Ricardo TostoOn Building Bridges with Foreign Counterparts

A partner in the Brazilian law firm Milk, Tostos, and Barros, Ricardo Tosto specializes in high-stakes litigation cases, working with Brazilian and international clients over a cross-section of expensive, highly complex cases. Tosto specializes in the area of mass litigation, having built and developed the firm’s reputation for this particular type of case.

With his background, Ricardo Tosto has clear opinions on law 13.254, enacted by the Brazilian Congress in January of 2016. His verdict: the law is a positive step forward for Brazil. Also known as the law for the repatriation of assets or regularization of assets abroad, Tosto sees the law as a necessary step in normalizing a framework for accounting for and repatriating illegal money abroad.

Citizens who knowingly stash their riches abroad are willingly committing federal crime in Brazil, and Ricardo Tosto hopes the new law will help address the situation. In addition to creating the channels necessary to bring these funds back to Brazil, the law sets reasonable fines on the repatriated funds and limits prosecution to only the most corrupt and nefarious activities. Ricardo Tosto believes that is an important distinction. If the funds are returned to Brazil, and the appropriate fines are met, limited to an additional 15% on top of income taxes, the involved parties will face no further legal proceedings.

Ricardo Tosto knows this a great win for the Brazilian legal system, but there is an additional benefit he is happy to consider. He believes this law creates a foundation for building stronger relationships with his foreign counterparts. Only through well established communication channels and the sharing of resources, will Brazil be successful in tackling the problem. The law, in Tosto’s view, will set in the motion the events and procedures to build these relationships and reign in the financial corruption problems facing Brazil. Ricardo Tosto knows this is a win not only for the Brazilian legal profession, but for the Brazilian people as well.

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Jeremy Goldenstein on Options and Their Disadvantages

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced attorney with more than 15 years of experience working in the field of law helping his clients with a multitude of different legal cases. He has played an important part being employed by more prominent organizations and large corporations when they’ve wanted legal advice regarding topics such as employee benefits as well as significant corporate transactions.


Some companies Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has worked together with as his clients include AT&T, Bank One, Verizon, Duke Energy, Merck, and Chevron. Today Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is the owner of an independent law firm he established, which can be found in New York. He is also a board member of the well established nonprofit law journal Fountain House.


In a recent interview, Jeremy Goldstein explained how knockout options help many employers. There are three reasons that have companies trying to curtail the benefits.


One reason is that the stock values might drop sharply and, in turn, make it difficult for employees to do their jobs. Still, companies are required to report their associated expenses. Stockholders also face some risk of overhanging in options.


Another reason is that employees have started feeling a dissatisfaction with his method of payment as such benefits resemble casino tokens more than substantial cash.


The third reason is the accounting difficulties that options poise. There are a number of relevant costs which overshadow most financial advantages of such derivatives. Most staff members prefer receiving a higher salary than such benefits.


While there are some disadvantages, there are also a few positive sides to this. Such types of compensation are not unwanted in addition to good wages and equities. That is widely due to the fact that most staff members can achieve a natural understanding of these kids of compensations and it can also boost the personal earnings of the employee by a considerable amount.


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Jordon Thomas of Labaton Sucharow LLP Secures Second Largest Whistleblower Award To Date

Labaton Sucharow LLP is the first U.S. practice solely dedicated to representing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblowers. Through the efforts of Jordan Thomas, noted SEC whistleblower attorney and his team of experts, a client who reported wrongdoing in an extremely high-profile case has been appropriately awarded with the second largest “whistleblower” payout to date. Slightly more than $17 million was paid and justice was well served in this instance of unethical practices within the financial services industry.

In the six years of its existence, the SEC whistleblower program has secured other awards and helped people find justice in the financial services industry. The word is out, when you need real help, contact Labaton Sucharow and let a SEC whistleblower lawyer handle it for you. Those in the financial services industry who think laws and ethics are for other companies now understand that they have to follow the same rules as everyone else, or suffer the consequences if they are caught.

Jordan Thomas’s client didn’t have to worry about retaliation when he/she stepped forward with evidence because Labaton Sucharow keeps any personal information strictly confidential. The future is a brighter place now for investors because firms who might otherwise do them wrong will at least have to think twice first. Thomas says this is just the beginning. Now that people know they don’t have to be afraid, more will step forward and report wrongdoing in financial services wherever it’s found.

Mr. Thomas was the SEC attorney for the first officer of a public company to receive a whistleblower award for stepping forward to report “foul play.” He also worked on the first instance of successfully charging a company with retaliation against a client for “blowing the whistle on them.” Now that fear has been taken out of the equation for whistleblowers as well as the incentives of protection and monetary benefits offered for their bravery, the industry will never be the same again, but that’s good news for the average investor who really can’t afford to lose their life savings on a lie.

The horizon of the financial industries world changed in 2010 when congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Labaton Sucharow became the first law firm to begin focusing exclusively on the protection of whistleblowers and forcing companies to pay for their wrongdoing. Jordan Thomas himself played a key role in the development of the Whistleblower Program including presenting the draft for its proposed legislation and final implementing rules. Anyone with money to invest in the financial market can thank Mr. Jordan that now, their cash is safer than it was before.

Geoff Cone and Education about New Zealand

Geoff Cone is a New Zealand native. He grew up in the country and lived there for a long time before he made the move to a different, tax-free country. This allowed him the chance to make sure that he knew as much about New Zealand as possible before he made the decision to help people move their on their own.

There are many things that people must keep in mind when they are considering a move to New Zealand. The first thing that they must learn about is the country’s tax transparency. This is something that the country prides itself on and something that they feel confident to be able to do when they are helping out their residents. They want them to be able to feel like they are comfortable and that they are doing the best thing possible for their move to New Zealand. Tax transparency allows people to see what they will be paying when they move to a country.

When it comes to tax-free living, New Zealand is not a country that offers that. It is a country that has made sure that they offer the best tax opportunity possible, especially with tax transparency, but they do not offer lower-than-average taxes or no taxes at all. There are some countries around the world that are tax havens and allow people to pay very low taxes, though. These tax-free countries allow people to make as much money as they want without paying any taxes in the country.

Geoff Cone wants as many people as possible to know about tax-free living. It is something that he has done on his own and something that he makes sure that all of his clients have the chance to be able to do. It has allowed him the opportunity to make sure that his clients are living as inexpensively as possible and that they are able to save some of their own money instead of funneling it into the country that they live in. He wants people to be able to save the money that they make instead of it going to taxes and other necessities.

There are many ways that Geoff Cone has helped people. He is a global attorney who specializes in helping people move internationally. He wants to help all of his clients and he knows that the best way to be able to do that is to learn as much as possible on his own. He wants people to feel like they are confident in the way that things work and this gives him a chance to make sure that he does the best thing possible for his law firm. He is truly an attorney for the people.