their issues by giving them financial advice. He has also enabled the Fortress Investment Group to increase its total assets and revenue through acquisition of various firms.

Prior to taking up his current role at the Fortress Group, Peter Briger served as a partner at the Goldman, Sachs & Co for close to 15 years. The various characters he served in the firm profoundly contributed to his successes at the Fortress Investment Group. He has improved his leadership skills in the recent years and shared development ideas with other [people to help them achieve their goals. Besides, Peter Briger also served at the Asian Committee as a member. He was the co-head and co-chairman of the whole loan department as well as the Asian Real Estate Equity. His knowledge of real estate investments has also enabled him to help a vast number of investors solve their problems in the field. Peter Briger is passionate about his career, and he has always been devoted towards giving his best.

Mr. Peter Briger Continues To Lead Fortress Investment Group To Higher Heights

Under the leadership of one of the capable and dedicated professional Mr. Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group continues to enjoy great success which has made it be one of the largest alternative asset managers globally. With only two decades in the market, it has grown to have a capability of managing more than 1,750 private and institutional investors across the globe in various areas like real estate, equities, and asset investment. Their aim is to provide returns that have very low and well-adjusted risks. By the closing of 2017, they had more than 953 professional employees. The leadership of Fortress led by their Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer Peter Briger is committed to always maintaining the strong governance, the company policies, and its practices.The Board Directors usually formulates the policies and procedures that have enabled the organization to operate under accountability and integrity as its core values.

The firm is well known to be competent in asset-based investment, industry knowledge, operations management, mergers, capital markets, and acquisitions.Thanks to the leaders.Since joining the management team of Fortress in 2002, Peter Briger has led the company to achieve its vision and goals as a result of his vast experience in finance. He has worked with Goldman, Sachs & Co. for one and a half decades that led him to become a partner in the organization. While at this company, he was serving in various capacities like being the Co-Head of Special Opportunities Fund in Asia, Fixed Income Principal Investment Group, and Asian Real Estate Private Equity business. He was part of various committees like Asian Management Committee, Japan Executive Committee and Global Control and Compliance Committee.

Currently, the iconic Peter Briger is a member of the Advisory Board at Spearhead, LLC and a board member of various institutions like Board of Caliber Schools. He serves at Tipping Point and Princeton University Investment Company as the Director. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Hospital for Special Surgery and also in Linktone Limited. He has been a great help to International Finance Corporation especially being an Advisor on matters related to distressed debt.Peter Briger is well educated and trained that’s why he is able to dispense his duties with so much articulacy and in a professional manner. He studied at Princeton University for his Undergraduate studies specifically Bachelor of Arts and later joined the University of Pennsylvania in Wharton School of Business for his Master’s in Business Administration. Quite a beautiful career journey of this successful business leader!

Sham Adramngi’s contribution to the world of investments

Ask anyone who has achieved financial freedom, none of them achieved it through employment. They did it through investment. Some business teachers refer to it as letting your money work for you. Since many who are employed desire this, they try investing in one company after the other. Some become successful and rich in no time while others fail terribly.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is in the information they receive. In order to decide which company to invest in, an investor needs to have information about the company. For instance, what is their financial strategy? What are their fundamentals? What is their payment strategy?

Some companies intentionally deceive investors by feeding them wrong information. Instead of giving potential investors information on how they will profit from their investment, they hype the profits investors will be able to gain from the investment. This is misleading. If the company does not have good strategies, the investment will not be profitable in the long run.

Sahm Adrangi is an investment manager who focuses on fundamentally oriented investments. He is the founder of Karissdale capital, an investment firm based in New York. Kerrisdale focuses on long term investments and event driven situations. They also share investment insights with their clients through their website. As of December 31 2008, Kerisdale manages assets worth over 1.2 billion US dollars.

Mr Sahm Adrangi is known to publish negative reports on companies that over hype their investments. Every time he declares his short stand on a company and its price falls, his company stands to gain. His main aim in doing this is to save the investor from losing money in the long run. The negative report he gave on Kodak at the beginning of the year for instance, explained the flaws in the information given to investors. Since the company lacked good fundamentals, those who invested would suffer loss in the end. Recently, Mr Sahm Adrangi issued a negative report concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

In issuing negative reports on companies that overhype their stocks, Sahm Adrangi has been a great help in streamlining the investment industry. Companies and stock brokers now have to be keen on the information they give their potential investors. Other that just talking about the money investors may make, they have to take care of how the investors will benefit in the long run.

Jeff Yastine Explains The Importance Of Regtech Companies For The Future

According to Jeff Yastine it is always possible to tell when bureaucrats become involved in an industry. A Chief Compliance Officer is required for every company, and lieutenants make up an entire department to comply with the newest diktat. Whether the added rules make the situation worse or better is a debate. One thing not debatable is the additional rules drag the prices of a company’s stock and increase costs. The exception is regulatory technology or regtech. Regtech is employing tools such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence or advanced software to pursue the decrease of regulatory costs.

Eighty companies were identified as emerging regtechs last year by Bain & Co. Their names are unfamiliar, and most are still close to the startup stage. These companies are destined to show substantial growth according to Global banks spend roughly $70 billion in ensuring compliance with the jurisdictions and rules in business. In the next three-years, the figure is expected to increase to $120 billion. It can take over two-years and ten million to fulfill regulations with computer systems. A regtech specialist can accomplish the same thing for $300,000 in three months. In Europe, the estimation for banks to comply with EU’s financial regulations costs more than $1 billion.


The regulators have noticed the regtech companies, and brought them into their ecosystem. The Bank of England is the monetary authority for Singapore, and along with the Office of the Comptroller, or the OCC, have made propositions regarding regtech companies. The OCC proposed last year some regtech companies can provide federal pre-emption due to their access to the national bank charter according to Attention should be given to these companies regarding investment considerations since they have already been given a seat at the proverbial table.

Jeff Yastine currently works for the Total Wealth Insider as their editor. His career with Banyan Hill Publishing began in 2015 as the editorial director. He brought over twenty years of experience to the company due to his work as a financial journalist and an investor in the stock market. He helps investors grasp business monetary and economic trends with his contributions to the Winning Investor Daily, and the Sovereign Investor Daily each week.

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Madison Street Capital: The Leading Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized firm in investment banking. Madison Capital provides quite a number of services to its clients. It provides financial services in advisory, valuation services, financial opinions and acquisition expertise to its wide range of clients both in the public and private sectors. Madison Street Capital’s team of professionals has specialized expertise in the middle market firms enabling them to analyze each client’s options while providing optimum results.

Investment banking is concerned with the ultimate aim of assisting individuals and companies in the capital markets. Generally investment bankers are in the business of helping and facilitating agencies, governments and companies through the selling and issuance of securities in the stock market. Investment banking plays a very critical functions that include financial, strategic and advisory roles. Investment banking mainly deals in IPOs, shares and mutual funds to raise their capital.

Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC was founded in the year 2011 and incorporated in Illinois. It is a privately held company. In the year 2015 Madison Street Capital managed to close 42 hedge fund deals. This was a slight increase from what was posted in the year 2014 where they managed to announce the closing of 32 deals in the hedge fund industry. Madison Capital has admitted that in 2015 the market was fair. They have also foreseen a great deal market environment in the year 2016 going by the market trends in the hedge fund industry and generally in investment banking.

Having been in the investment banking for a long period, Madison Street Capital has gained a lot of experience in the industry. It has assisted a lot of clients in a diverse range of investment opportunities. Each of its client’s needs is made through careful analysis of the market and provision of practicable recommendations that spur growth. Madison’s primary concern is their client’s satisfaction.

Madison Street Capital has a group of professionals who have a vast wealth of experience and expertise in the investment banking industry making it one of the premiere and pioneer institutions in the world in middle market investment banking. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois the middle investment banking firm has other satellite offices across three continents namely Africa, Asia and North America.

The investment giant is also involved in quite a number of philanthropic activities. It supports organizations that are focused in bringing the desired change in the society and community at large.

For corporations and companies, investment banking helps them raise capital through facilitating of trading of securities which in the end increase liquidity in the securities that will be traded. For individuals investment banking provides them with investment opportunities. Subsequently for corporations investment banking provides advisory opinions regarding mergers, acquisitions and other business ventures that the corporations wish to undertake.

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